Chapter 060: Dragon-kin

Galgrecia gave Shiu a nasty look when he served him salad.

Still, he didn’t leave anything on his plate.

Shiu thought afterwards that this was probably their etiquette.

He thought that meat would be alright for the main dish and said, “I wonder which is good, Flying Rabbit meat, Stone Boar meat, or Three-Eyed Bear meat? Oh, I have Water Dragon meat too.” Then, Galgrecia stood up from his chair.

“You have Water Dragon meat?”


It might have been crude to say that to someone from the dragon-kin. Shiu apologized and Galgrecia sat back down onto the chair.

“Did you hunt the Water Dragon?”

“Well, it wasn’t me. Ah, mm, they were at the bottom of the lake. They both looked like they died from biting each other’s necks.”

“….. I see.”

Shiu felt like he had to explain himself because of the look Galgrecia was giving him with his emotionless golden eyes.

“In the first place, I came here to collect Herba in the gravel area downstream from here because of a request.”

He glanced at Galgrecia and he was nodding. He looked a little arrogant with his arms crossed, but he didn’t look like he was acting high and mighty, so he was probably a virtuous (?) person. A mysterious person.

“I wasn’t asked to investigation, but if I didn’t then the ecosystem would be ruined by the abnormality. So I came upstream to investigate.”

“You came here to investigate even though you weren’t requested to?”

“Ah, yes. And then, I saw that a lot of slimes had breed here.”

“….. I see. Slimes, huh.”

“After I defeated them, I thought that the cause for them to multiply and the reason for the abnormality in Herba was the same.”

“You dove into the lake?”

“Mmm, yes I did.”

Technically he didn’t dive, but the results were the same.

He left some parts out and continued, “There were about 10 Water Dragon remains at the bottom of the lake, and I thought that it wouldn’t be good if the area filled with mana, so I moved it.”

It wasn’t like he could completely understand Galgrecia, but he spoke as if he could tell how he was feeling.

Galgrecia smiled wryly, the muscles around his cheeks only moved faintly and he replied softly, “No, I’m not angry. I just needed to know why.”

Shiu tilted his head in confusion and Galgrecia sat down and told him the reason in detail.

Lately, the dragons have been weird and even the dragon-kin were conducting 『Investigations on Dragons』.

“Probably, from how their acting, their breeding season has come again after hundreds of years.”

“Breeding season?”

“Even the Water Dragons, who are considered gentle, fought to the death. Getting involved in the fight would cause a great disaster. It’s finally started.”

“…… Mm, so it’s not alright for you to eat the same species as yourself?”

Galgrecia glared at him.

“We’re not the same. We’re different from wyverns and dragons [1]Author uses Spanish word for this should I do the same? Cuelebra. We are certainly dragons, but we have the same lineage as the highest ranked dragon. Don’t put me on the same level as those lower ranked dragons.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

It seemed like a difficult matter.

He must have been able to convey how sorry he was because Galgrecia changed the topic.

“Anyway, do you use strange magic?”

“…… It’s Shiu.”

“Uh-yeah, is that so? So your name’s Shiu. You can use strange magic on top of appraisal magic, so you’re not some reincarnation of a great magician.”

“What is a great magician? And you’re being very rude, calling my magic strange.”

Galgrecia had looked at the gazebo when he’d said that, so Shiu got a little angry.

For some reason, Galgrecia was looking at Shiu like how he looked at Aurea.

“There was a really amazing magician a long time ago. But, I guess―――.”

His eyes softened.

“Not. You seem different from a legend.”

“Did you appraise me?”

“No. I don’t have appraisal magic.”

“Eh, but your status was hidden, wasn’t it?”

“…… It’s a kind of magic we have. I also want to ask you something. How are you still okay after facing intimidation?”


“It’s my tribe’s magic trait. We are able to stop our opponents with intimidation. I was using intimidation and rejection before. Normally, you would have fainted and become unable to move, even strong people run away from it.”

Shiu tilted his head.

He didn’t feel anything like that.

He did think that Galgrecia was scary but he didn’t know if it was because of his face or attitude.

“But, you didn’t do anything like that……”

“Really? You are, no, Shiu you have a very mysterious power.”

“Well, I don’t know about that. Well, like appraisal magic and stuff.”

For some reason, Shiu felt like it was alright to talk to him about it.

He felt a strange feeling deep inside his heart.

“Spatial magic, production magic and I can also use each of the basic attributes. Ah, I also have gifts ―――.”

“Wait! Don’t say it, you don’t have to say it.”

“…… Erm.”

“You’re not supposed to say it!” Galgrecia got angry.

Afterwards, he was quietly but firmly scolded.

It seemed that exposing your abilities was against their mannerism.

The only time you could is during a fight ―――not including fist fights―――or when you lose, or when you’re courting someone.

“Even the chief doesn’t know everyone’s abilities!” Galgrecia said.

Different tribes thought differently.

Shiu apologised at the end.

By the way, Galgrecia was extremely happy about the Water Dragon meat.

Even people from the dragon-kin couldn’t eat dragon meat that often.

Shiu told him that he would split some up for him, but he said he would have trouble bringing it back.

So, Shiu said he’d lend him a magic bag.

“……. That’s,” followed by silence. Galgrecia thought for a long time.

Shiu added, “…… I think it’s a good idea to feed Aul fresh vegetables.”

“Uoah, mm……”

He was still thinking so…

“It’s normal for friends to lend things to each other. Mm, for humans that is.”

“…… Mm.”

“I don’t know the circumstances between you and Aul, but you’re raising her carefully aren’t you?”

It was strange for someone from the dragon-kin to raise a child from a tribe that withdrew themselves in the forest. He tried to touch on the subject, but he shouldn’t have and was stared at.

However, Galgrecia immediately sighed and agreed, “…… Alright. However, but I can’t return it.”

“Well, I can give it to you if you want.”

He was stared at once again, so he panicked and added, “You probably don’t want to take it.”

He thought and then suddenly thought of an idea.

“Please let me touch your horns!”

“….. What did you say?”

Galgrecia had light brown skin, golden brown eyes and brown hair with bits of gold in them. He had long hair which he tied up at the back of his head in a ponytail.

You couldn’t see his horns.

However, Shiu knew that he had horns from a book. It was retrograded, but he had something sticking out from above his ears. Shiu was interested in the horns.

“Ah, I can’t? Then, the tail’s also good.”

“…… My tail, you say.”

Ah, he might be a little angry. Shiu retreated a little.

“…… I don’t have anything that I can exchange for the bag. And you, Shiu lack common sense. If so, then well, I guess I can forgive you.”

“If you don’t want me to……”

“I don’t mind. The remains of my horns are here. You can touch it.”

It seemed that he could touch it. Galgrecia squatted down, moved his bangs out of the way and put Shiu’s hands where the horns were.

He could feel it sticking out of Galgrecia’s head when he felt around that area.

“Wow. It’s amazing.”

“…… Hm, you’re a strange one after all.”

“Am I?”

“And don’t call it a tail again. We call it a dragon’s tail,” he said somewhat proudly and Shiu wanted to smile. Shiu thought he was somewhat cute.

He was a big man with a stern face, his sight was sharp, he had a scar that looked like a tear under his left eye and he seemed like he had no facial muscles.

He was a big man who Shiu just couldn’t come to hate.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM


1 Author uses Spanish word for this should I do the same? Cuelebra