Chapter 055: Harvesting Herbs

Shiu gave Reigdole some snacks that he’d secretly taken out of his spatial storage.

He was a growing child, so he began to eat the snacks in excitement even though it was just right after lunch. That scene was also cute.

It was the cold season, so Shiu had taken out some freshly made candied sweet potato-like snacks out. It wasn’t a real sweet potato, but he’d tried making the snack from a type of potato.

Roasted potatoes were also nice, but he decided not to make them since the smell would spread to the school cafeteria.

He thought about covering the area with spatial wall for a moment, but he didn’t use it because he didn’t know when or where he would be found out.

His spatial storage wasn’t a problem since he’d applied for a magic bag.

“You want to eat more?”

“No, thanks. If I eat any more than this, then I’ll nap in the afternoon classes.”

“What did you have in the afternoon? Culture?”

“Yeah. Etiquette and medicinal herbs. I’ve had enough……”

He started feeling down again for some reason.

It might be because today was Fire day.

Shiu patted his shoulder while saying, “Do your best,” and left.

He left the school with Feles, went home to change and then decided to go to the guild.

Kyle, his new acquaintance, was at the reception desk. He could use oath magic and should have been working inside.

“Hello, Kyle-san. What happened today?”

“Sup, Shiu-kun. Well, you see, the lady that usually works at reception has a fever.”

“…… Is it an infectious disease?”

“It’s possible. We moved her to the back.”

Mhm? He tilted his head in confusion and was taken aback.

Because it was bad for women who were pregnant to get infections.

“Are you alright?”

“I wanted to talk to you about it.”


Shiu didn’t know what he meant and was confused but Kyle smiled wryly.

“We need a lot of herbs.”

“Oh, you do?”

Recently, Shiu has been harvesting herbs in the forest outside of the Royal Capital on Wind day. Requests were always put out for herbs and the people at the guild were surprised and happy that he’d returned with so many.

Shiui was good at harvesting herbs because he was raised deep in the mountain and he had also declared that he was a magic bag holder when he registered at the guild. He thought it would be easier on him if he reported it.

Kyle suggested at that.

“The symptoms are light? Do you need materials for intermediate medicine as well, just in case?”

“Which means you have intermediate level medicine, huh? Was there some in that forest? No, you’re more knowledgeable about herbs than I am. Mm.”

Kyle said as he flipped through the bundle of requests. This is a disadvantage because they can’t manage data well, Shiu watched him and thought.

“Found it. If possible, we also want Medievalis. Also, the intermediate potion would be complete if we had the Snake Fishes’ intestines and Three Eyed Bears’ liver.”

“I have it. However, they’re dried. If you want fresh ones, then I’ll have to harvest it, but I’ll have to go all the way to Royer Mountain. But I can only go on Wind day or Light day, so I don’t think I’ll make it back in time.”

“…… You’re amazing. Ah, no, uuh. It’s better if you’ve dried them, or should I say that’s the best way to use them? I think.”

“Then, I’ll go home and get them. I don’t keep those in my magic bag.”

“Oh, because there’s a limit to how much it can fit, right? So ―――.”

Kyle looked like he was going to flip through the documents again, which was a waste of time so Shiu kept talking.

“I can go into the forest to harvest more Herba if you still need a lot, how about it? It’s fine if I give you everything later, right?”

Shiu implied that he would do all the work at once and Kyle agreed.

He quickly left the Royal Capital and ran to the forest.

He had a lot of herbs in his spatial storage, but most of them had been processed. He made them easy to use by drying them and turning them into a powder. He mixed them with water and used it as a base material for his potions.

He never imagined that he would get the chance to divert them like this because he had thought that he would only be using them for himself.

He’d just realised that it might be more useful to divide the herbs into different stages while harvesting them.

He arrived at the forest two hours later because he’d ran.

Feles was sitting down next to him with a disappointed look. It appears that he didn’t like making his owner run because he’d nearly reached adulthood.

According to the beast trainer, Licola, Feles has recently been full of motivation. His strong will to be ridden didn’t lose to the other adult beast mounts. He was told that beast mounts with this nature should be ridden as much as he could outside of the Royal Capital, since they held pride in their work.

“I’ll ride you in a bit, so I’m counting on you.

He petted Feles’ head and requested.

Then, Feles’ eyes flared, letting Shiu know that he would “try his best”.

Feles was too cute and Shiu wanted to continue petting him, but he had a job to do.

He moved deep into the forest with Feles and quickly harvested herbs in a bountiful place.

Herbs shouldn’t be harvested too much, so he left some for other people as well.

After harvesting, he used water, earth and light magic to nourish the herbs and then moved onto the next placed.

No one came to harvest here, so it was as if this was Shiu’s field, but he thought it was only polite to do this.

When he lived deep in the mountain, only the woodcutter was there, so he could harvest as much herbs as he wanted. However, the resources at the Royal Capital were for everyone, so he needed to think before he acted.

There were some kingdoms who’ve exhausted their precious herbs by over-harvesting.

He had found this out from a book he’d read in the library. This was a problem no matter what world he was in.

“Feles, should we look for mushrooms next?”


Recently, Shiu had taught Feles how to recognize the smells of medicinal herbs and ingredients for food.  

Rare beasts can recognize when something is poisonous before they eat it. Instinct was amazing.

“This is the mushroom I’m looking for. And, the wild grasses here are delicious.”

Feles eyes shone as soon as he’d said the word, ‘delicious’.

Like Shiu, Feles, who was raised as a gourmand, loved eating.

Feles didn’t have any likes or dislikes and he didn’t have any allergies either, so he ate anything. He would even eat raw meat after he grew up. Monster meat had mana in them, so humans were happy to eat it, but beasts are the only ones who could eat it raw. Rare beasts needed power so they preferred to hunt monsters. This trait was one of the reasons why rare beasts were liked by humans.

He kept harvesting herbs diligently even after night fell and returned home when he felt like it.

When he was far enough from the Royal Capital, he took out the materials that were necessary for the intermediate medicine, such as dried herbs, from his spatial storage.

They were stuffed into a big bag that was different from the one he’d stuffed the fresh herbs in, and put them onto a cart.

He had more than he could fit in a normal magic bag, so this was on purpose.

He informed old man Stan where he was going and hurried down the dark road.

The guild used an expensive magic tool to light up the inside, so he could easily see the reception desk.

He didn’t see Kyle, so he passed the request form onto another guild staff with whom he was acquainted with and informed them, “I left a cart at the storehouse in the back. Could you help me since a lot of herbs were requested?”

“Oh! I heard it from Kyle. Thank you very much!!” She said and called the staff behind her.

The people in charge of receiving the materials, appraising and processing all went to the back.

They said it was fine to bring the cart in as well, so they pushed it into a room at the guild.

Kyle was contacted then.

“Amazing! I mean, thank you, Shiu-kun. This is great, you got so much.”

“I thought you might need fresh Medievalis, so I got those out of my magic bag. There’s a lot of Herbas. The dried herbs here are ones you can’t harvest in this season, so it’s perfect.” Shiu said and the person who received the materials was happy.

“Wow. You even have the valuable ginseng!”

“Oooh, you don’t just have blue mushrooms, but red ones too.”

“I’ll call the doctor right away!”

It became an uproar.

Shiu tilted his head in confusion and Kyle explained it to him, “It turns out that it wasn’t just the adventurers who were infected, we found out that the people in town are as well.”

“Huh, then…”

“It seems that the adventurers spread the infection into this guild from the commoner’s block. Fortunately, it was quarantined quickly enough that it didn’t spread to more people.”

People shouldn’t make light of a cold. If they didn’t settle it early, then even a minor illness could become very bad in this world. Above all else, if a lot of people were infected, then the healers and doctors would treat those in power first, and the number of deaths in the town would increase.

He didn’t know what infectious disease it was so he had brought a variety of herbs, but it seemed that they’d made it in time. Shiu was relieved and returned home.

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