Chapter 061: The Dragon’s Big Breeding Season is a Disaster

He had magic bags stored in his spatial storage.

He also had trial products in there and had a lot of stock, so he took out a simple leather bag out from his storage for Galgrecia.

He put raw Water Dragon meat, raw vegetables he’d bought from the Royal Capital, tofu and bean dishes, and cooked rice into the magic bag. He also took this opportunity to put his leftover raw and smoked Three-Eyed Bear meat into the bag.

“I don’t need that much food.”

“But, you said that you’re still continuing on your journey, didn’t you?”


“I’ll also put Aul’s favourite fruits in.”

“…… Yay.”

Aurea didn’t think she could eat fruits during this season and was extremely pleased. Vegetarians were limited in the food they could eat, so she was probably happy because of that.

“The soup and juice is made from vegetables that grow within this area. Eat it too, Gal.”

“…… Yeah.”

“I put meat and fish in the other dishes. I didn’t use any meat in the  soup broth for the soup. Don’t worry, Aul.”


She laughed.

Aurea was like an imaginary angel with her white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair was long and not tied up. It was flowing in the wind like a golden thread.

“Aul, likes, Shiiiu.”

“Thanks, I like you too Aul.”

She’s so cute. He patted her head like he did with Feles, who was in her arms.

Luckily for him, it was alright for high elves to have their heads patted.

He had to get his teachers to teach him about the various tribes in this world.

He couldn’t mess up again.

They weren’t mentioned in the books he had, so he could only ask his teachers. Or.

“Shiu, you don’t study at Seeker?”

That was the magic academy in Latrisha. They were said to have books that didn’t exist anywhere else.

“I was told that I had to get a recommendation or be the top student of a magic academy to get into Seeker Magic Academy. Why do you ask?”

“…… I thought you would be studying there.”

“I am trying to get into there.”

“I see.”

“I want to read their books.”

“…… So your aim is the books? I thought you were aiming to be a great magician.”

Everything thought that. Shiu smiled wryly and shook his head.

“I don’t want to be great or anything. I want to live a steady, modest and quiet life.”

“…… Isn’t that difficult?”

“It might be. Anyway, I want to learn about different things from books. And I want to visit a lot of places. Unlike Gal, I can say this because I don’t have a job that’s like a job.”

“You’re a strange child. But, it seems like something you would say…… Shiu, we’ll probably meet again.”

It wasn’t a verse that was like a greeting.

There was a solemn echo coming from somewhere.

Then, Shiu thought the same thing.

Galgrecia and Aurea. I’ll probably meet then again somewhere.

“Yes, let’s meet again.”

“Shiiu, bye bye.”

She waved her cute little hands.

It seemed like she understood that it was time for them to part.

Shiu passed the magic bag stuffed with items to Galgrecia and asked, “How did you know that something happened around here?”

“The Wyverns were talking about it.”

“…… You understand what they say,” he couldn’t help but muttered.

Galgrecia looked somewhat bitter while saying, “It’s hard to listen to them talk because they blabber too much.”

It seemed hard to talk to them.

“They were being noisy at the fact that they couldn’t approach Royer Mountain for a while now. I’d thought it was a turf war amongst high-ranking dragons.”

This meant that the big breeding season might cause a big disaster.

“I’m also worried about some other places too. I was going to go back to the dragon-kin village after I investigated each place.”

I’ll like to visit there one day, Shiu thought but didn’t say aloud.

Instead he said, “Be careful. I’m also worried about something so I’m going to go check it out.”

“Don’t push yourself.”

“I won’t. I’ll do something that only I can do.”

“…… Okay. Do that.”

Galgrecia consented so Shiu used communication magic in front of him.

「Can you hear me? Now you can tell me if something happens! 」

It was great for Shiu to see Galgrecia with his eyes wide opened. He was sure that was his best surprise face.

Shiu laughed for some reason every time he recalled it.



He had a chance encounter with new friends, spent a long time at lunch and stopped harvesting herbs in the afternoon.

He’d already collected the amount he wanted and was currently immersed in his memories.

Feles must have been thinking the same thing because he wasn’t loitering around. He was looking at Lake Cordis.

The colour of the lake resembled Aurea’s eyes.




Late at night, Shiu and Feles teleported back to the outside of the Royal Capital.

He was warned by the gatekeeper to come back earlier when he went through the central gate and he apologised before rushing home.

Emina wasn’t there and old man Stan was drinking alone while looking at the moon. Shiu put Feles to sleep first before joining Stan.

He wanted to talk about Galgrecia.

Old man Stan should know about his abilities and it was easier to talk to him about this.

“The big breeding season? That’s bad.”

“Is it that bad?”

“Yeah. That dragon-kin probably said it as well, but they can cause a great disaster.”

“…… Really?”

“Some people say it’s worse than war.”

There was a reason why war was detestable.

“You can’t choose the time and place.”

“Strategically, it’s a problem.”

“We can’t predict what would happen. It’s even worse than a weather disaster.”

It was a big problem because they couldn’t predict where it would happen and what they should do to defend themselves against it.

“Even if that’s the case, it’s impossible to say.”

That’s right.

He couldn’t tell the guild where the information came from.

Shiu become more troubled as they talked.

“Anyway, you can’t predict what would happen, so they can’t do anything about it even if you tell them.”

“…… I can’t even spread it as a rumour?”

“Hmm. I guess so. Well, it might be different if people know about it rather than know nothing at all.”

Even though old man Stan was worried, he told Shiu he’ll spread it as a rumour for him.

Shiu was really thankful because it was probably difficult for him to spread the rumour as a child.

Either way, it was a disaster that they could only come up with a makeshift solution.

It will come to light that they need to take countermeasures.

Even so, if people know that a disaster would come someday then they could prepare for it.

If possible, he wanted the dragons to do it in a place that wouldn’t affect the people nor the environment.

He knew that this was his own selfish opinion, but he still hoped.




He went to the guild early the next morning to submit the Herba.

His reward took a long time to be calculated since he gave a considerably large amount of herbs, which made him a little late to school.

After he got home from school, he spend half the day processing and mixing the herbs he’d harvested for the past 2 days.

He didn’t get around to researching cooking methods for the Water Dragon meat.

He’d harvested more than he expected.

He tried not to think about it, but he’d had a feeling that he harvested more than he needed.

Well, it wasn’t a feeling; he had actually harvested more than he needed.

“…… I would be singled out if I took these to the guild.”

Overskill was good. Getting exposed was scary.

He thought about putting it on auction at the black market, but he put that on hold for now.

He wanted to see the auction once since he heard that magic bags sold for a large amount of money there.

However, he had to investigate it thoroughly first.

At the very least, he had to make sure that they wouldn’t find out that he was a child.

He wrote his schedule down at night.

Feles was getting in his way as usual. This was probably because he was a young beast, but Shiu had a feeling that this habit wouldn’t change even when he became an adult.

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