Chapter 048: Parting with Friends

Shiu’s days returned to normal after the business at the Merchant Guild and the auction had finished.

But, he would be parting with Kiahi and his party the next day.  

Early in the morning, Shiu went to 『Hawk Eye Inn』 in order to see them off. After the group packed and got ready to leave, they walked together to the central gate.

There were stops for stagecoaches everywhere at the central gate and the party went to find one that suited their needs. Kiahi and his party were going to Kixelao town and will be taking requests from the guild there. Apparently, it was 『all the rage』to subjugate at the Elnoix mountain range right now. They also wanted to take an escort quest on their way there, but they couldn’t find any good ones. Laetitia complained the whole time about how narrow the stagecoach was.

There was still time left before they departed, so Shiu took out his farewell gift to them.

“This lets you know how much MP you have left, so it would be useful.”

It was a pendant magic tool which let the user know their total and remaining MP. Shiu had a 《MP MEASURING INSTRUMENT》in his head and this was the magic tool version.

“…… You’re showing us another amazing thing,” Kiahi was so amazed that he was speechless, but he eventually smiled and rubbed Shiu’s head.

“Well, whatever. I can’t wait until we meet again.”

“Me too. Ah, I want to apply user authority properly. Everyone, please hold my hand.”

“Even if it isn’t for that, I’ll hold you!” Kiahi said and hugged him instead.

“Woah, wow!”

“See, you’re high up!”

“I’m not a baby!”

He was strangely pumped up and Feles who was riding on his shoulder cried in a panic, “Fugya.”

Gladius nudged Kiahi who then let Shiu down. He quickly approached Kirch and said, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

“Seems like Shiu’s come to like us. Although, I’ve also come to like him.”

Shiu smiled and got embarrassed.

He scratched his head and grabbed Kirch’s hand.

“Grant user authority to Kirch Degallo,” He muttered and Kirch gripped Shiu’s hand tightly.

“Thanks Shiu.”

“…… Kirch.”

“I’m glad I met you. It was fun and I made new discoveries. Above all, Kiahi seems really happy. Let’s meet again.”

“…… Ok.”

“Shiu’s also cute when he’s being shy.”

Kirch gently patted his head.


Gladius lifted him onto his shoulders.

He received a storm of hugs after he got down from there. Shiu was a little overwhelmed because a large man was rubbing his cheeks against his, but it was probably a display of affection towards a child.

“Take good care of Tony.”

“Of course!”

He was the type of man to attach a name to his most important sword. He was somewhat charming and it was hard to hate this airheaded swordsman.

“Contact us on the communication tool if anything happens, alright? We’ll come rushing back!”

“Right, yes. You too Gladius.”

“Yeah! I will!”

“You sure you will!?”

Kiahi gave a loud and hearty laugh beside them.

Laetitia smiled wryly and held Shiu’s hand.

“You’ll probably be fine, but you have to contact us if anything happens, okay? Let’s party together someday.”

“Someday, huh?”

He had a hunch that he would meet them again somewhere, someday.

If they are in this world, then he would meet them again someday.

As he was now, he didn’t even have to strain himself to meet them.

Therefore, he wasn’t lonely.


Shiu sent his friends off with a smile.

He kept waving at them and they returned his wave with a smile.

The first time he realised that they were his friends was when he couldn’t see the stagecoach anymore.

They weren’t his acquaintances, nor were they somebody’s grandchild, no, they were his first friends.

“Let’s meet again,” he whispered before going home while constantly petting Feles.




Emina was standing outside when he returned to Bariado Tool Shop.

“Weren’t you resting today?”

“I am. But I had something to do.”



Emina approached him and then pulled him into a gentle hug.

Dmitr slowly came out of the courtyard while he was surprised.

“Ah, no, it’s not what it looks like! Mm.”

He panicked and Dmitr came behind Emina to hug them both.

“Eh, huh?”

“You can cry, you know?”

“…… Emina-san.”

“It’s fine for you to call me Emina! No, call me it. I’ll also call you Shiu. Hey, we’re already friends, aren’t we?”

She hugged him tightly.

“He also, Dmitr also wants to get along with you. Hey, we’re friends, right?’

“…… Yes.”

“Aqela is also a friend!”


“Grandpa also said that you two are friends! He was boasting about how cool it was to have a friend that’s a lot younger than him.”


“You’ll see them again, I’m sure of it.”

“I know.”

It finally seemed like he was going to cry. The tears flowed freely from his eyes. Shiu finally realised that tears could be a mixture of happiness and sadness.

It got too cramp and Feles climbed to his head from his shoulder. Then, he crossed over onto Emina and Dmitr.


“Oops, oh, oh.”

The two started laughing. Shiu moved away from them because he was being shaken by the laugher.

“Ah, you cried?”

“I did.”

“Yeeaaaah! Seriously, this kid is so obedient, or well cute!”

She rubbed his head and laughed at his crying face.

Then, Shiu finally realised why they were acting so strangely.


Kiahi probably said something to them. He was sure of it when she said, “I’ll give you hugs anytime.”

Emina was a gentle person and she was probably worried about Shiu since she declared something that sounded like affection for a little brother. Her husband too. He was an artisan of few words, but he was also gentle.

This place was a gathering of gentle people and Shiu loved it.

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