Chapter 029: Book Enthusiast

A name is not always tied to its meaning. Shiu came up with something because of Agricola’s matter.

“Well, for example what if Viride’s magic was time magic or life acceleration magic? I haven’t heard of time magic, but it’s not unimaginable. If it’s life acceleration magic, then there’s a higher possibility that was what her magic was.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think she sowed seeds and budded them. So the author of 『The Tale of Loire’s Seven Greatest Heroes』depicted something like this and the bards sang about the meaning of the name 『Green Fingers』just as it is. I think that Inoma Uslov probably read that and thought it was tree magic and wrote about it using his imagination.”

Emina looked suspicious.

“However, life acceleration magic has its drawbacks. It shortens lifespan. That’s why Fesnia Kingdom was quickly destroyed. Eventually the current Latrisha Kingdom was established.”

“What do you mean?”

“Magicians gathered in Fesnia Kingdom. I guess something is always necessary for them to protect and maintain the landscape that they made. Like using healing magic on plants.”

Those who possessed life acceleration magic were rare, but that didn’t mean that there weren’t any. The number of people who held it was the same as the number of people who held spatial magic. Which meant that gathering them was really difficult and other magicians would be needed as well.

“I read this in history books: Fesnia Kingdom also did some absurd things to gather magicians. In the end, a kingdom that relies on magic to do things would become distorted. That’s why it ended after about 100 years.”

Latrisha Kingdom was a kingdom with strong magic, enough so to be called a major magic kingdom. It wasn’t odd for it to inherit the power of Fesnia Kingdom, its predecessor.

“In addition, I tried to look for a similar power in history.

Emina looked like she was fed up with him, but Shiu continued anyway, “Looks like there was a dwarf and a half dryad at the founding of Fesnia Kingdom. They were able to use something that was like tree magic.”

“Huh, really?”

“Also the amount of MP half dryads have is barely enough to cast it. … But that person was a man. His appearance is a little…”

It seemed that he had an appearance that weren’t liked by woman. Well, that was according to the book.

“So, I guess that’s why the author wanted to make it up. That’s why I think that the half elf girl isn’t the one who held the name of 『Green Fingers』.” He concluded. Emina said coldly, “Folly history.

However without a moment’s delay old man Stan retorted, “Emina. You understand with that, don’t you? The story might be enjoyable to you and for other people, but that’s it.”


Afterwards, Emina clapped and cheered up in order to change the topic.

“Hey, it’s the birth festival soon, right? Are you going with Tia-san?”

Shiu was confused.

“Perhaps, is birth festival a day to pray for good harvest?”

“You could say that.”

“So at the Royal Capital, the birth festival becomes a 『festival』?”

“But we do give thanks to the God at the shrine.”

In the countryside that Shiu knew, at Agatha village they pray at the temple, “The wheat harvest this year was good too.”  That night they had a merry party, the adults drank the night away but the children didn’t have anything to do with their drinking.

“Hmm, so what does Tia have to do with me going to the temple? I, at least, know where it is.”

“…… It’s a festival, you know?”

The two tilted their head in confusion and Dmitr, who was usually silent, spoke, “Emina, he won’t understand like that. Shiu-kun, festivals are something that everyone looks forward to, whether they be adults or kids. They have entertainment and food stalls. Local shops that don’t normally close, close their shop for the day to go to the festival.”

“Eh? Then wouldn’t they be troubled over food?”

“They take turns managing the stalls. After that, people who work away from home are also coming to the festival.”

Oh, he replied. Then he began questioned Dmitr enthusiastically.

“Can anyone set up a stall?”

“If they can receive permission, then anyone can set one up.”

“Then, then, can I also set up a stall?”

“Because you’re a kid, I think you need the signature of a guarantor for the documents.”

Oh, Shiu dropped his shoulders, crestfallen and old man Stan laughed.

“Looks like you want to do it. I’ll sign it for you, how’s that?”

“…… Is that ok?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. So, what kind of stall do you want to put up?”

Shiu replied happily, “A food stall. I want to popularize rice!”

Shiu’s reply was different from usual and sounded childish and old man Stan smiled and nodded. Emina declared, “It won’t sell!”

The other day she got Shiu’s experimental rice balls and said, “It’s so strange. Tastes disgusting.” Even though old man Stan liked it.

“Besides the pancakes you made the other day were better! And the potato galette. The hamburger with tofu? was also yummy. Then pudding and cheesecake. The honey and condensed milk bread was yummy too. The nut tarts! That was awesome, then ――.”

“That’s all Emina’s favourites.” Dmitr retorted calmly and old man Stan laughed more. Then the conversation ended. Anyway, apart from Emina’s favourites, he needed something that would sell if he opened a food stall. It was fun for Shiu to think of something that would sell.




He returned to his room and got into bed. He didn’t sleep instead, he liked to relax and read in bed. This was a book he’d bought but it was also copied in his record storage.

Today, he was reading a history book written in ancient language.

Shiu really liked the ancient language. Royer continent used to be one big country and the language used was also Royer language. The language was artistically beautiful. The rhyme was nice, but the sounds were also beautiful. There was a dictionary translating it into modern language, so there was no doubt about this.

Originally, magic used the ancient language as a basis. Nowadays, most magicians used magic without understanding the meaning, and even the chant passages were changed to modern language. It was the rise and fall of a language but it was a little sad.

“Well, this is a history book but it changed into a love story before I knew it……”

He would skim read so it was fine, but he felt like he had somehow wasted time. Still ――.

“The expressions are lovely. The moon is quite beautiful… Or something, it sounds a bit like Natsume Soseki.”

Japanese only came out when Shiu used proper nouns.

At first, Shiu missed Japanese and would talk to himself in Japanese when no one was around. This should have corrected itself considerably as he aged. But it wasn’t for him to fix the habit of talking to himself or using Japanese.


Feles had fallen asleep a long time ago and Shiu laid in bed while reading a book.

He was fascinated by just looking at the beautiful letters.

He really admired the copyist job.

However, a lot of civil officials were copyists and Shiu didn’t feel like serving the kingdom. Which meant that he would have to take on jobs individually, but that was difficult.

It would be good if he could hire a professional novelist, but there weren’t any openings.

Merchants who sold books hired a lot of professional magicians and had a monopoly on them.

If it could be a little messy then there was also the imitation letter press method. Newspapers seem to use this. The good ones were made with copy magic or are written by copyists who even bind the books.

He guessed and turned his eyes towards Feles.

“It’s impossible after all, huh.”

He realised something critical.

Feles didn’t disturb him when he cooked, but would definitely get in his way when he drew or wrote something.

“Hmmm, well a dream is a dreamー.”

“Myuー.” Feles sleep-talked. Shiu couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m an adventurer after all.”

Travel, collect materials and act as a guard. Spread my views and read books. Then what should I do after I settle down? Anyway, I want to read many books and see various sceneries. Oh right, I’d like to look after animals too.

He thought.

“A beast mount shop sounds good too, huh?”

Shiu petted Feles who was curled up asleep. He slept comfortably. It was also cute that he kept sticking his tongue out.

“…… However, it’s pathetic to take charge of a beast mount someone else picked up with affection.”

Shiu remembered Ruco. I want to play with my owner, was what the young beast’s face said.

He had talked about this to the tamer Ricola at the beast mount shop, Cassa.

“I always think that if you’re going to throw it away then it’s better to do so while it’s still a Stone Egg. If you do that, then you won’t feel any regret. You probably won’t get hurt from parting with it. But people won’t part with it if they don’t know what it hatches into. And yet, they won’t even look after it.”

It was probably heartbreaking to throw it away. But not looking after it was also heartbreaking.

“Feles, I definitely won’t throw you away. You’re not allowed to part with me……”

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