Chapter 053: First Lesson and Guild Card

The students chose their electives and had interviews with their teacher and the first week ended.

Classes began next week and first was magic theory.

When he cast person appraisal on the female teacher, Pirkanmaa, he found out that her bestow magic was at level 3 and her light and unattributed magic was at 1.

The class was easy and he was surprised that this was the level of their elementary classes.

But, the contents of the class weren’t strange like they were at Emina’s school where they only focused on the aria and placed importance on intonation.

However, they had to teach the basics first so it was all very formal Or rather, it was taught like it was written in the books.

And, because Shiu had read all the books in the Royal Capital since coming here, he was a little disappointed that the class was proceeding exactly like his memory.

He had expected to hear about things that weren’t mentioned in books during class.

I’ll ask the teacher if I can take the exam to skip this class later.

In culture class, they started off with ‘mannerism’ so general cultural things were postponed for now. This might be a measure they took because a lot of noble children attend this school.

And, the noble graduates of this school were all wonderful like they were in their own element.

Shiu could only behave like how it was mentioned it the books, so his movements were a little stiff but the teacher praised him for it.

Reigdole was terrible.

The boys were happy that they could study offense, defence and magic practice during their classroom lessons.

Their first practical lesson was offense and their homeroom teacher, Matt, was teaching this.

Even though it was their offense class, it was an elementary class so it wasn’t that amazing. Attribute class was more like an experimental class.

For example, “Bring out fire and throw it.”

Or, “If you catch the water with your partner, then you win.”

They studied arias in magic theory, but Shiu heard that there was also a practical class for it. They didn’t teach things like, “Why don’t we use ancient language?”

How unfortunate.

“《Oh Spirit of Water, Respond to Our Request and Fire Water, Water Pebble》, how is it?!”

Reigdole was working on the task while chanting the aria next to Shiu.

What did it mean when Shiu, the one sitting next to him, got embarrassed from this?

However, most of the students used different phrases and intonation and would usually chant it out loud. Of course, none of them felt embarrassed while doing so. It might be natural for them since it was rooted in their life since birth, and it was something that he could be jealous about.

Some students even chanted in the ancient language.

Shiu had heard that class one had the best students and people expected a lot out of them in the future.

Shiu desperately tried to hold down his laughter since they’d even decided on the poses they would do.

Anyway, the cute boys and girls decided on 『Magical Girl』-like scripts and 『Justice Alley Series』-like poses.

He felt like he would burst into laughter, it was both amusing and cute.

It was charming to see the other students do this, but he didn’t want to do it himself.

He sighed and Matt approached him.

“Shiu, you should be practicing.”

He was properly watching each student.

Matt probably thought that he was skipping work because he put his hands on his hips and stared at him.

“Ah, yes.”

“Wait, you’re definitely…… I see, you don’t have a staff.”

Matt touched his chin as if he’d just remembered something and then clapped his hands. He didn’t know if Matt was a teacher or over-reacted or if his body actions were too intense.

“Shiu Aquila, was it? So you can cast chantless magic, can you? So, were you confused? It’s okay.”

Matt patted his head and smiled.

What kind of child was Shiu to him? Shiu was a little anxious, but faced his opponent straight on. His opponent was Reigdole.

“Mm, I’m starting, okay?”

I see, so chantless was inconvenient for this type of practice, Shiu noticed.


He thought that name was appropriate and tried to fire water. But, his image of a gun might have been too strong because Reigdole looked hurt.

“Ow, owiee, it’s too strong!”

“Ah, sorry. Even so, I did weaken it a bit.”

“Argh, go easy on me!”

Reigdole replied without being surprised because he’d seen it many times during their study meetings, but the other students were seeing this for the first time.

“Oh, chantless is amazing after all.”

 Matt was the most surprised. Then he spoke in a quiet voice, “Did your parents tattoo you when you were little? I’m sorry to hear that, well it might be good. Some people say that shortening arias is the best combat ability for magicians. Yup, your magic’s stable and you’re not even using a staff, as expected. Alright, alright,” He said and after looking amused, rubbed Shiu’s head with a smile.

He wasn’t a bad person, but he’s a little stifling.

Shiu smiled wryly and nodded.



He was asked many things during his entrance exam interview; how much magic had he studied so far? What did he want to study from now on? What job do you want to do in the future? And, so on.

Because of this he explained why he could do chantless magic, ーーー of course, he told them the big lie about the tattoos ーーー, and he also told them that he wanted to attend school so he could learn about magic equations.

The interviewer noticed that the skill Shiu was using didn’t require MP, so he convinced the interviewer by saying that he wanted to start magic conservation research.

At that time, Shiu had completely deceived the magic crystal and the skills he’d shown to him was:

『Shiu Aquila (Human). Eleven.

MP: 20

Endurance: 38

Strength: 20

Agility: 20

Intelligence: 35

Fire: 1. Water: 1. Wood: 1. Metal: 2. Earth: 2. Wind: 1. Light: 1. Unattributed: 1. Production Magic: 1.』

This was the result of his practice and he’d been able to lower production magic more than when he’d shown it to old man Stan.

Still, it seemed that having all basic attributes and production magic was very rare and they confirmed the results over and over again.

And, he would have stood out more if his MP was the same as 『normal magician’s level』, but his MP was only average and the interviewer pitied him, so much so that he was labeled the half-baked pitiful kid.

They also greatly understood why he 『wanted to research』and Matt seemed to know this fact.

Shiu’s actual skills, except for endurance and intelligence which he’d increased, were the same. And all his basic attributes, production magic, appraisal magic and spatial magic were at level 5. He also had gifts and he couldn’t let other people find out about them.

He felt a sense of relief at the entrance exam because it was gambling for him in a sense.

Old man Stan had recommended that he raise his rank from 『trainee to rank 10』, so that it would be easier for him later on, so he’d submitted the application at the Adventurer Guild.

He was still a minor, but the current Shiu was an actual rank 10 adventurer.

His heart had pounded when he put his hands over the crystal, but it went smoothly.

Chloe was in charge, so he thought about prostrating and asking for privacy protection if his real status got found out.

The guild card only displayed his name, occupation and rank, so his skills won’t be leaked in the future. Even if someone found out what skills he had, he could just tell them that they’d increased when he became an adult.

There were few examples of this, but Shiu was glad that he was still a minor.

Minors levelled up faster and their skills increased.

So, old man Stan recommended that Shiu become a real adventurer.

Still, this was a special case and he was recommended to the Guild Master, Saniu, by Chloe.

That is to say, this was a reward for Shiu because he’d continued to diligently work on rank 10 requests.

He had privileges as an adventurer and above all, his social status was guaranteed.

He had been able to live at the Royal Capital because old man Stan had guaranteed his social status, but he was still a minor and his situation was unstable.

The guild card was something that unexpectedly demonstrated one’s power, so he could probably be a little relieved now.



Incidentally, it was good that this world had family registries and resident cards, but data management was difficult, so the system was flawed.

Even though guilds and data existed, it seemed that they didn’t have the ability nor personnel to allocate to those places to the point where they could be managed and utilised.

So, how did people go to different areas and get jobs at guilds? The back of the guild cards showed 『〇〇 Rank 〇〇 Times、〇〇 Rank 〇〇 Times』. This indicated the number of jobs the adventurer took at each rank. So, other guilds can see how much work you’ve done.

The guild card displayed one’s name, occupation and current rank, and also a 『title』if they had one, but only if the person themselves approved of this.

The other side of the card showed the person’s current rewards and punishments (the rewards also had to be approved by the person themselves).

This was so that other guilds can cope with people who have penalties.

As an underhanded trick, they could also make a new guild card, but they would face severe penalties if this were to be found out. As a result, no one would do that because they wouldn’t be able to join any guild and would end up as a drifter or slave.

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