Chapter 062: Going to the Forest to Study with Friends

Shiu went to the guild a few days later and Chloe spoke to him on behalf of the guild master, “Are you busy with school?”

“Ah, I’m not. I’ve been processing the herbs I harvested.”

“…… You harvested so much Herba already, don’t tell me you harvested more than that?”

He brushed it over by laughing, “Ahaha.”

Chloe smiled wryly and changed the topic.

“Lately, there’s been a strange rumour floating around. They’re saying that the big breeding season for dragons might be here soon.”

“Wow, really?”

Yes! It’s spreading.

Putting on a forced show of this being new knowledge to him, he gave small “hmm”s to what Chloe had to say.

 “I heard that there was an anomaly in Royer Mountain. There was an outbreak of Herba wasn’t there? So, I’m a little worried.”

“It might be related to each other.”

“Yes. So I’ll appreciate it if you refrained from going in that direction.”

“…… Okay. I understand.”

It can’t be helped.

There was something that bothered him.

“Chloe-san, where did you hear this information?”

“Ah, that’s…” Chloe’s face turned a little reddish.

I wonder what she’s going to say, he thought and she drew her face close to his before whispering, “I went with Zafiro, on a… you know, to the tavern and we heard the doctors talking about it.”

“Ah, you guys went on a date,” he said and she glared at him in a charming way.




Reigdole proposed a certain idea on the last day of school for the week.

“Shiu, mm you know, do, you want to go to the forest outside of the Royal Capital tomorrow?”

“What are we doing there?” Shiu had a bad feeling about this and asked with his eyes half-opened.

Reigdole hesitated as he replied in a small voice, “…… We start our real defence and tactic classes next week, right? So, you know, I want to prepare for the class.”

It seemed that the practice side of the compulsory lessons were difficult and Shiu remembered that Reigdole was grimacing today since class was especially difficult for him.

“I finally managed to keep up with magic practice, so, tutor? I wonder if you’d teach me ~, or something like that,” He seemed very timid as he glanced at Shiu while asking this and Shiu took pity on him.

Recently, Reigdole had been studying hard on his own but he seemed like he was on the verge of breaking down.

It might be better for him to take a breather.

“Okay. Then, let’s go tomorrow.”

“…… Okay.”

He seemed disheartened and depressed, but Shiu could tell that he was excited to go.

“You’re so admirable,” he said as he patted Reigdole’s head and Antony laughed as he approached them.”

“What are you two doing? Wow, you guys are really close, aren’t you?”

“Oh! It’s you Tony. I was just asking Shiu to be my tutor.”

“Ah, that’s nice.”

“Isn’t it? I’m just glad that he accepted.”

Shiu’s face stiffened as he listened to them talk.”

“Tony, you have afternoon classes too, don’t you? What was it again?”

However, Shiu started laughing.

“Linguistics and biology. I don’t want to go to them.”

“I have culture. You’re exempt from that aren’t you Tony? Anyway, Shiu, why are you laughing?”

“Ah, sorry.”

Every time someone called out Tony, Shiu was reminded that his friend Gladius had nicknamed his beloved Tonitrus, as Tony.

Antony was looking at Shiu curiously, so he smoothed it over with a laugh.

On that day, Shiu went to the Adrid House with Reigdole.

Vaniru wasn’t home, so he talked to the Butler, Rod about tomorrow’s outing.

Reigdole was still a child, so they may get worried if something happens and above all else, reporting information was important.

Of course, Shiu was also planning to serve as his guard.

Rod had asked them to bring a guard just in case something happened, but Reigdole had stubbornly rejected the idea.

It seemed like he wanted to say, “Then what am I preparing for?”

That part of him was like a narrow-minded child.

Shiu looked at Rod and told him that he would also be the guard.

Rod immediately agreed. Afterwards, he lectured Reigdole for a bit and then it was over.

The reason why he was leaving it to Shiu was because he knew that Shiu had acted as a guard for old man Stan.

Moreover, Shiu was Reigdole’s tutor before, so he did have some understanding of Shiu’s abilities. Shiu had also became close with the guards at Adrid House, so Rod understood that he was confident when it came to defence.

But still, the next morning, Rod constantly bowed his head as he thanked Shiu while handing him Reigdole, who looked very angry.




It was early in the morning, so Reigdole looked sleepy. But he’d regained his energy by the time they’d left the central gate and was in a good mood.

The two rode on the donkey that was provided by the Adrid House.

They would normally ride a horse or beast mount, but Rod had disapproved.

Apparently he’d said, “Children who are not used to riding should definitely not ride something as big as a horse or beast mount.” Reigdole complained a lot about riding on a donkey.

“But, donkeys are cute.”

“They’re cute…… But, donkeys are something girls ride.”

They were small and cute and Shiu petted the donkey he was riding. They were calm and listened to instructions well. They looked cute and had long ears.

And, for some reason Feles didn’t get jealous if he rode a donkey.

If he was to ride another beast mount then Feles would be puffing in anger ――especially recently――. But, when the donkey was taken out his reaction was the same as, “Ah, so it’s that.”

He didn’t know what the criteria was but he was glad that he wasn’t being beaten by Feles’ tail.

“Even if you say girls ride it, we’re still only children.”

Probably. He thought and said, but Reigdole was probably at that age where he wanted to do more than he could handle. Reigdole snorted in reply.

“I’ve already entered the Magic Academy. I’m already a fine man!”

“Aaahh,” Shiu replied unsurely.

Reigdole was at a difficult age.

It was still morning when they arrived at the forest probably because they’d left early in the morning and Reigdole’s stomach growled, indicating that he was hungry.

“It can’t be helped. Well, let’s have a snack, okay.”

“Yay! Shiu’s sandwiches!”

Reigdole’s lunch was probably in his backpack because Rod had prepared it. Having the right equipment prepared was also a part of the lesson.

However, they were only going to the nearby forest, so Reigdole hadn’t brought excess provisions with him, so Shiu took some out instead.”

“That looks delicious. This deep-fried Flying Rabbit is also good! I, really, like this.”

Deep-fried foods were popular with men and children, it was one of the most popular items on Doran’s launch menu.

There was no starch in this kingdom, so there were only a few items that could be put on the menu with wheat.

He seasoned the food and made his own starch from potatoes so that he would have more items to put on the menu and it became popular really fast. People liked the crunchy texture.

Croquette made from breadcrumbs and tempura was also popular.

Of course, kids loved these.

Reigdole had heard about these foods from his father, Vaniru and Shiu, so he went to Doran’s eatery to try it out and has been a big fan of Shiu’s food ever since then.

“How did you come up these recipes? You’re so amazing.”

Reigdole was praising him wholeheartedly and Shiu felt a little bad.

I didn’t come up with these recipes, he thought and widened his every direction search.

He widened the distance more than usual and had now become able to use 《WIDE EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》without much thought.

He was worried about a few things, but they weren’t close to it so he decided to ignore it.

He waited for Reigdole to finish his food and they both got onto the donkeys again.

Shiu cast purification on Reigdole’s hands.

Reigdole had a lot of MP and he did have water magic, so he could probably easily wash his hands himself.

However, they were entering the shallow forest now.

Reigdole didn’t use any magic so he could preserve his MP.

“The real thing begins when we enter the forest.”


He smiled wryly at the excited Reigdole and they both entered the forest.

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