Chapter 046: Blessing in the High Elves Language

Shiu was the first to wake up the next morning.

No one was on night watch duty since the foot of the mountain was fairly safe and they had set up a strong barrier around the tent. Although, it might have been because Laetitia had her spirits with her. Shiu could also sense other’s presences while he slept and Kiahi and the others should be using a skill called 《DETECT PRESENCE》.

Shiu knew that nothing had happened last night, but he did a patrol anyways because he was used to it. He started making breakfast after he’d finished. Kiahi came out of the tent when Shiu was stirring the pot while playing with Feles.

“Just how freaking early did you wake up……!” Shiu tilted his head in confusion at Kiahi’s shocked tone.

“I always get up this early though.”

“Kids usually sleep in more, you know? Fuaaa [1]He’s yawning……” Kiahi stretched and sat next to Shiu.

“Thanks for yesterday. Was it grilled meat? That was super delicious.”

“The geezer liked the Three Eyed Bear. He hunted them often.”


“Either way, it’s a frightening monsters!”

“Fufufu,” they both laughed.

“We finished subjugating yesterday, right? Is it alright if I harvest some medicinal herbs for a bit?”

“Sure. We plan to head to the Royal Capital a little after noon.”


“There’s probably good herbs around here. It’s Royer Mountain after all.”

“Yup. Besides the general Herba, there’s also Medievalis and Profisiba.:

“The base materials for potions?”

“Yes. I won’t have trouble even if there’s a lot.”

“Magic bags can be used for various things, huh.”

He could make potions straight away if he found a special material while collecting. Shiu had level 5 production magic, so he wouldn’t fail while making potions.

They were already here, so Shiu secretly cast《SEARCH》to look for ingredients that could only be found in Royer Mountain which he had planned to go harvest later.

Shiu was excited because he could probably harvest a lot of materials if he used the whole morning.

When Shiu returned, he listened to the birds chirping.

The other party members were still sleeping soundly inside of the tent.

Kiahi’s attitude suddenly changed.

I wonder what’s wrong, Shiu turned his head.

“…… 『Kayanee-sama』, what language is that?” Kiahi whispered.


Shiu was surprised and fell silent. Kiahi looked troubled, but showed a reassuring smile.

“You’ve fainted before, haven’t you? I heard you say it in your sleep at that time. Sometimes you use language different from the one we use, don’t you Shiu? I thought it was the ancient language, but it doesn’t seem like it is.”

“…… Yes.”

“You know Tia. She was surprised when she heard your surname. It’s Aquila, isn’t it?”


“Sounds like the High Elf language.”

“…… To be exact, it seems to come from the ancient language. Because the High Elf Language derives from the ancient language.”

“I see. So, are you descended from the High Elves?”

“I don’t think that’s it.” Kiahi raised his eyebrow at Shiu’s answer. His face showed that he was dubious.

It can’t be helped. Shiu talked about his birth for now.

“My surname was left by my parents and the geezer thought, 『That’s probably his surname』. He also gave me the name Shiu for the same reason. It’s a meaningless word, but they were the last words my parents spoke so he gave these names to me. That’s also the reason why a bumpkin like me has a surname.”

“Is that so?”

“I also learnt this recently from the Royal Capital’s library. Shiu is only part of a word. Aquila means eagle, so I wondered if it was a 『blessing word』given to a child. There’s a lot of words like that left behind in the countryside too.”


“Blessing words often appear in books written in the ancient language. There’s also a lot of words that mean eagle, so they probably liked it. But this is just my hypothesis.”

He heard that his father was the one who wanted to give the blessing to his child who was born immediately and his mother looked like she was from some noble house.

“I heard that they were both humans. They had nothing on them that could identify them except for the clothes they wore. So the geezer said they were probably eloping. He thought that it was cruel to pass me onto relatives if my parents were eloping, so he raised me himself.”

“He’s a good man, isn’t he?”

“He is.”

The silence continued for a while, but Shiu thought that Kiahi probably hadn’t forgotten about 「Kayanee-sama」, so he spoke, “I think there are other tribes who use the ancient language other than high elves. I thought it was interesting, so I looked it up.”

He sighed and continued, “『Kayanee-sama』means 『Kaya』onee-sama.”

“Kaya, is that the name of a girl?”

“Yes…… Now that I think about it, I don’t think she reached adulthood.”

Kiahi realised from the way Shiu was speaking, “…… Did she die when you were younger?”

“Yes. In a war.”

“Oh,” Kiahi said and fell silent.

The beloved girl had died from a firebomb.

The girl who had gently hugged the lonely Shuutarou had died before she’d reached adulthood.

“Sorry. I asked something I shouldn’t have.”

“It’s fine…… I’m glad you asked. I’ve never spoken about Kayanee-sama to anyone before.”

“She was a good kid, wasn’t she?”

 “Yes, she was. She hugged someone like me. She was a very kind girl. Kayanee-sama is the only person to have hugged me.”

Kiahi thought that Shiu was being perverse about the fact that he was 「lonely」because he was an「orphan」. But that wasn’t it.

Unloved children could be found in any world. How would such a child grow up?

Love became like food while they were young and their world was small.

It was thanks to her that Shuutarou could live. It was thanks to the love that he’d received at that time that he didn’t stray from life.

『Kayanee-sama』was an important existence for the current Shiu.

Then, he was pulled into a gentle hug.

“Hey, don’t say such sad things. There’s a lot of people who would hug you.”

“…… Yeah, now there are. You too, Kiahi.”

The geezer also hugged him a lot when he was little.

He hadn’t been hugged recently, but Laetitia and Emina would sometimes cling to him.

Old man Stan patted his head. He always felt embarrassed and warm inside when that happened.

And, Shiu hugged Feles.

When he became an adult, he would probably get hugged by some and not by others.

Shiu stretched his arms and hugged Kiahi.

“I’ll give you a hug too, Kiahi.”

He heard a burst of laughter above his head, but ignored it.

He patted Kiahi’s back like when he soothed Feles.

“Who’s the one getting comforted?”

A big sigh was heard from above his head.


They wanted to know if Shiu was a 「High Elf」because of Laetitia. Kiahi didn’t really know about her reasons in detail but she always said, “If I find a high elf, then I’ll protect them.”

This time, Shiu didn’t seem like a high elf so she had said it was probably different. But, Kiahi was curious about the words, 「Kayanee-sama」, so he’d asked Shiu about it.

High Elves were treated as an endangered tribe, so Laetitia probably wanted to protect them because she came from the same tribe of elves.

Shiu and Kiahi finished their conversation.


It was a waste of time to wait for everyone to wake up from sleeping in. Therefore, Kiahi gave Shiu permission to explore on his own. Shiu quickly left after being warned not to trend into the dangerous places. He felt sorry for deceiving them, but he used 《TELEPORT》when he was sure that Kiahi wasn’t following him anymore.

Then, he began to harvest the herbs. He was happy that the intermediate herb, Medievalis wasn’t the only herb to grow here. He also harvested a lot of the advanced herb, Profisiba, as well. He also found the master material, Maximus near the summit. Shiu harvested the herbs in high spirits.

At this time, he discovered that he could cast multiple 《SENSE MOVEMENTS》at the same time. Shiu also peeked at the place where he said he would be harvesting a few times and tried other methods of using it as well. Even if he’d experimented with two sense movements, he’d never used it before. In addition, it took him a while to get used to it if he increased the spell. There was also hardly any change to his MP.

It seemed that magic took the most MP when you first use it.

He had fun doing experiments like this.

He had also took measures against Laetitia’s 「Tree Spirits」because it would be troublesome if she’d found him, but it seemed that it wasn’t necessary.

He found out later that the word of the spirits was useless for things about the 「past」. They said they couldn’t perceive the「past」. They always looked at the 「present」. Thus was the fate of the short-lived spirits.

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1 He’s yawning