Chapter 031: Appointed Request

While Shiu was experimenting on the magic tool, Laetitia memorised combined magic. The communication magic level was lower, but it was fine for party members to contact each other. The remaining three weren’t able to use it because they didn’t have the required basic magic. However, since it was a lower level communication magic, “Its best if you think of a code for the party, since messages could be intercepted.”

When Shiu said that, Kiahi strongly rubbed his head. It didn’t sound like something a child would say. Since Kiahi and Kirch both had similar basic attributes, they complained, “If only we had light attribute magic as well.”

“You guys are fine, aren’t you? I’m missing unattributed and light attribute.”

It was easy to tell that Gradius was feeling down and Shiu couldn’t help but laugh. Gradius saw that and pouted, “This communication tool is made for such people.” Shiu tried saying playfully but everyone except for Gradius got this.


Shiu tried to change the topic.

“By the way, have you become friends with Agricola?”

Gradius was feeling down but he lifted his head vigorously as if saying, thanks for asking me! Then a smile stuck to his face.

“I did! I went drinking with him!”

“Uh-huh. That’s great. Although you still can’t get information out of him, can you?”

“I can’t ー. Wouldn’t that seem like I just became friends with him for that? It doesn’t feel good does it?”

“That’s right!”

Gradius was smiling, so Shiu’s heart pricked. What would happen if he became really good friends with Agricola? Would he even ask about it anymore? At that time, I can repair Tony with my production magic, Shiu thought. But that was the last resort. Since he kept his production magic a secret from them, he needed to come up with an excuse for it.


Shiu changed the topic again while thinking such things.

“How long will you be in Loire? Mm, will you be here until Tony’s repaired?”

He didn’t choose his words carefully and said what he thought. Kiahi smiled wryly.

“We made a killing in the previous request. So we can enjoy ourselves for a while. Even so, we can’t afford to stay here forever. Our bodies will become dull.”

“Yup, that’s right. So, we’ll probably be here until the end of the 11th month.”

“So you won’t be here after autumn.”

“It also depends on our next destination.”

They would probably depart earlier if they go to the north. If so, then they would need to convince Agricola before the end of the Birth month. Shiu didn’t know how long it would take to repair Gradius’ sword, but he probably needed a place to do it. If he considered the materials needed to repair the sword, then he’d have to make an allowance for the remaining month.

It was already the 2nd week of the Birth month, so there wasn’t much time left.

“Gradius, do your best! Why don’t you invite Agricola to the birth festival?”

“Oh, you’re right! I’ll do that.”

He seemed excited. Even Kiahi and the others looked somewhat excited, so he guessed that festivals really did captivate both adults and children. Shiu informed them energetically, “I’m going to manage a stall. Please, come visit if you have time.”

He smiled and tried to invite them to his stall, and the four also gently smiled.

“…… You, a stall.”

For some reason, they were looking at him as if they were looking at a pitiful child. Then Kiahi looked at Kirch and they had a silent exchange. The one who spoke was Kirch, “Are you out of money? We can give you extra for the study group.”

It seemed that they were worried about him. Shiu quickly shook his hands and denied this, but even Laetitia looked at him worriedly.

“I’m not. I have enough money! I just thought that opening a stall would be interesting.”

“The festival is finally here, why ――.” He began to say and Shiu explained that, “I want to spread the taste of rice.” Kiahi said, “That’s not very child-like!” and laughed with an angry look on his face.

In the end, Shiu promised, “I’ll enjoy the birth festival on the last day.”




There was still plenty of time before the birth festival. He’d received the short course at the Merchant Guild and the place lottery had also finished. He had finished making his purchases and he still had time before he had to do cooking preparations.   

Shiu took jobs as usual since he had time before setting up. However,

 “Someone has requested you.” He was informed at the reception desk. He asked about the request and it was from the merchant last week. They wanted him to walk the beast mount again.

“They still haven’t hired a beast mount specialist yet.”

“Yes. Perhaps they were pleased with you and might want to hire you full-time.”

“…… I’d be troubled if that happens. First of all, I don’t even have taming magic.”

“This way of doing things is also troublesome for the guild. Setting aside the sudden request, it’s a problem if they don’t hire someone full-time despite having the financial ability to do so.”

In such cases, they should go to the Domestic Guild. Even if they weren’t registered there, they could consult with the beast management department and it would work out somehow. The Adventurer Guild was only used as a filler.

“Which reminds me, the deputy butler was saying things like, 『Was there no one better』, 『I think that a lot of time has passed since the request was posted.』and『The guild didn’t do a decent job. Well, it can’t be helped. You’ll do.』”

“…… What?”

The receptionist’s eyes were burning with anger.

“The barn manager apologised when I finished the request. He also signed the request form for me.”

“I see. But you should have told us that kind of thing sooner.”

“I’m sorry.” He apologised meekly and the receptionist quickly smiled.

“No, I’m the one who should say that. I’m not angry at you. It’s just I thought that we could protest if we knew about it sooner. It’s a bit of a shame.”

Even so, she sighed.

“You’re still so small, but you’re very grown up, aren’t you?”

“……. Am I?”

“Yes. If it was some other adventurer, then I wonder how it would turn out. I get depressed just thinking about how we’d clean this mess up. I’m really glad that it’s you, Shiu-kun. So, thanks”, the receptionist gave a small bow, “But don’t endure it too much. You have to tell me properly if something unpleasant happens, okay? This guild is also an organisation that protects its members.”

“Yes, I understand.”

In the end, he decided to put off the job that he was thinking of taking and accepted the appointed request.

“I’ll come back if I still have time,” he said and left the guild.


Shiu went past the backdoor and called out. A servant looked out and told him to go further back. As he walked through the back alley, he could hear the cheerful voices of the horses from the beast barns built along the wall. Among them, he heard Ruco’s voice, “Kyu kyu.” It appeared the she’d sensed Shiu’s presence and was happy about it.

Shiu arrived at the entrance of the stables, but there wasn’t anyone there so he called out in a loud voice. Then the barn manager ran out.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t you come from the back of the residence?”

“I was told by a servant to come here.”

“What? What’s with their ――. Ah, no, I’m sorry. My bad. Come in.”

The barn manager also seemed to have his own struggles. He seemed like a good person. Even now he was getting angry for Shiu. He sighed, perhaps the deputy butler had instructed the servant to do that.

“I’ve tried to talk about this with him many times, but he won’t hire someone full-time.”

“That’s tough.”

“Even so, we can’t skip her walks.”

“That’s true.”

“Sorry, but I asked for you again. Another person came before but he got fed up because of the deputy butler’s attitude.”

“Oh? I haven’t heard about this from the Adventurer Guild.”

“Ah, it was someone from the Merchant Guild. They were introduced as a new person at the store.”

You shouldn’t do something like that, Shiu thought but kept his mouth shut.

The barn manager was saying that they were hiring a merchant apprentice to train, but their actual job would be something else. Of course, it was a violation.

“Anyway, Ruco seemed to have had the most fun after your walk. Her fur is also getting better, Ojou-sama was really pleased.”

“Was she? But, I’m only taking the request this once.” Shiu reminded him and the barn manager looked stunned. It seemed that the receptionist was right to worry.

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