Chapter 058: Reason for the Increase in Slimes

Shiu also cast appraisal so that he wouldn’t kill the wrong thing, so the MP measuring instrument in his brain broke free of its restraints at once.

He had nearly used up all his original MP downstream, so he was dipping into his MP storage. It has been a long time since he’d used a large amount of MP, so the Goddess was probably happy about this.

Like this, he even hunted the slimes that were submerged in the lake.

He was still feeling anxious about them even though he knew it was alright now, so he wrapped them in blocks and placed them into his spatial storage.

After that, he examined the lake.

Even so, it was the middle of winter, so it took a bit of courage to dive into the lake.

He had 《OVERVIEW》, so he was planning to use that with 《DIVE》. But, then he suddenly realised that if he was going to dive then he might as well surround himself in a spatial wall and make something similar to a submarine.

It seemed like an amazing discovery, ――― well either way would have worked ―――. He wrapped himself in a spatial wall as if he was wearing a diving suit.

It was great being able to move while swimming.

Feles looked like he was too scared to get in the water, so Shiu left him ashore. He felt bad since Feles was crying out as if he were lonely, but situations like this would probably increase because it was work.

“I’m sorry,” he said before going into the lake.

First, the bottom of the lake was calm, and then it became a steep slope and finally a precipitous cliff.

Naturally, there was air within his spatial dive suit, so he was feeling fluffy as he dived down. He noticed that it was taking too long to go down, so he decided to descend all at once.

As a precaution, he transferred his vision in front of him and followed after it.


He tried several different types of magic. He used a lot of MP, there was no point in conserving it now he’d gotten to this point.

He reached the bottom of the lake as he was using his magic.

It was quite dark down here because it was deep into the lake, but he was using automatic night vision, so he could see well. The water quality was clear and very beautiful.

He could see well because it was clear.

(Woah, it’s a water dragon.)

There were remnants of many water dragons.

It was too strange to be a graveyard, so he approached the scene for closer examination.

(Was it a turf war? Or were they fighting over a female?)

Only the males were dead and they looked like they had been fighting until now.

Two had accomplished a fierce death while biting each other’s necks.

Because of this a high concentration of mana had leaked out and caused the slimes to breed. It eventually also started to affect the lake downstream.

He could barely see any of the fishes nor monsters that lived in this lake.

(I wonder if they were caught up in the water dragon’s fight or did the slime breed first while they were trying to hide and they became bait for the slimes.)

Slimes, which were difficult for people to defeat, were the lowest level of demons.

However, they were violent.

Even creatures of the lowest rank would have been swallowed up during the rapid breeding.

Slimes were good at absorbing mana so it was probable.

(Well either way, they’re a nuisance.)

He thought a little and then surrounded the water dragons in a spatial wall.

He also included himself in the scope and teleported them to the lakeshore.

Feles saw the big water dragons and cried out in confusion, but he concluded that they were dead and went back to napping. He was really a cat and acted like he liked.

The dead water dragons who were biting each other’s necks were fresh as if no time had passed since they’d died.

He carefully dismantled them.

It took him three hours to dismantle the first one because it was his first time dismantling dragons and he was doing it while confirming it with a book in his mind.

The second one was easier to dismantle.

Dragon meat could be eaten, or rather they should be eaten, so they were super high-class ingredients. Therefore, he wrapped the fresh dragon meat up and put it into his spatial storage.

He dismantled the other 10 for materials. They were submerged in water and were not corroded, but he decided to use them as materials because he had mixed feelings about them.

He didn’t want to mix them up in his spatial storage, ――he’d never had this problem in the past, but his feelings were the problem――, so he properly wrote, “Several days after death, may upset stomach!” onto the wrap.

He finished processing everything and it was way past lunch time, so he quickly set up a table by the lakeshore.

“Feles, lunch’s ready.”


Feles, who had been sleeping without a care in the world, quickly stopped lazing around and ran towards him.

“I’ll give you your drink first. Here you go, vegetable juice.”

Feles hated salad, so he had to have it as juice every time. Shiu’d made it all at once and stored them in his spatial storage, so all he had to do was take it out.

He’d also put some fruits in, so Feles didn’t think of it as vegetable juice and licked it happily.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it ~?”

“Mya, mya!”

Feles looked a little stupid, but that was also cute.

Shiu smiled and took out an iron plate.

“Shall we try some water dragon meat?”

He thought he would be fine to cook it from memory, but he reread the book in his record storage just in case.

Water dragon meat could be eaten with just salt and pepper or it could be matured. Smoked was fine too.

It seemed that not much research had been done on this because dragon meat was hard to obtain, so recommendations were different for different parts of the meat.

This is a little fun, no, it’s heaps of fun. The water dragon was large and a lot of the parts could be eaten.

“The ribs have fat on them, so it might be good to BBQ it.”

He immediately took it out and barbequed it, the juices made a nice sound.

Feles drooled as he stared at the iron plate.

“Not yet. Wait a bit longer, okay? …… Rare sounds good. Hmm…. Let’s cast《APPRAISAL》just in case, okay it looks fine.”

Shiu was fine, but Feles might be poisoned. Even if they can discover poisons, beast mounts might not know about dragons. He appraised it just in case, and there didn’t seem to be any problems except for the large mana quantity.

He prepared it rare for Feles.

It was still hot, but Feles cut it with his claws and blew on it before eating.

Shiu also finished cooking his portion and ate it with a knife and fork.

“Oh, it’s delicious!”

“Mgya!” Feles replied while eating.

Water dragon meat was different from beef and tasted rich. Was it because of the mana? It had a deep flavour and there was no smell. It would be better not to use a bad sauce on this. A simple seasoning of salt and pepper was good enough.

It was probably different depending on what part of the water dragon he cooked, but it was fun to think about how to season it.

He wanted to start thinking of ideas for them, but he still had things to do.

His goal was to harvest herbs from the summit of the mountain.

He had to hurry so that he wouldn’t use up excess time.

“Feles, do you like it here?”


“Then, shall we set up a tent here?”

He set up the tent after eating and surrounded it in a spatial wall, then he teleported to the deepest part of the mountain as planned.

It was hard to walk on top of the summit because it was covered in ice and snow.

He had changed into some snow shoes, but he hadn’t climbed a snowy mountain in a long time so it was tiresome.

But this was also practice and training.

And, it wasn’t good to make things too easy just because Feles had never experienced something like this before.

Luckily, Feles was alright in the cold.

However, Feles was puzzled by the snow every time he sunk in. Even so, he had fun and jumped around in the snow.

At first, Shiu had used magic and he was relieved when Feles fell lightly onto the snow.

Shiu would have teleported to him at once if something happened, but he had granted safety measures onto Feles’ scarf just to be safe.

“Ah, found it.”

There was a mushroom that only grew when the mountain was covered in ice and snow. It was a precious material, which looked really gross with its white bubbly spots. It was called a ‘white grain mushroom’ and it was also used for advanced aesthetic.

It could only be harvested at this time, so it was valuable and expensive.

There were other plants that could only be harvested at this time like ‘one winter grasses’. These were materials for master medicine, a higher grade medicine than advanced medicine. The main component was to heal, and it was said that it was powerful enough to revive someone from the dead. Conversely, it was too strong in large doses, so one had to be careful how they used it. If someone were to eat it raw, then it could cause a mana discharge.

It is often said that drugs could be both poison and medicine.

Shiu, himself, didn’t need the medicine, but he worried that something would happen to the people around him, including Feles, so he harvested what he could harvest.

One winter grass was mysterious and only grew under the snow at the coldest time of the year.

It was called a miracle grass because if one went to find it in the same place any other time then they wouldn’t even find the root.

Shiu was able to freely harvest as much as he wanted because a lot of them grew on top of Royer Mountain.

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