Chapter 039: An Artisan’s Feelings

As soon as lunch started, Kiahi looked jealously at Shiu’s magic bag.

Agricola also stared at it.

“That’s so nice. So that’s a magic bag after all, I want one too.”

“The ones available now are all small.” Laetitia sighed.

Gladius nodded in agreement while stuffing his mouth with meat.

“But it’s really expensive ~.” Kiahi said in disappointment. It seemed that even 「small」magic bags were expensive. Emina glanced at Shiu and made up her mind before saying, “Mm, why don’t you visit our store next time whenever it suits you.”


Kiahi turned to face Emina and Laetitia also looked at her in interest. Emina’s face turned red because she was being stared at by an elf she adored and continued with a nervous look on her face, “It was my grandfather’s decision but…… We actually sell magic bags.”

“Huh, seriously?”

“No way! Really?”

Kiahi and Laetitia were surprised at the same time and both raised their voices. Kirch also widened his eyes in surprise. Gladius was still stuffing his mouth and Agricola was also flabbergasted. They probably reacted like that because magic bags weren’t something that could be easily sold. They were limited enough to be auctioned off.

“Huh? Is that something anyone can buy?”

“No. My grandfather decides who he wants to sell it to.”

“Hold on, wait. It sounds like you’ve got quite a few bags, you know?”

“…… Yes, we do. But could you keep this between us?”

“Of course, we will.”

Laetitia relaxed and leaned against a tree.

“That was surprising.”

“But you can’t buy it if you’re not acknowledged by old man Stan. Although It’s probably alright. Emina probably thought it would be fine and told you about it, isn’t that right?”, Shiu added while they were surprised

“Yup, you’re right. They’re your friends, Shiu and they seem like good people.”

“Looks like it.”

Kiahi leant forward and said in a small voice, “Even if your store sells it, it’s probably expensive, right? Is it possible to pay in instalments?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure about that.”

“It’s not expensive. But buying in instalments would be more expensive than the market price.”

Emina glanced at Shiu while speaking. They’ll find out, so don’t look at me! He thought and told a lie.

“The person who made it wants old man Stan to use his judgement to sell to people rather than to whoever can pay the most.”

Emina nodded in agreement. When Agricola heard that he whispered, “An artisan, huh? I understand them well. They probably want people to use it.”

“…… Yup, you’re right. Agricola, you’re amazing.”

You’re definitely an artisan. Shiu would’ve replied but Emina continued.

“Are you an artisan, Agricola?”

“…… A long time ago.”

“Really? My husband’s a tool artisan. So, I guess I can understand that feeling. I was wondering if you were the same.”

Emina smiled and continued.

“Artisans are amazing, aren’t they? They put so much effort into making tools. They don’t get angry even if they know the tools they made aren’t being treated with care. However when it comes to tools that have been used for a long time, their love for those is exceptional. If they see a person using a tool that has been repaired they feel incredibly happy.”

“…… Is that so?”

“It’s not about the money, my husband always says. But well yeah, I also have to live so I’ll charge you for it!”

She said as she laughed. But, Agricola frowned when he heard that.

He wasn’t angry. It looked as if he was trying to hold something in.

“You used to work as an artisan a long time ago, did you stop because you got injured? That’s a shame. If it’s Agricola, then you were probably a great artisan.”

“…… I don’t know if I was a good artisan or not.”

“Oh my, I know. I may look like this but I’m still the wife of a tool artisan. I’ve also seen tool shops before and met with a lot of artisans.”

Agricola fell silent. Shiu wondered if this was a way of verbally attacking someone but since it was Emina, it was probably fine. Shiu watched them silently and Emina spoke again.

“I’m sorry. Saying this to someone who stopped because of an injury might be like rubbing salt into their wounds. But you looked so healthy I thought you overcame it. A person like that is a good artisan. I know this. Also you have really good hands. My grandfather said that people with hands like yours are great artisans.”

Everyone stayed silent and listened.

“You’re also working hard at your current job, aren’t you? There are a lot of artisans who can’t do anything when they change jobs. So you’re even more amazing.”

Agricola casted his eyes down in shame at Emina’s words and his hands started shaking.

Shiu thought he was angry or crying, but that didn’t seem to be the case. He was laughing.

“This is the first time I’ve been told this.”

Agricola laughed and continued.

“…… There’s something I want you to hear later.”

“Later? Ah, okay. Let’s eat first!”

Agricola nodded and a much younger Emina laughed like she was their mother.

After lunch, they moved from the noisy park and sat down in the café space.

Everyone wanted to hear what Agricola had to say.

“I had a fiancée. She lived in a distant village, but she was a member of my clan…… I was born with a gift. 『God of Blacksmith, Primus’ Blessing』, it was also something that my clan dreamed of having.”

“So, I was also given a fiancée. She was the daughter of the head. She was a clever girl. I also didn’t rely on my gift and did my best to practice blacksmithing. Work was fun. There were also a lot of people who were happy to receive a sword that I’ve made…… Then, I probably got too prideful.”

Agricola turned his eyes towards Emina and smiled softly.

“My fiancée told me that she didn’t want to marry someone who made weapons for murdering people.”

Emina’s complexion suddenly changed. As did everyone else’s.

“I’ve never thought about the meaning of tools.”

“…… Did you get curious about it after she’d said that?”

He gave a small nod and continued.

“I made weapons. But I just made them without thinking what they would be used for.”

“…… What about her?”

He smiled wryly at Emina’s question.

“Our engagement was originally decided on when we were little. She had someone else she loved and eloped.”

Emina shook her head.

“That’s not it. I meant your feelings.”

She asked with a painful expression on her face. Shiu, no, it was something that no one but Emina would ask.

“…… It’s my fault for not being able to get her to love me.”

“You loved her?”

Emina retorted at his indirect way of saying he loved his fiancée. Which was just like her to do. Kiahi, who was sitting next to her, said, “Woman are scary,” but Shiu didn’t know if he meant the fiancé or Emina. Shiu thought they were both scary in different ways.

Agricola nodded at the question. Then Emina continued angrily, “That woman, she should have said that she was breaking off the engagement!” Kiahi spat in surprise.

Kiahi was left dumbfounded while Laetitia nodded violently.

“She was just making excuses, but in short she had a guy she loved and ran away to him, isn’t that right? She hurt her fiancé and eloped with another man, what a bitch!”

“…… No, She was pitiful.”

““You’re wrong!””

Even Laetitia retorted with Emina.

The woman said unanimously, ignoring the dumbfounded men.

“That’s just for her own self-satisfaction, that is.”

“Tia’s right. If she had someone else she loved she could have just broken the engagement off. She just made up a reason and hurt you in the process. What’s with that? She should have just said, 『I have someone I love, please break off our engagement』. That’s the reasonable thing to do!”

“That’s right, yeah. Something like ‘I hate that you make weapons that kill people,’ wouldn’t she say it earlier? But I’m sure if she said something like that then you’d say 『Then I’ll stop making them』. That’s why she kept silent about it. She has such a bad personality.”

“It’s like she’s being sandwiched between two men!”

“Woah, there are people like that, aren’t there? I’m so bad with people like that ~.”

“Me too! Anyways, things like eloping… What kind of society are we talking about? There’s no way the dwarf clan has a law that states 『You would be killed if you annul your engagement』. There’s no way, absolutely not!”

There’s no way, she shouted as if in confirmation. Agricola quickly shook his head in confirmation. Kiahi whispered, “Woman are scary.” Shiu and Kirch were smart and stayed silent. Gladius was flabbergasted until the end and only stared.

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Editor: HSM