Chapter 050: After the Entrance Ceremony

The homeroom teacher came in while the three of them were talking.

A young man named Matt briefly explained how to take the subjects and handed a roughly printed, low quality booklet to everyone.

“Make sure to read it properly. It’s none of my business if you say that you didn’t know about this or hear about this later. It’s normal for you to read this much. You were accepted into this academy because you could comprehend something like this. I want you to remember this well.”

Shiu was worried about whether it was alright for Matt to take such a rude tone since there were many nobles here. Although, the academy was an extraterritoriality place, and according to the rules that he had read beforehand, the students weren’t allowed to form hierarchical relationships. If someone read too deeply into Matt’s words, then there might be nobles who try to flaunt their status by saying they didn’t understand.

As was expected.

“However, I will be explaining things to you since there are some important things in there, so listen carefully. First of all, status doesn’t mean anything in this academy, it doesn’t matter if you’re a noble, commoner or even royalty. I want you to bear in mind that you are all in the same position even if you don’t get along, since you are all students of this academy. If you want to compete with each other, then do it with diligence, not status. It is also forbidden to look down on those who get bad results. There is no reason for you to treat another student like a servant just because they are bad at studying. This also applies to actions that hurt others. You’ll be expelled immediately if I find out.”

It was probably Matt’s style to make an impact from the beginning.

It became silent inside of the classroom.

“It is also forbidden to use attack magic outside of the appointed time and place. Especially if it’s used to harass those weaker than you. I want you to be careful since depending on what actions you take, it won’t just stop at you withdrawing from school, but could also be harmful for your future.”

Their anti-bullying policy seemed perfect.

It might actually be a good school.

There seemed to be flaws, but this might have been placed because various things had happened in the past.

Matt looked around the room to make sure that there were no objections and then smiled.

“Then, nice to meet you.”

He was a cheerful and friendly young man, but he was a little awkward.

Shiu might not be able to get used to him.

The classroom got noisy when he left.

People who got along well together and those who could tell each other’s status grouped together.

Reigdole and Alice went to where Shiu was.

“By the way, Feles’ scarf is amazing. Did you make it?”

Reig stroked Feles head, but Feles looked unhappy probably because Reig was being rough. “Migya,” he cried in protest.

Alice smiled, looked at Feles and said, “I didn’t see him at the entrance ceremony, so I thought you left him at home.”

Shiu said he didn’t know if he could and she covered her mouth with her hands, “Oh.” Noble children were somewhat elegant and placid.

A few people gathered around them while they talked.

“Alice-sama, could you please introduce us?”

The young ladies had perfect manners.

There were a few people, but they were able to distinguish who the person with the highest status was and proceeded their introductions and greetings in turn.

First, was a 13 year old girl named Martina. She was the second child of a Viscount and Alice’s friend. Her role seemed to be that of an attendant.

14 year old twins, a girl named Cora and a boy named Christoph. They were the first and second children of a Baron and their role seemed closer to that of a follower. They had black hair, which was rare for nobles, and lovely wavy curls.

And finally, a boy named Antony who was the fifth child of the wealthy merchant house, Gracia and seemed to be acquainted with Reigdole since he called out to him.

Although, he was a little bit nervous because there were nobles here, he seemed relieved at Alice’s gentle nature.

Alice was acquainted with Bariado Tool Shop.

Last year, her father visited the shop to purchase a magic bag to celebrate her early admittance into the magic academy.

Shiu had already made one for him before, so he knew what kind of person her father was.

Shiu had thought that his daughter would probably be the same, but he still brought his daughter along because he thought Shiu would want to interview her and she had left Shiu with a favourable impression.

Old man Stan had known Earl Bessol for a long time and he liked him quite a bit.

He started producing the magic bag based on both their responses.

However, a rule was a rule, so he got them to promise not to pry into the creator.

When the design of the bag was decided, Shiu met with them so that he could grant user authority onto the bag.

So, they became acquainted with Daniel who brought his daughter along with him.

On the other hand, Alice was so nervous that she’d turned blue because she’d heard that they could refuse to make the bag.

Old man Stan had talked in a polite way so that even children could understand what he was saying, and Shiu thought that he’d done something cruel when she understood that it would be made and her cheeks were dyed pink.

He showed the cute bag design to Laetitia as well and when Alice came to get her bag, she was overjoyed and seemed to really like it.

She also wore the bag during the entrance ceremony.

“That’s a cute bag. It has a fancy design, where did you get it?” Reigdole asked Alice while using weird honorifics. She turned slightly pink and looked at Shiu was stroking the bag happily.

“This is from Bariado Tool Shop. Shiu-kun made it.”

“Huh, Shiu did?”

“Wow, you’re amazing, you are. So you make bags.”

Antony looked surprised.

“This is also the first time we’ve seen it, but it’s nicely made.”

Martina looked jealously at the bag and Cora and Christoph, who were standing next to her, nodded in agreement.

This bag was a very expensive and important item because it also functioned as a magic bag. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was more precious than gems. Moreover, he had re-drawn and recommended her many designs that weren’t overly cute or gaudy, because she would be using it for her whole lifetime.

Therefore, he was happy when people complimented it.

Her bag was made from leather. Using leather for a young girl might be too majestic, but the whole bag was smoky pink. He had stitched a darker coloured leather onto the rounded edges. The colour of the stitches also changed and he had made the stitches big. This was a decorative stitch and he had actually sewn it in detail and very firmly. The front was embroidered with a cat motif, which Alice had said was her favourite animal, and there was also a cat charm attached to the clasp which connected the shoulder strap and bag together. Both were made with a simple design so that it wouldn’t look too childish.

Even when she became an adult, she could just change the charm to change the feel of the bag. Leather products looked really good when they are handled with care.

It was difficult for him to make something for a woman at first, since men only required the bag to be functional.

His business received a boom because of Alice’s bag and making cute bags became a hobby of his. For now, Feles’ scarves and cartoon-character costumes increased because he was focused on Feles.

While they were talking excitedly, the topic changed to how many subjects they could take.

Of course, they would be taking the primary subjects, there were also subjects which were compulsory, so it was hard to match their classes together.

They would also branch into different fields, so it wasn’t like they could all take the same classes.

Their conversation ended, so they separated into those who were staying in the dorm and those who were going home.

Reigdole and Shiu were going home. Antony’s house was in the upper east district, but his parents had gave him a strict order to live in the dorm and get used to living with other people, so he was staying in the dormitories.

“I thought I was going to get thrown in there too, but Shiu helped me out.”

“Instead, I’ll train you hard, you know?”

“……. Ye~s.”

Reigdole said disappointedly as he clicked his tongue.



Shiu had met Reigdole when he had a meeting at the Adrid House café.

Vaniru came in when he was explaining the recipe in the kitchen and their conversation got really heated.

The head of the family didn’t come to the kitchen and left the details of the menu to the café. However, he had seen something that worried him at the bottom of the report, so he came to meet Shiu.

“Then, is there a lot of important 『nutrients』in vegetables?”

“There is. Staple foods are also important, think of them as food that allows people to move. Meat and fish make up the body, and vegetables adjust the body. Well, that’s just a rough idea.”

“Hmm, it has been said since long ago that one would become unhealthy if they didn’t eat vegetables. However, if they just want to live then bread is good enough. Therefore, prisoners are prone to getting injured and sick.”

Then, the conversation became heated and Vaniru also talked frankly with the chef. Therefore, it was decided that they would make the trial product on the spot.

That was when Reigdole sneakily creeped in.

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