Chapter 033: High Rank Party

Laetitia smiled widely while everyone was silent.

“I swear under the elf god that everything Shiu said was not a lie.”

Everyone began to stir. Shiu knew from books that swearing under the elf god was famous for being better than any testimony.

“Th-that, how do you know what we were talking about? You weren’t even here, were you?!”

The deputy butler, who couldn’t read the mood, said forcefully, and Laetitia answered with a smile on her beautiful face, “I was worried about him, so I was watching and listening in on the situation. I also have the tree spirits with me. Or, do you not believe what an elf says? If so, then I don’t mind using oath magic.”

The rare skill, oath magic, was similar to using a lie detector. Saying “I don’t mind using oath magic,” was the same as saying, “I don’t mind betting my life on it.”

As a result, Seto was stunned and fell down onto the ground.


They were able to get backing from the barn manager who judged which way the tides would turn.

Layton decided to dismiss the deputy butler on the spot, but Laetitia, who was angry, didn’t allow it. She contacted Kiahi with communication magic and got him to bring a senior staff from the guild here. Moreover, the person he had brought could use oath magic. She was also the receptionist in charge of Shiu. After they arrived, Shiu told them what had happened and after listening to his explanation both of them lost their temper.

“This isn’t something that could be overlooked. You can see from the oath magic that these two aren’t lying. Conversely, that person over there is full of lies. Also, his correspondences thereafter weren’t good. This is also troublesome for the guild, let alone a trainee adventurer. Do you understand? He’s still a child, you know? Taking a minor who will likely fail to fulfil the terms of the contract, and then presenting a contract such as this to him, is utterly unforgivable.”

“No, for the Oberio House ――.”

“There’s no evidence. You said you dealt with it gently, didn’t you?”

The guild staff, who had oath magic, seemed very serious about justice probably because of her magic. Shiu felt relieved that he could entrust this situation to her and decided to head home first.


Since he was told to go to the guild, Shiu learnt the name of the receptionist who was going the same way as him.

“I’m Chloe. I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

“Yes. Sorry for the inconvenience this time.”

“It’s nothing. It’s not something you should apologise for.”

“That’s right, Shiu. They’re the bad ones. Those people are rude and disgusting!”

Laetitia returned to her human appearance with her rounded ears. Chloe knew that she was an elf, but the guild staff were bound by confidentiality, so they didn’t have to worry about it. Shiu was worried that Laetitia’s race had been exposed because of him, but Chloe probably won’t say anything.

He listened to another explanation at the guild, signed some documents and everything was done.

The guild was also angry about the ripped up request form and a formal protest from the Guild Master was sent to the Oberio House.



They still had time, so Shiu invited Laetitia to a café as thanks.

“Sorry for bothering you.” When he apologised, she smiled and winked at him. I’m glad she was stalking me.

Shiu was curious about something and asked, “Tia, you can see spirits but is there something like spirit magic?”

“Being able to see spirits is a characteristic of elves. Ah, but there are some who can’t see it. I’ve also heard that half-elves who are born in the city can’t see them at all, I don’t know how much of it is true though. And I haven’t heard of spirit magic.”

“Is that so?”

“If it exists then it would be convenient. I’ve heard that it’s possible to summon spirits, but they’re small ones and there’s a limit to what they can do. However, it would be great if it was something with an offensive ability.”

“Tia is the rear guard, right? Are you fine with using just your arrow.”

“That’s why I’m in a party.”

He remembered her party members that had high offensive power. They had a symbiotic relationship.

“Hey, a party’s great, isn’t it? Let’s party.”

Shiu replied, “No,” and she laughed, “So stubborn.”

They probably wanted him for his appraisal magic. They didn’t know it was at level 5 but it was ideal for finding traps and items since he could appraise people.

Also, they knew that he could converge magic, so they probably wanted him for this knowledge as well.

Him being able to bestow was probably another advantage.

“Even though the bread you made was so yummy.”

“Don’t tell me, it’s for my cooking?”


Shiu knew that the food situation for adventurers was bad. But were they trying to drag him along as a chef?

“You can’t do important quests if I come with you, you know?”

“Oh my, do you feel like joining the party now?”

Laetitia leaned forward. Shiu smiled wryly and shook his head.

“I’m just curious. Why did you invite me to your party?”

“Cause you’re very capable aren’t you?”

“I wonder? Isn’t it just for my appraisal magic?”

Laetitia grinned.

“You can use all basic attribute magic, and we guessed they’re at level 4 or higher, right? You also have appraisal magic and a rare beast mount. It’s a wonder that any ordinary adventurer would run away with their tails between their legs if you’re this humble.”

Shiu opened his eyes widely. He didn’t think that they would be able to guess his basic attribute magic level.

“Oh my, if it’s only that much then we know about it. Even if communication magic is a low level magic skill, we know the minimum level required to use it. And if we think that your study group is a 『result of something you tried yourself』, then the answer would naturally present itself.”

Ah, he groaned and banged his head onto the table. Feles got off his shoulder as if he was saying, what is it? What is it? What’s wrong? And stuck his face into Shiu’s hair.

Shiu turned his face to the side as he felt something lick his hair.

Laetitia laughed happily.

“I’ll just say this but, ordinary people are already quite good if they could use one basic attribute. Talented people only have three or four. It’s the same for adventurers. Sometimes people have skills or gifts, but they’re one in a hundred. No, maybe it’s one in a thousand.”

“Which means, Tia’s party ――.”

“We also say this ourselves, but we’re called the highest ranked party that completes missions the fastest. We’re currently rank 5. It’s exceptional if you think about the ages of Kiahi and the others.”

His seniors at the guild taught him that rank 1 was a hero level and that high of a rank was immeasurably high so it was out of the question. Rank 2 was enough to beat a superior dragon, however it was noted that it required a large party. Rank 3 and 4 were those who had fulfilled a subjugation quest from the guild or kingdom.

In other words, rank 5 was the highest rank an ordinary adventurer could aim for.

“You still have potential, don’t you?”

“That’s right. You’re getting the best deal with our party, you’re not losing anything if you join.”

When he came to the Royal Capital and used person appraisal, he saw many high level people here.

A lot of high level people gathered here probably because it was a city. Shiu was under the impression that this was natural.

“You should know that it’s rare to hold all attributes.”

Yes, he nodded meekly. She smiled gently and looked at Shiu.

“Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone.”


“Instead, your help with the study group is appreciated. Knowing conversation magic is really helpful. Kiahi and Kirch are practicing it while taking requests and it seems like it’s really easy to use. In truth, we really want you to enter our party. …… We don’t mind if you join after you become an adult. We’ll wait you for you.”

Laetitia smiled widely, winked and finished her tea.

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