Chapter 054: Class Exemption and Robe Specifications

Shiu asked them if he could take the exemption exams again four days after he’d attended all the classes and consulted with his homeroom teacher.

The exams were going to be held on the Wind day.

The classes were five days a week and finished on Earth day. However, the academy was opened until Wind day because the teachers also supervised the student’s research.

The teachers were also supposed to have Light day off, but some of the research projects couldn’t be left unattended for one day, so they didn’t really have any breaks.

After he’d received his exam results and discussed with his teacher, it was decided that he would even be exempted from intermediate level magic theory. Since the minimum to graduate was intermediate level, Shiu didn’t have to take the advanced classes. However, he decided to take it because he was advised that it would be better if he took it.

In addition, he was also exempted from intermediate level culture. They didn’t mind since he could apply the etiquette they learnt in class in practice. However, they did recommend that he took the advanced level culture. This class included how to interact with high ranking nobles, how to dance if one was invited to a ball at the castle and was necessary if one aimed to be the number one magician.

He was exempted from advanced level study of medicinal herbs. He knew about them from living in the mountains and he had his knowledge from books, so it wasn’t a problem. He was even given the stamp of approval to become a teacher.

He wanted to attend the other classes some more, so he didn’t take the exams for those yet.

However, he was still thinking about the subject for each attribute. He thought that he probably didn’t have to take the classes if it was just experiments and classroom learning. In fact, the teacher of that class had also spoken to him about skipping the class.

This didn’t just apply to Shiu, class one was full of excellent students and almost all of them were exempt from a certain number of classes.

Therefore, he often saw his classmates when he took the exam on Wind Day.

He took tests for the first month of school, and he couldn’t grasp the class changes, so he couldn’t take guild requests like he’d hoped he would. Because of the feeling he got when he saw Emina’s expression on Light Day.

Nevertheless, he got used to it after a month. His mornings was packed with classes and he usually took a guild request in the afternoons.

On Wind day, he tried taking a request that took a day to complete. The request was to pick herbs from the nearby forest, and it was no problem for him since he was used to it.

However, he didn’t take any requests from the guild on Light day. Emina had made a funny face, so he was prohibited from doing requests on that day unless it was urgent. She was at the age where she could be Shiu’s sister, but probably because she was married, she was more like a mother to him.

On his rest day, he experimented with cooking, his hobby, and completed orders for the magic bags.

Also, it wasn’t really necessary for Reigdole to study with Shiu since he had classes now.

Occasionally, there would be parts from the book that Reigdole didn’t understand because the teacher’s way of teaching was bad, so Shiu would host a study session during lunch time. The other students, as well as Alice, would join in and they would all have fun. So, Reigdole began to enjoy studying.

Reigdole hating studying was a lie, and recently, he started going to the library to look up things on his own.

Shiu took the opportunity to talk about this at the café, and Vaniru looked deeply moved. He was happy that his child was growing.

Therefore, Shiu didn’t inform him that the real reason why Reigdole went to the library was so that he could study with Alice.

The month ended and it was the beginning of the coldest season, Rime. It was the coldest month of the year.

Most of the students ordered warm robes for winter, probably because there was a large number of noble children at the academy. Similarly, there were students who changed robes every day. Most the students had a lot of robes of good quality.

Only a minority of students wore the same robe every day like Shiu did.

Even Reigdole, who was treated like a commoner, had different robes for different seasons. But, he was the son of a wealthy merchant, so it might be obvious why he’d have them.

“That, seems cold, right? If I mention it to my father, he could get something made for you from Marko’s shop.”

“Vaniru-san, huh. He told me that he would get me a present for getting into the academy, but I refused because I didn’t need it.”


“It’s not that cold.”

“…… That’s the problem?’

“Is it not?”

It was Fire day on the 2nd week of Rime.

Did people feel depressed after the holidays no matter what world they’re from? Reigdole rested his chin on his hands while looking sleepy and sluggish.

“It doesn’t get dirty if I use purification. And this is made from the best fabric. I also bestowed it with magic.”

“Ah, is that so. It’s so nice that you can use bestowal.”

The fabric that he’d received from old man Stan were sleeping in his storage. Students had to get the robes tailored by a designed tailor, but they could bring their own as long as it was in a dark colour. Although, the academy did take a fee if you brought your own robe.

The tailor shop only had black fabric, and neither the texture nor weight were to his liking.

He had talked about this with old man Stan, who then proceeded to search through his storage before saying, “How’s this?”

Shiu liked fabric that felt sturdy; he also liked dark grey ones too.

It was popular at the school for being a colour that 『was dirty』, but Shiu really liked it.

Above all else, it was fabric made from thread produced by a spider monster called Grande Alane (magic insect?); it had high magic resistance, and was highly flexible even though it was excellent for defence. It was called a super-luxury item and was something that Shiu couldn’t easily obtain.

Finally, Shiu obtained it and it didn’t sell well because of the colour.

The Grande Alane thread was originally transparent, and it was very difficult to dye it.

It was impossible to dye without a level 4 in production magic.

But, the colour became very vivid and beautiful once dyed.

It was rare for it to be dyed a muddy colour like dark grey. The thread either remained transparent or disappeared if one failed to dye it.

Shiu accepted it because he was told, “If you don’t mind the colour, then have it.”

Besides, it was an excellent fabric that could be fully bestowed with magic. He secretly attached a self-made tag on the completed robe, so he could also overlap bestowed magic.

He was fine even if he was told in passing, “What a rotten colour,” or “It looks dirty,” or “Do poor people not change?”

“But you know, it’s thin so it looks cold.”

“It’s fine in summer, isn’t it? It’s thin so it looks cool.”

“…… Shiu, you’re a positive guy aren’t you?”


Reigdole smiled wryly. He had classes in the afternoon and he would always laze around when Alice wasn’t here.

“I’ll try wearing a cardigan on the inside so that I don’t look so old.”

“But you look cold. That’s right, it’s because of your shirt too.”


Shiu had made his shirt simple. It was close to a cutter shirt.

Students shirts can be anything they liked as long as it was white, but nobles wore a standard stand-up collared shirt; so most students wore collared shirts. In addition, they added frills to the shirt.

Shiu had opened his eyes wide in shock when he had first saw it.

It would have been different if Shiu had met these cute boys and girls first, but he had met nobles before by chance at the Royal Capital. It was a man with a big and sturdy build. His hair was thinning, but he left quite an impact on him.

‘Even a man like that wore frills!’ That was what had shocked Shiu.

He couldn’t get his head around it, so he didn’t choose a stand-up collar with frills for his shirt.

A worker’s shirt, one without a collar, was weird, ――― when he’d consulted with the tailor, he told him that the students at the magic academy didn’t wear shirts like this ーーー, after a process of trial and error, he made a cutter shirt which could be explained as a stand-up collar shirt.

Incidentally, the few commoner students at the academy wore stand-up collar shirts without frills. So they’re embarrassed about it too! Shiu had thought.

“The front is open, it looks cold!”

“Well, then should I make a scarf?”

“That’s not what I’m trying to say.”

“How about a【necktie】?”

“Ahaha,” Shiu said and laughed which caused Reigdole to tilt his head in confusion.

“You’re really strange, aren’t you Shiu? You sometimes say things that I can’t understand.”


He must have spoken in Japanese. Reigdole continued to speak as he was panicking, “You’re fine even when someone says something harsh to you. Commoners like us are bothered by the harassment we get, but you don’t worry about it at all.” Reigdole rested his chin on his hands and complained.

“…… Is harassment that bad?”

“No, it’s not that bad. But, you can’t get motivated even when it’s only as bad as a prick.”

“I wonder.”

“You know, my parents are wealthy merchants. Our social status went up and we’re equivalent to nobles. I know that I sometimes act big. Well, it’s just that nobles are show-offs aren’t they? I have to act like that on the outside. It’s a little troublesome.”

Which meant that there were students who felt uneasy.

If that was true, then Shiu’s past life experience played a major role. Like Reigdole said, he didn’t care about insults made by children.

“Well, the thing they’re boasting about isn’t their own power, but the power of their parents.” Reigdole said the obvious.

Shiu nodded and comforted Reigdole.

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