Chapter 030: Communication Methods

When Shiu consulted with the Adventurer Guild about wanting to open a stall, the person in charge politely told him how. The Merchant Guilds arranged the stalls. The registration to the Merchant Guild could be done by the Adventurer Guild instead.

There weren’t any problems as long as the documents were filled out properly. He had received old man Stan’s signature for the guarantor field. Afterwards, he would need to take a short course at the Merchant Guild and participate in the place lottery. He still had plenty of time before that, so he looked around the marketplace.

He also visited Ana, a merchant he had gotten familiar with, at the marketplace, but unfortunately, she wasn’t there.

Ana purchased goods from Shayṭān Kingdom, but she wouldn’t go out of her way to go to the neighbouring kingdom. She would arrange loading carriages and things like that, but she had lots to do for that. The servant, who took care of her warehouse and office, told Shiu this with a sigh.

According to him, there was a lot of misunderstandings between the supplier and loading carriages. Because the communication situation wasn’t good.


There are communication tools in this world. If it was something like a phone then there was communication magic. However, it was unique magic and only a few people could use it. Also, the kingdom and nobles monopolised this, so commoners couldn’t use this. People didn’t need to worry about being intercepted if the level was high enough, so it was obvious that people wanted it.

Commoners who had connections could use fast and secure flying dragons if they were alright with spending the money. In exchange for the safety it promised there was a price to be paid. The price was set accordingly. The price got ridiculously higher as the luggage size increased. This made it impossible for commoners to use.

The cheap way was to use birds. This is often done by individuals with taming magic. It was unique magic but it wasn’t rare. However, most people had low level taming magic and could only tame birds. Naturally, those birds get attacked by beasts and monsters so the letter doesn’t reach its intended place.

There were other delivery services with dragons, which were cheaper, but it took longer to deliver something than flying dragons. If commoners just wanted to send mail, then there were a lot of special services that have merchant parties deliver the mail. They didn’t know when the mail would arrive, but it was cheap and there was a high possibility that it would arrive at its destination.

There were other methods as well, but they weren’t realistic. The most extreme was using 『TRANSFER』with spatial magic. It was the most expensive and reliable method, but it was an unrealistic communication method.

Among unique magic, 「spatial magic」was in a special category and only a few people could use it. The reason it was in a special category was because people couldn’t use it even if they combined basic attribute magic. Unique magic referred to magic that could not be activated unless one had it. For example, it was possible to use communication magic if one combined wind attribute with other attributes. Of course, it was extremely difficult and the magic formula was also said to be big.

That was why spatial magic users were carefully protected by the kingdom. Rather, they were forcefully detained by the kingdom. In any case, one could make a 『TRANSFER GATE』from scratch with level 3 spatial magic. Moreover, those who had a higher level could even master to 『TRANSFER』individuals. Of course, that was after they’d done tedious research.


Someone with spatial magic was a valuable human resource for the kingdom in various ways, so they nurtured them carefully.

Shiu also hid his spatial magic because he didn’t want to be confined by the kingdom.

If he was employed by them, then he had to accept work that was against his will. So he discussed this with old man Stan and decided to hide his spatial magic.

Old man Stan carefreely said that the worse that would happen if it were to be found out would be that he had to flee.


Finally, he thought of plans for a magic tool if he was being more realistic.

However, magic tools needed an energy source ―― Shiu thought of it as something like a battery ――, so monster cores and mana stones were necessary. The more complex the formula, the more cores and stones were needed, and the more expensive it got. After all, it was expensive for a commoner to have individually, but it might be possible for them to own it with other people. It seemed that the so-called wealthy merchants had them.




What if communication methods were more convenient and cheap? Shiu talked with Kiahi and his companions about this during their study group. But Kiahi looked displeased.

“The mines where mana stones can be collected are probably regulated by the kingdom and fiefs. Monster cores are also a source of livelihood for adventurers, so it’s not easy to make it cheap. How would you make it cheaper?”

“Simplify the magic equation and use smaller monster cores. And then spread the technique so that it could be used freely I guess ー.”

“I wonder if it’ll go well ~? First, isn’t it bad if people can use it freely?”

“I’ll get a patent. Recently, there were short courses when I went to the Merchant Guild.”

There was also a patent system in this world. Although it wasn’t as strict as in his previous world, it still protected the rights of the person who made it and those who used it were charged a fee.

Of course, it would be imitated and altered and it didn’t seem like many 「improved」it.

“That’s right.”

Shiu and Kiahi started pondering.

Even if he wanted to spread it, how would he do it? It was possible to make it cheap and convenient. It was meaningless for it to be sold if one couldn’t get their hands on it.

“Besides, if you’re going to sell a lot then you’ll need someone to bestow the technique for you, don’t you?”

“That’s it, Kiahi. Shiu would need to assemble a lot of magicians. Isn’t that hard?”

Kirch and Kiahi retorted. Shiu said what he thought, “…… What about copy magic? Can you do it for a little pocket change?”

“So it’s about me, huh!”

Shiu surprised Kiahi. However, he could enchant if his copy magic was high enough.

“After that all you need are the materials and monster cores to make the magic tool? Also, it has to be something that commoners can buy if they work hard enough.”

Shiu smiled and informed them. He had already thought about that. “How about asking the Adventurer Guild? I can have them buy the magic tool and lend it out.”

“That’s right! The most important thing you need is adventurers. …… And you also need merchants!”

“If they lend it out then it could be made even cheaper. They have to use a guild card so they’ll be found if they steal it. The guild can also make small changes every time they lend it out. They can also use it to contact people.”

This would probably work. Shiu was pleased and saw that everyone was smiling. Shiu became a little embarrassed.


When everything calmed down, Kirch looked worried.

“But, isn’t it hard to simplify magic equations?

“Ah, I’ve already finished it.”

Kiahi smiled as if he was amazed and looked at Shiu. You would do that, he muttered.

If a person without communication magic tried to send their voice through then it would be difficult if both sides didn’t have certain capabilities. However, it would be sent if they had a magic tool. Because it would become an assistant tool to help them send their voice. If it was someone with high communication magic, then they could still send their voice through even if the other person didn’t have communication magic.

When he thought about that, he could remove the unnecessary parts in the magic equation since communication was done with combined magic.

Even if it wasn’t as versatile as the unique skill, communication magic, it wasn’t complicated to make it if it was just for communication.

“I also thought about the person who would own the communication tool. There’s no shielding on the magic tool, so I thought they could ask a specialist for important communications.”

Then people’s jobs wouldn’t be stolen. Kiahi laughed again at what Shiu said.



Shiu also invited Kiahi and the others to participate in his experiments with the magic tool. , Since his level was high enough, Kirch succeeded in gaining the 《TRANSCRIBE》technique by using copy magic multiple times. If copy magic was at a low level, the only thing it could do was copy documents.

The thing ―― the magic tool and technique combined ―― that he’d finished was given to Kirch. He could use copy magic freely and there wasn’t any need for Shiu anymore.

At any rate, the one that could use copy magic was Kirch. Shiu also left the explaining to him.

Of course, Kirch was probably busy too, so he would always be involved in the future.

Eventually he would have to find someone that could imitate it, so his involvement was only temporary.


After that, the Adventurer Guild and Merchant Guild teamed up and eventually each guild had a discussion to negotiate the lending rules. This mechanism became an indispensable item for the novice merchants and adventurers scattered throughout the world.

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