Chapter 034: Oath Magic and Spirit Confession Magic

The next day, Shiu was called and had been in a special room at the Adventurer Guild since morning.

The Guild Master of the central district, Saniu, apologised to Shiu for the guild’s clumsiness after their greetings were over.

Shiu didn’t think that it was something that the Guild Master should apologise over, but he was thankful that Saniu took time out of his schedule to explain the situation to him. They both greeted each other, shook hands and sat down on the sofa.

“We have strictly protested against the Oberio House to each of the other guilds prohibiting any jobs that they may request for the next three years. Just like you’ve told us, it seems that they’ve also become a problem for the Merchant Guild. From what they have discussed, Oberio House may be forcefully expelled soon. They also sent a message saying, 『We’re very sorry that we were late in dealing with Oberio House』. ”

Shiu was relieved.

“Then, the apprentices at the Merchant Guild weren’t exploited, were they?”

“…… Oh. Truly. Your quick-wittedness was such a great help. It was also great that you requested a guild staff who could use oath magic. I wonder if it was the elf girl who suggested it.”

“Yes, she suggested it.”

“It seemed that she was called immediately with a communication magic tool.”

Saniu looked at Shiu somewhat in interest, but Shiu maintained that attitude of not knowing anything.

It seemed that the Oberio House will pay the request fee, a consolation fee and an inconvenience fee later on.

Finally, when Shiu said his goodbyes and tried to leave the room, Saniu said, “You were really helpful.” Shiu tilted his head in confusion and Saniu continued, “For finishing the rank 10 quests that no one else wants to take. I really, really appreciate it. Thank you, Shiu-kun.”

Saniu stroked his blonde hair that was close to silver, and complimented Shiu.




Incidentally, old man Stan carelessly gave him a crystal when Shiu told him about this commotion.

While Shiu was surprised, old man Stan laughed and said, “It’s a soul-binding crystal. It can also use oath magic. In other words, it gives you the ability to detect lies.”

It seemed that the crystal had a higher functionality than the elf’s vow to god. However, it was rarer than those who hold oath magic. Therefore, Shiu’s answer was simple, “I don’t need it~!”

In what world would someone walk around with a crystal that could detect lies?

Unbelievable! He retorted back.

“At any rate, it’s not gonna sell, so I don’t mind,” old man Stan said regretfully.

“That’s not the problem! First, if I take things out from the magic bag one by one, then that would stand out.”

Even though the crystal was small, it was still the size of one’s palm, so it was inconvenient to carry it around. Of course, there might be some people who walk around with it.

“Is that so?”

“It’s fine, because I searched for a magic that can prove my innocence!”

Last night, Shiu had finished reading an extremely thick book and thanks to that he’d finally found it.

“Mm, 《Oh, Spirit of Light. Show that my words are not lies. Spirit Confession》…… I really don’t need the crystal you’d just tried to give me…… If I use it like this《Confession over》, then ―――.”

While he was explaining, glittery light particles started dancing around Shiu.

“Oh, it’s beautiful.”

“Yes, it is…… If the light dances around the speaker like this then it proves that their words and actions aren’t lies.”

However, if one didn’t chant this then it wouldn’t be transmitted to the other party, so he had to chant this embarrassing chant. And, “If you don’t have level 4 light attribute then you can’t use this……”

He recalled Laetitia’s words, ‘It was rare for someone to have all attribute and even more rare for an attribute to be at level 4’.

“The point is that it’s best for you to stay out of trouble.”

“You’re right……”

The Royal Capital had the library and a marketplace, the streets were beautiful and it was a lot of fun here, but Shiu thought that there were a lot of troublesome things as well.

It was inconvenient to receive work while one was a minor and although the Royal Capital was a good place to live stably, it was also a place with a lot of hardships.

Either way, Shiu’s current objective was to live a quiet life.

Just in case, he didn’t forget to tell the Goddess, “I’ll become an adventurer when I become an adult!” just before he went to sleep.




After that, he took the guild’s request for a few days and decided to rest on the weekend.

He actually didn’t intend to rest, but Emina scolded him when she found out that he was working without rest.

The basic concept of this world was to rest on the day of light, so shops usually closed for the day at the end of the week.

Although, it wasn’t that simple to execute this concept in a city as restaurants and supply stores usually worked on a shift system. Nonetheless, there would be people who suddenly request leave and there are times when the shops are busy.

At those times, the shops would make requests at the guild, etc.

Most of these requests fell into rank 10 quests, so the ones who took on these requests were mostly trainees, like Shiu, and only a few children became trainee adventurers in the central district.

Shiu inevitably worked jobs here and there.

But Emina adamantly said, “Next week is the birth festival, isn’t it? You’re opening a stall, aren’t you? It’ll be busy, you know? Are you not going to take a break!?”

“Well, but I do rest on the last day.”

“I’m talking about being tired! You’re still a kid after all, you know!”

Shiu never imagined that a woman’s anger would be this scary.

He replied in a small voice, yes, and decided to take a break.


Afterwards, he heard that a shop in the central district was troubled, but Emina puffed in anger and said, not rotating the shift is a problem, so it was probably like that.

As for Shiu, he had almost finished stocking up at the market and was thinking up a menu for his stall since he had nothing else to do.

He also met Ana and bought a lot of rice. Additionally, he also got his hands on some adzuki beans, so he told Ana he wanted some glutinous rice, with those two ingredients he could make ohagi. He could also make soft-bean jam. His dreams spread far and wide.


Like that, Shiu imagined the nostalgic food he ate in the olden days, but right now he was still young.

It was also nice to be able to eat meat dishes to his heart’s content without any problems.

He liked to eat fish cuisine in his previous life, but he would often eat rice porridge because his body was weak.

After he was reincarnated, he had a lot of meat dishes because his foster father loved meat and his strong stomach could take in anything.

Therefore, he tried all the food he wanted to try in his previous life here.

The cooking program that he’d watched on TV was also useful.

I want to eat that, he thought as he watched the show. He tried to eat some, but at the same time, he usually couldn’t eat everything until the end.

Right now, he was surprised that he had a strong appetite appropriate for his age.

“Katsu-don is also good. I still have some stone boar meat. The tempura will be vegetable fritters with Schiral shrimp and potatoes. I wonder if I could put hamburgers on top of rice. There’s『Loco Moco-don』but I wonder if it would be fine. I can sell fried chicken and chips separately. Then ―.”

Shiu, being health-conscious, wanted to sell more vegetables, but it was difficult since it didn’t seem like vegetables sold well in stalls.

He also wanted to sell confectionaries, so he thought that it was fine to sell vegetable smoothies; but that also didn’t seem like it would sell and was dismissed.

What about carrot pancakes or spinach or herb cookies?

He tried to ask Emina.

“Young ladies might buy it. For me, I’d definitely buy it if I know it’s tasty.”

“I’ll give it to you Emina.”

“No, I’ll buy it! I even thought about being your salesgirl if you want me to!”

Shiu refused with a wry smile.

“It’s fine. Enjoy the festival with Dmitr. I’m looking forward to running the stall, so I wasn’t planning on asking for help.”

Really? Emina seemed worried, but Shiu really just wanted to try and sell rice.

He wanted to teach people, this kind of delicious thing exists.

He couldn’t help but smile when he recalled the happy faces of old man Stan and Emina as they ate his cooking. He was happy.

Of course, he also wanted to use this opportunity to earn some pocket money.

At the moment, he could live well enough just by doing quests at the guild, but he didn’t know when he would need money.

It gave him piece of mind to constantly save.

If he said something like that then he would cause Emina to worry again, so he didn’t say it aloud.


He was still a child so he often caused those around him to worry, but he still had the money he’d inherited from his foster father and he also took thieves’ properties as his own on his way to the Royal Capital.

Moreover recently, the magic bag that Shiu had made were slowly sold by word of mouth.

In truth, Shiu was a lot richer than Emina and Dmitr.

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