Chapter 036: Afternoon Tea Menu and the 2nd Day of the Birth Festival

Shiu and his companions talked noisily, but the first customers seemed important after all. Women who looked as if they were interested in his product started approaching the stall. Shiu explained the food to them and one after the other, more women were lured here by the sweet smell of the food. Then, the first woman decided to make someone else buy one and the rest followed.

Emina waved quietly and left.

After that, nearly everything sold with pause. The fluffy pancakes were much more popular than Shiu had anticipated. In addition, the vegetable cookie was 「bought while they were at it」. He’d thought that the cookies would be unpopular, but it seemed that it was a good idea to put them where the people lining up could see. Actually, he had put a sign in front of the products explaining them. He had put a cute coloured border around the sign while remembering about his previous life; these kinds of things might be popular with women. He also put a small paper with instructions inside of the cookie bags. Seeing that, there were some people who came all the way to his stall to buy extra.

Also, the women seemed happy with Shiu’s polite customer service.

“He’s such a cute kid and he also speaks clearly, so it’s easy for us to buy from him.”

They said things like that and it seemed that people from the middle-class also visited his stall.


The men bought the cookies with nuts and honey bread.

There was a reason why the hardened honey bread sold even though the cookies are salty. They were stirred up by the advertising, ‘When adventurers go into labyrinths, they need hard bread! This is the ultimate 『solid』bread that is further hardened by mixing honey in hard bread! For men with strong teeth, try to challenge yourself! Incidentally, it is also full of nutrition, so it’s also suitable as preserved food.’

Even though he had written『 Hardened Honey Bread』on the sign, it had texture closer to that of a cookie. It was different from the honey stick bread he’d eaten before, he had kneeled this one with plenty of honey. In addition, he had added honey pickled lemons for freshness and preservation, so it wasn’t just sweet but also delicious. He also recommended it as a healthy choice since he’d used whole wheat flour. Of course it was 『hard』, but people will get hooked on the crunchy texture when they chew it.

Thanks to that, it matched the adventurer’s taste and they bought it one after the other.

“It’s hard, but I’ll get addicted to this.”

They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Then without delay, Shiu recommended, “It dries your throat, so please drink something from over there as well.” The male customers laughed as they headed towards Collin’s stall. The Collins also introduced the nearby food stalls to customers who were buying juice; so they were mutually helping one another out.

The first day of the Birth Festival ended just like that.



On the second day, Kiahi and his party came in the morning.

“Sorry about yesterday.”

The first thing he did when he opened his mouth was apologise and Shiu shook his head. Kirch smiled wryly and said, “We feel really bad after all since our friend opened a stall and we didn’t even visit him on the first day.”

Shiu became embarrassed at those words and replied strangely, “Yes.” Friend? He certainly said friend, didn’t he? When he thought that, Shiu’s face became red for some reason.

“What’s wrong? Your face is going red, you know.”

Kiahi rubbed Shiu’s head.

“You said friend……”

Shiu’s voice became soft and quiet.

“You’re being shy? What the, you’re cute, you are.”

Kiahi continued rubbing Shiu’s head and he shook a little, then Kiahi laughed. Shiu raised his head because he felt Laetitia’s gaze and she was also grinning. Gradius was the only one standing there with a serious look on his face and gaping. Kiahi noticed that and opened his mouth, “What the, that’s a strange face you’re making.”

“No, mm, friend?”

“Are we not friends?”

Shiu became dejected at those words.

“Oh no, Shiu’s getting depressed. It’s Gradius’ fault ~.”

“N-no! You’re mistaken, that wasn’t what I meant! But, mm, how do I say this? Shiu is cute, and he’s a kid, and he’s our sensei!”

“The point is you’ve never thought about it before, have you? You have no brains as usual.”

Laetitia said in shock. Kiahi laughed and then asked as though he were asking a follow-up question, “Laetitia would drop everything to come help Shiu, wouldn’t you?”

Laetitia’s body shook many times and her head flew up and down.

“Of course. We’re looking after Shiu. He’s an important kid.”

“I don’t quite understand if your thoughts are like a kid or not. Anyway, we feel that you’re our friend.”

“…… Really?!”

Gradius became cheerful. Seeing that, Shiu became increasingly anxious.

“Gradius will definitely be tricked by people. Someone has to look after him―――.”

“You’re right,” Kirch said as he nodded earnestly. Kiahi laughed and clapped his hands.

“Yup, you’re right. That’s why we’re here.”

“…… Ah, you’re right. That’s nice like that.”

“Cause we’re comrades.”

Kiahi said and Gradius pointed out loudly, “That’s right!”

When Shiu looked at Gradius in surprise, Gradius rushed over to him in excitement.

“Yeah, the thing I didn’t say is that Shiu is our comrade. So the feeling of being friends was a bit weird. That’s right, yup. Shiu is our comrade. Yup, yeah, he is.”

Laetitia looked shocked, but she smiled and looked at Gradius. Yes, Gradius loved people with these qualities. Shiu was also attracted by it. He liked this cute young man.

“Gradius, thanks. I’ll also help Gradius out when you’re in trouble. But, if anything happens, please help me.”


He banged his chest and lightly agreed.


Kiahi and his party bought a lot of food from him when they went back. The customers also steadily increased on the second day following the flow and Shiu was busy until the afternoon.

Old man Stan came just before noon. He kept Feles company since Feles was playing alone and was bored, then Stan went home.

People who worked at the beast mount shop also visited by chance. They told everyone about Shiu’s stall and the Owner of Cassa and the tamer Licola also came together.

“So the person who was using a beast mount child as a figurehead and selling interesting food was Shiu!”

The two burst into laughter. It was misleading, so Shiu explained it to them, “I’m not using him as a figurehead.”

“That cage stands out. Well, Feles is cute!”

“But, he made it so Feles wouldn’t be stolen. The cat-type is popular with people.”

“Yes, thanks.”

The two also played with Feles, so he got sleepy in the mid-afternoon. Shiu wasn’t able to play with him during the breaks, since he took that chance to make more sweets.

Most of the food had been prepped and he had a lot prepared in his spatial storage. However, it was completely different to make something in front of the customers’ eyes and he made a show of cooking the pancakes.


Around this time, the customer base suddenly changed. There were a lot of women and there were more fashionable men than men with appetites. Only a few of the customers were adventurers. A lot of men and women came around this time. The men from this morning all felt like they ‘wanted to fill their stomachs’. Even if those men came to buy the afternoon tea for ‘dinner’, there were only women at the storefront. The men became speechless when they saw the women’s battle formation to buy the pancakes and stared at them many times.

Shiu called out to those who couldn’t run away and recommended some salted cookies and hardened honey bread.

There were some adventurers who liked sweets and sometimes Shiu saw them line up with the ladies and stuff their mouths with pancakes. It was cute and interesting to see them eat so happily with their large bodies.

Then, while Shiu was working hard, he found someone he knew with 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》. It was the Oberio House’s barn manager. He seemed stumped for some reason, because he was wandering around aimlessly.

And he had a companion.

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