Chapter 064: Wood Attribute Magic

Reigdole began to gradually remember the knack of dealing with water and earth.

Of course, it hadn’t been possible for him to make a mud ball in the first go, but he grasped the image in his mind.

Next, they talked about water attribute magic.

“I’ve read this in a book before, but wood magic is too versatile, thus making it impossible for people to think of what to do with it.”

“Oh, me too. Also, I’ll need level 4 wood magic if I want to make things grow.”

“I wonder what you can do with level 2. Ah, you can extract.”

“Extract? Extract what?”

There were maple trees around Agata village, where Shiu grew up, so he also extracted maple from them. However, he hadn’t been good at magic back then so he did it manually.

“Like sap, oh you can extract moisture too.”

“… Moisture, you say? Oh right, then I’ll be able to make it wither, right?”

“Ah! That sounds great.”

Since Shiu had level 5 wood magic he could use a lot of advanced magic, so he didn’t really think about what level 2 magic could do.

It would have been a lot more useful if he had noticed this when he was living as the woodcutter’s son.

“But, I don’t know what it could be used for if I wither it.”

“Dry wood could be used as firewood to warm yourself. And also, you’ll never know if you don’t try it. It might be useful.”

“Uh huh?”

They decided to experiment.

They cut off the branches of a nearby tree and Riegdole extracted the moisture from it.

Then, he returned the moisture a little bit at a time with water magic.

“Ah, it’s back to normal!”


The two felt as if they’d made a breakthrough and laughed.

“Hey, why don’t we try different things?”

“Oh, let’s do it. Like what would happen if time passed and how big can we make it.”

The two joyfully started their experiment.

They experimented with thorns in the meantime while they waited for their time experiment.

At any rate, it was really convenient to have a lot of MP. Reigdole still had MP to use even though he’s used it a lot already.

Shiu knew this from appraisal, but he had also lent Reigdole the MP measuring instrument, so Reigdole also knew how much MP he had left.

“This is really useful. Father seemed really disappointed when he told me that there was business opportunities in magic tools and not just food.”

“Oh, well yeah.”

“The Garn House is monopolising it right now, isn’t that right?”

“Yeah. It’s going to be on a grand scale, so it would be impossible to distribute it around the tool shops.”

A merchant named Citroe Garn immediately obtained the license and began making the tools after he’d patented it.

Shiu found out later that Garn was an acquaintance of old man Stan, but he didn’t mention anything when they began trading.

After the prototype was done, the first product was delivered to the guild.

People probably bought it as well, but it was still an expensive magic tool even though it had been bestowed with a magic conservation formula. Therefore, it seemed that people mostly borrowed it from the guild.

Shiu lent Reigdole a prototype.

“Oh, father also got angry. He said that the patent fees are too cheap.”


“It’s a shame because you could make a fortune from this! Or something like that.”

“Mmm, well it’s kind of uncouth to take money for something useful.”

“It’s because you’re like this Shiu.”

“I can get money in other places.”

“Oh, that’s so nice.”

“There’s seems to be a lot of people who have money they don’t need.”

Shiu laughed and Reigdole laughed too.

Reigdole was the son of a wealthy merchant, but he unexpectedly knew things about commoners as well. He also knew how to manage things.

Do parents properly teach their children about money if they’re buying them a lot of expensive robes?

“It would be best if bad nobles and merchants got arrested.”

“What are you? Some kind of Robin Hood?”


“Ah, no, look, the thorns on these vines are amazing.”

Shiu forcibly changed the topic.

As a result of the experiment, they found out that Reigdole could move the vines freely.

For example, he could take the vines with the roots and extend it freely. It seemed like he could plant it as well, but they didn’t have time today so they decided to do it later.

They continued the experiments in the afternoon while studying magic.

They found out that they could return the tree back to normal even if they extracted the moisture for half a day.

It gradually started cracking after half a day. The rest was unclear since they didn’t confirm it until the end, but it would probably be completely dead in a day’s time.

This was useful for making transporting wood easier.

This was useful for woodcutting, but it would be necessary to clear out the forest if there was a huge disaster and this would allow them to recycle the cut-down trees.

“I think this would be enough for your research theme Reig.”

“Ah, you’re right. Awesome.”

What would happen if they took it from the roots? Couldn’t we return it to it’s normal state even if time passed? There was a lot of things for Shiu to think about. He needed to repeat the experiments over and over again, but it was worth it.

“…… Honestly, I only have strange attribute magic. I thought that they were pointless. But it’s not pointless, is it? I’m so glad we did this today. Thanks, Shiu.”

“You too. The experiments were fun.”

It was fun to come up with ideas together.

They also discovered a new idea too.

He thought that it was a good thing to interact with those of the same age and enjoy his student life.




Reigdole began learning more about magic and repeating his experiments over and over from the next day on.

He immediately talked to the teacher about his research theme and constantly consulted with Shiu and showed him the experiment results over the course of the year.

He was going to test using the vines for defence in the next class and he was praised by the defence teacher, Adante. The teacher also had earth magic and he didn’t make fun of Reigdole’s poor attempt at an earth wall, instead, he happily taught him how to make one.

Yes, there was a teacher that said that Reigdole had no ability and they spoke ill of him.

It was a teacher named Cherubil Bachem, he also had a rank as a knight. It was rare for someone who was a knight to teach, but apparently they did so in rotation, but it seemed that they hated teaching.

He was in charge of tactics class and his attitude was also one of the reasons why Reigdole wanted to prepare for class.

“You can’t win with such a weak posture!”

At first, he’d just spoken about it, but he became more passionate and sterner as the practice lessons continued.

“You’re too slack! Is that what you call tactics?!”

He made them get into teams and fight without giving a satisfactory explanation.

Moreover, the students were the ones fighting each other.

If someone were to say, “It’s dangerous because we haven’t completely covered defence,” then he would reply with, “Then, what are you taking this class for?” Finally he rebuked, “You’re not taking this class seriously.”

If this affected everyone then they might be able to change the teacher by working as one.

However, the man called Cherubil was also ‘weak’ against nobles and high-ranking nobles.

Therefore, when the teams were divided, he would make a group full of high-ranking nobles, tell them to sit down and watch the outcome of the battles.

His excuse was wonderful.

“You don’t appear in the frontlines. You’re to be leaders, so you would be commanding the soldiers.”

Alestro and Alice looked bewildered, but the second son of a Marquis, Algeo Dorfgalen sat down as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Martina, Cora, Christoph and Vicktor were on the combat team, but they were all put into the same group, probably because they were nobles. They were called the ‘human’ team by Cherubil.

The ‘adventurer’ team was a gathering of only children from wealthy merchant families like Reigdole and Antony.

The rest of the people who were commoners, in other words Shiu and the others, were the ‘monster’ team.

Everyone was told that they were too slack and lacked posture while they were loitering with their suitable weapons.

Incidentally, this was the first time Shiu spoke to Leon and Vivi, who were also on the monster team.

“Nice to meet you,” he had greeted, but received cold scorn from Leon and Vivi just stared at him as if she was puzzled.

In short, they didn’t talk each other.

Thus, they weren’t able to cooperate with each other and their team was crushed.

Well, it was only water pistols, but they ran away desperately when people with fire attribute started blasting fire at them.

Vivi quickly cast water magic on herself while Shiu and the others were constantly running away.

“Alright, they’re subjugated. You did well.”


Isn’t this bullying?

Shiu tilted his head and thought, I’m glad I didn’t bring Feles with me.

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