Chapter 049: Royal Loire Magic Academy

Shiu did rank 10 requests at the Adventurer Guild as usual during the busy period at the end of the year. Doran’s store was completed during this period and the Adrid House’s first café was opening, so he became very busy.

He would have felt bad if he’d only passed them the recipe.

He thought that he also had to test-taste the food, so he went to the café many times.

The discussions of how to treat the customers at this store had also reached its climax and it was decided that as a store in the central district, the customers would be treated with top service. Even so, it seemed like it would be a really popular café if they also extended the service to the masses.

Doran’s store was built in the central district, close to the commoners block.

Therefore, commoners will also visit his shop and it will catch the eyes of merchants who go in and out of the central district.

The Adrid House, who was financing them, recommended this location because Doran was fine with places that had less security. Since the Adrid house did this on a whim, Doran didn’t need to return the money right away, but he agreed to return the money back in full after he made a profit.

Having the pre-opening at the end of the year was great.

The problems will start from the beginning of the new year.

Shiu started magic academy on the day of the shop opening, so he couldn’t attend, but he hoped that they would work hard.

Loire was grand at the start of the year, but it didn’t get noisy like when people visited shrines in Shiu’s previous world.

Everyone prayed silently at temples with candles, but Shiu secretly thought they looked a bit dreary and scary.

The first week of the new year was quiet everywhere. Most of the stores were closed, so they must have sold a lot of merchandise during the end of the year.

 There weren’t many people on the streets either and Ana, who he’d met while walking, was complaining, “I’ll die. I’ll definitely die.” She looked very pitiful, so he gave her a potion he’d made. When he did, she became motivated and started running so he got scared.

This potion was too effective, so he’d have to hold back a little.

This wasn’t from a manga, but he remembered a hero who became strong from eating spinach. [1]Popeye

This wasn’t an effect that would show up in his previous life even if someone took a high-quality drug.

There was mana in this world, and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the living beings in this world were alive because of this mana. So Shiu thought of mana as energy and potions which put this energy directly into a body was like a magical drug.

This potion was made from the most basic ingredients, so Shiu muttered, “It could probably heal injuries too.”

Incidentally, the current Shiu could even make advanced medicine. The highest grade medicine and the special grade above that couldn’t be made right now because he didn’t have the ingredients, but if he did then he could probably make those too. But his succession rate would definitely decrease.

Even so, having level five in production magic was no joke, and he was sure he could make them without problems if he just tried a few times.

Skills were sneaky things.

However, if he thought of it as 「talent」, then he could understand it. Talent wasn’t something everyone had and even if they did have it but couldn’t use it then that talent would be useless. And even if you had talent and remembered things better than others, you wouldn’t get anywhere without effort.

He’d been scared of the world of magic at first, but when he thought of skills and gifts as talents then he could see how it 「exists」.

Right now, he had fun by doing his best to make things with his talents.



The first step towards that might be entering the magic academy.

The entrance ceremony to Royal Loire Magic Academy was on fire day on the second week of the new year, so he put on the uniform he’d made and walked towards the academy.

Royal Loire Academy was located in the upper east district along with the Royal Loire Knight Training Academy. It was also called the Merchant Block, but the heart of the central district was also called the Merchant Block, so it was confusing.

Also located in the upper east district were: the school library, mansions owned by wealthy merchants and villas owned by nobles. The central district was full of wealthy merchant mansions, shops and middle-class homes. Both districts were the same size, but the number of people living there were different. The upper east district was even more extravagant.

Further east from the upper east district was the noble block.

Shiu had never been there, but he didn’t think he would want to.

He had a hunch that he would get involved in something troublesome if he did.

Carriages constantly run through the noble block.

Students were required to enter the dormitory if their house wasn’t in walking distance of the academy, so students who couldn’t 「walk」to school were probably returning from their visit home.

There were even merchant students who didn’t 「walk」to the academy and used the carriage instead, even though they live in the same upper east district as the academy.

There were also nobles who had villas in the upper east district and would commute from there.

All this information came from Emina and Aqela.

To be more exact, it was from their customers.

Merchants would frequent Wurst restaurant, which Aqela’s parents ran and they seemed to know the ins and outs of town very well.

Shiu entered the magic academy while enjoying the scenery.

The entrance ceremony was long and boring, so he wasted the time by reading books inside of his mind.

Therefore, he didn’t hear half of what the principal nor the student president said.

Emina and Aqela had both said that the entrance ceremonies weren’t interesting and hardly anyone listened to them and that seemed to be true.

Shiu took Feles to the classroom with him.

If size wasn’t a problem, then students could bring young rare beasts with them to school, to avoid them getting lonely. And this being a magic academy also seemed to have something to do with that reasoning.

This was a school where magicians get trained, so rare beasts, who would become their partners, were important.

Students can always stay with their rare beasts since they would become important later on, as long as it wasn’t a problem child.

Was what he was told, but he was still worried so he entrusted Feles with the animal barn during the entrance ceremony.

Feles was loved by the horses and the adult rare beasts also didn’t give him any trouble.

Shiu had dressed Feles up in a scarf made from the same material as his uniform.

He had gotten considerably bigger than when he was the size of a kitten, and the colours of his pupils had also changed a lot. At first, it had been a light yellow colour, then amber and now it was a beautiful transparent emerald.

Feles had suddenly grew big at the end of the year and could no longer ride on Shiu’s shoulders.

It seemed like he acted like an adult not because he was lonely, but because he wanted to give Shiu a ride as soon as possible.

Of course, he would act spoiled at night, so he was still a kitten.

Shiu had to keep him on a leash because it was the rules, but Feles would never harm anyone or disobey Shiu.

However, Shiu was going to train him in the future so a leash was necessary.

Well he had put a leash on Feles when they got to the Royal Capital as an anti-theft method, so Feles didn’t seem to mind.

There were about 30 students in the classroom.

Most schools decided classes by class result, and the magic academy divided their classes from 1 to 10.

The system seemed to be the same as the Guild. Shiu was in class 1, which meant that he had high results.

He didn’t look around but instead used EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH and was surprised to see that he knew some of the students.

The other people looked at Shiu and was also surprised.

“Shiu, over here!”


They called out to him at the same time and everyone stared at him. But, he pretended that he didn’t notice those glances and headed towards the two.


He greeted and the two faced each other before greeting him.

“Good ‘morning’.”

The two laughed at their timing.

They didn’t seem to know each other so Shiu said.

“She’s Alice Bessol-san. He’s Riegdole Adrid-san.”

“That’s too simple…… Mm, nice to meet you. I am the second son of the Adrid merchant house located in the upper east district, Reigdole.”

He bowed politely and Alice smiled.

“Wow, thank you for being polite. I am the 3rd child of Earl Bethole, Alice. Since we are both students here, please get along with me.”

She curtsied lightly.

It was a greeting for an unmarried woman like her to people of the same rank or subordinates. A deeper curtsy was needed for those of higher rank, so Shiu recalled when he saw it for the first time and called it “stretchy movement”.

Incidentally, married woman can curtsy on either leg and they only nodded as greeting to subordinates so they seem a bit self-important. It might actually be that way.

They finished their greetings and Shiu briefly explained how he met each of them.

“I got acquainted with Alice-san because she’s a customer at Bariado Tool Shop. I originally knew her father, Daniel-san.”

“…… Being close with a girl or calling a noble by their name. Both are impossible, you know?”

Reigdole whispered.

As for him, “I know Reig’s father because he runs a café. I came to their café to consult them on the recipe and covered for Reig when his father got angry and that’s how we know each other ―――.”

“Don’t say that. You can’t say that!”

“I’m sorry,” Shiu hugged Reig.

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1 Popeye