Chapter 038: The 3rd Day of the Birth Festival

The 3rd day of the Birth Festival also had fine weather since morning. Shiu was planning to enjoy the festival today as well.

He’d dressed Feles up and exchanged his collar for a scarf, something that Shiu had handmade. He had sewed the tag using Catapirosas, so he bestowed 《PURIFICATION》, so that it would purify automatically. It was just perfect for Feles who always got dirty.

“Feles, you’re so cute ~.”


Shiu put Feles onto his shoulders and left the house and that was when he met Emina.

“Who will you be with today?”

“I’ll be meeting with Tia and her party around noon.”

“Really?! That’s awesome.”

Emina’s eyes were suddenly sparkling. She probably wants to meet Tia, Shiu thought and asked, “We’re planning to meet up right around lunch, do you want to come?”

“Eh, really? Can I?” She replied excitedly and Shiu stepped back a few steps without thinking.

“Y-yes. It’s fine. Tia and her party also said that they wanted to say hi to the landlord. As  family of the landlord, it should be fine.”

“Woaaah! Thanks, Shiu-kun! Your the best!” She shouted and drew closer to him again. She grabbed his hands and swung it many times. Shiu was surprised, but he laughed since it was fine as long as she was happy.



Shiu walked passed Aqela while he was strolling through the central district, enjoying the festival.

He thought that it would be bad to talk to her while she was with her friend, so he only waved. She also winked back at him, then he heard the shrill of a girl, “Kyaah ~.” When he turned around, he saw a little girl looking his way and making a fuss.

He also thought about when he used to protect children on their way to school, but girls really did get excited over everything. Their cute way of causing a fuss didn’t change, no matter what world he was in.

He was also interested in the west district, where the commoners lived, , but as he was passing though, the people there tried to pickpocket him many times and even tried to take Feles . It was really horrible. Of course, Shiu used 《PERSON APPRAISAL》as well as 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》, so he prevented himself from being pickpocketed. But it was still tiring nonetheless.

He walked through the merchant town next to change his pace.

Since he was here, he stopped by both Darrell’s and Collin’s shops.

“The stall that took your place, sadly didn’t sell anything at all.” They said to him in a small sympathetic voice.

“A lot of customers came, but it seemed that they were aiming for your shop.”

Ah, the thing that he shouldn’t have said slipped out. He also felt sorry. It’s possible for these kind of things to happen to stalls, he thought. There were stalls that only opened for two days, like Shiu had done, so there were also stalls that opened for one day. The guild arranged them like this. It was also weird for him to apologise, so he just nodded vaguely.

Both Darrel and the Collins knew that this was only business, “That’s what business is all about!” they laughed.

Shiu walked towards the park where he was meeting Kiahi and his party and Emina was already there waiting.

“I’m sorry, am I late?”

“Nope. I was so excited that I came early.”

Shiu looked around while slightly pulling the extremely high spirited Emina.

“Where’s Dmitr?”

“Ah, he went with his friends to the west district to find some bargains on tools.”

Shiu was afraid to ask if Dmitr had those plans from the beginning or if Emina just wanted to meet an elf.

Kiahi and his party came to the park not long after. Laetitia immediately noticed Emina and waved her hands.

“Oh my, aren’t you the person from the tool shop?”

“Y-yes! My name’s Emina!”

Her nervousness showed through and Shiu laughed while asking, “Is it fine if she comes along?”

“I don’t mind~. Of course. Right?”

The men behind her nodded cheerfully. In fact, they also had someone with them. Shiu knew who it was from 《PERSON APPRAISAL》but he asked anyway, “Is that?” The person who answered was Kiahi, “Yeah. Meet Agricola.”

Kiahi nudged Agricola’s back to push him to the front and introduced him. But, he looked timid. Dwarves were a tribe of short people, around the same height as Shiu.

“Hello. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Shiu.”

“…… Agricola.” He said in a small voice. He was quieter than Shiu had expected him to be. Shiu wanted to soothe him so he showed him Feles who was riding on his shoulder.

“And this is Feles.”

“…… Feles?”

Shiu nodded and Agricola glanced at Feles who also seemed interested and glanced back.

“Do you want to hold him?”

“…… C-can I? I’m a dwarf, you know?”

Of course Shiu didn’t mind; Agricola didn’t seem like a bad person after all. So Shiu said, “Sure,” and passed Feles to him.

“Ah, A-ah……”

Agricola panicked and properly received Feles in his hands. His eyes changed to a softer tone, as though he were enchanted by Feles.

Feles also understood this and was good to people who showed him good favour. He was used to people so he sniffed Agricola’s arm with a calm expression on his face.

“…… What a lovely kid. Is he not scared of me?”

“What’s scary about you?”

“…… I’m a dwarf, so I’m scary.” He said strangely.

Shiu tilted his head in confusion and stared at Agricola. He was very short and stout, but that was normal for an artisan. He had firm muscles, so Shiu could tell that he was a hard-worker. A select few women might be scared of him because he’s hairy, but I don’t think most would care.

“There’s no reason to be afraid of a kind person.”

“…… Am I a kind person?”

“Because you’re able to hold Feles. Beasts are simple and smart. I think that they understand people very well.”

“…… Is that so?”

“Yes.” Shiu answered while smiling and Feles purred, “Mya,” as if to say that’s right, then he licked Agricola’s hand.

Afterwords, Shiu introduced Emina, who he had forgotten about, to the group as they headed towards a store that Kiahi and his party wanted to go.

It was a pretty popular shop placed alongside the large park. So they ate the food they bought in the park.

The drinks were bought, however, by Kiahi from a different shop.  Shiu was in charge of the bread; he pretended to take it out of his magic bag while presenting the bread that he took from his spatial storage.

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