Chapter 063: Earth Attribute Magic

Shiu explained about the medicinal herbs they learnt about during class while the donkey walked, “That is Herba. It’s prohibited to harvest them around these parts because they don’t grow much here.”

“Mm, is it because they won’t grow anymore if we harvest too much?”

“Yes. Also, the white wild grass growing over there, that’s the size of your pinky, has a little poison in it so be careful.”


“Yes. It makes you numb, I guess. You won’t die if you take in too much, but your organs could deteriorate and you would probably become bedridden.”

“You can’t heal it with recovery magic?”

“You can in the early stages. I’ll say this now, injuries and illnesses can be healed if it’s discovered early. But, if advanced injuries and illnesses remains undetected and your body gets used to it, it can’t be healed anymore.”

“So that’s what the teacher meant when they said 『Recovery magic returns things to its normal state』.”

There were a lot of people who thought that recovery magic could heal everything, but that was impossible.

Organs that have broken down cannot be returned to normal.

It might be possible with a medicine with a fake-like, unrealistic name called “turn back time”, but that was just a fabled item.

“The best thing to do is not get sick or injured. Also don’t do dangerous things.”

“…… I don’t want to hear that from an adventurer like Shiu.”

“I know what is dangerous, and if I don’t know then I would study up on it.”


“Yes. I intend to put a lot of effort into not facing dangerous situations.”

Reigdole was looking at him curiously, so Shiu turned to his side.

“You can improve your endurance by walking more than usual, you know? Do calisthenics after a bath. Do exercises that improve strength. You’ll get less injuries if you train your body. And also, eat everything regardless of whether you like or hate it so that your body gets the nutrients it needs. It becomes harder for you to get sick. You can get rid of germs by gargling and washing your hands after you get home. And also, stay away from dangerous places. If you really have to go to those places, then prepare in advance.”

At first, Reigdole looked like, “What the hell is that?” but then his expression soon changed to a serious one.

“I think about which route is best to take and have back-ups routes just in case. It’s not meaningless to think about different patterns. I think that many still isn’t enough. I carefully investigate what I should bring. If you think about how much you can bring, then it’s easier to sort out which items you need and which ones you don’t need. Bring a lot of provisions and a little bit of clothes. What is the most important thing? I ask myself that during those times. What is the most important thing right now?”

Shiu said and stared at Reigdole, who stared back at him and said after thinking a little, “…… What is the most important thing now?”

Shiu answered, “To get Reigdole back home safely.”

“…… Shiu.”

“I’m an adventurer. But, of course, I would still protect you even if I wasn’t.”

Shiu laughed and Reigdole became weak.

Then he glanced worriedly at Feles who was walking next to the donkeys.

Shiu laughed while muttering in a tone that would be heard by Feles and Reigdole, “Feles is almost an adult. If I tell him to run away, then he could get away faster than we can.”

Reigdole nodded quietly and stroked the donkey’s mane.

They got off the donkeys after they got to an opening deep inside the forest.

“Feles, can you look after them for us?”


He could have tied them up, but he decided to leave them as they were just in case something happened.

He wanted Feles to learn how to stand guard and protect something.

“Then, let’s start with defense.”

He put his things down and started explaining.

Reigdole had his uniform on today, but the uniform itself provided defense. High quality clothes weren’t just for show.

Incidentally, Shiu was wearing a thick, white shirt that he’d received from Emina which looked like a girlish tunic, and thick cotton pants. He was dressed plainly. However, he was wearing a vest made from Three-Eyed Bear fur.

“Even so, you’re dressed like a hunter.”

Reigdole shrugged when he saw that Shiu was smiling wryly.

“If you change the fur vest into a robe, it’d still look good.”

“Dressing like that would be more embarrassing for me.”

It was embarrassing because he’d look like a wizard.

Shiu shrugged and continued, “Reig, you have water, earth and wood attribute right?”

Reigdole couldn’t hide his status from his teacher when Shiu was his tutor, so he told him.

He had 55 MP.

In the first place, his MP amount was the reason why Reigdole got into class 1, even though he didn’t have that much knowledge. He knew this, so he was doing his best to raise his academic abilities so that he wouldn’t hold the class back.

“They’re at level 2, right?”

“Yes. I think that’s why I got into class 1, but it’s such a burden now.”

Normal commoners only had level one water attribute; their other attributes would usually only be at level 1 too.

Reigdole had the qualifications to enter magic academy just from having multi magic attributes, and they were all at level 2. Furthermore, he was put in a higher class because he had a lot of MP.

Shiu only had level 1 attributes ―――of course this was a lie――――, but he possessed them all, so he was put in a higher class.

“I think it’s good that they’re both at level 2.”

“I wonder about that. I’m more jealous of you since you’re so good at using your magic.”

“Oh, I can’t use my magic if I don’t use conservation.”

“Jack of all trades and master of none? Ah, you don’t use that saying at times like this. I feel like my vocabulary is dropping……”

“Okay, stop. If you want to get depressed then do that later. Now, let’s start off with using each of your attributes,” Shiu said seriously and Reigdole straightened his back and focused.

He faced the front so that he wouldn’t miss a single word Shiu said.

Shiu began his lesson while feeling warm and comfortable inside at how Reigdole was giving it his all.

They had learned basic things in class, so Shiu made him review that by summoning water and earth. Wood was hard to practice, so he put it off for now. This happened to a lot of other people, and they probably couldn’t use it because of how they thought and the image they had of it.

“For defence, you could use a water shield or earth wall.”

“I wonder if I could do it……”

“You have level 2, so I think you should be able to make a shield to protect yourself.”

Reigdole seemed uneasy, and Shiu continued by explaining that he should solidify his image. If he didn’t have the confidence, then he wouldn’t be able to use something that he should be able to use.

He patiently explained the image to Reigdole.

“When a fire comes flying at you do you want to put it out by wrapping it or do you want to repel it? The shape of your shield would also differ depending on that.”


“If you think that earth wall is hard because it’s big, then you’re going to fail. So why don’t you try crouching?”


“Yes. Like you’re hiding behind a small wall.”

“Ooh! I can probably do that.”

Reigdole tried various things and became able to use it in no time.

“Also, the great thing about earth magic is that you could easily dig holes.”

“Dig holes?”

“You can stop the enemy’s movements. It’s an amazing technique.”

“Eh, really?”

Shiu nodded and continued, “If you get attacked by a Stone Boar, then you could stop it by digging a hole so that it falls in it. You can dig the hole just before you encounter the boar, or prepare it in advanced. It would be hard for them to advance if they know there’s a hole there.”

“Oh, that’s what you meant.”

“This is useful for strategy and tactics.”

“I see!”

“Earth magic is really easy to use, so you should think about different ways to use it. It’s also important to collect information about the past. It’s definitely better to know things than not to know them.”

“In order to survive?”


Reigdole was really excited, probably because they were in the middle of the forest.

He could probably feel the danger around them.

They could hear the cries of a beast from somewhere far away. And the dim scenery which made it difficult for them to see, made it all that more realistic.

“It’s also useful if you learn how to combine water and earth magic.”

“Combine…… But, I wonder if I could do that?”

It must have been hard for him, but Shiu thought that Reigdole’s imagination was the problem.

“Think. What would happen if you mix water and earth together?”

“…… Mud?”

“If there’s mud, then what would happen to the enemy?”

“…… They can’t move, they would be miserable in the mud, mm, that? If there’s a lot of water then they’ll sink in the mud?”

Shiu crouched down and made a pile of mud on his palm. He produced a little bit of water and mixed it with his finger to make a small pile of mud.

Reigdole was a boy and even if he was a wealthy merchant’s son, he had played with mud in the garden before.

That experience is finally useful now.

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