Chapter 066: Rebel against the Teachers

Thus, the principal ordered his secretary to take an irritated Cherubil along with them.

Then, he bowed his head at Leon, who was now standing alone in the middle.

The nearby student raised their voice in surprise, but the principal didn’t mind and said words of gratitude, “Royal Loire Magic Academy states that all are equal regardless whether they are noble or commoner. I sincerely apologise for the inappropriate attitude of a teacher, who should have been an example for you all.”

“…… I don’t really care.”

“However, this year is your coming of age, even if you are a student. I want you to act a little wiser.”

“So you’re saying I’m in the wrong?”

“That was not what I was saying. I just want you to act more like a grownup.”

“…… Even if I’m called a Canis Aureus? No, you won’t believe me anyway, would you? You’re a noble too.”

“No, I believe you. I’m putting Cherubil under suspension because I know that happened. I plan to deal with him after I’ve checked with the school rules.”

“…… You knew what happened?” Leon looked at the principal with scepticism, then he looked at Shiu as if he suddenly realised something.

He probably remembered that Shiu had given the principal a letter before.

The principle smiled wryly and nodded, “I can’t explain it in detail. It’s better that way, isn’t it Shiu Aquila?”

“Ah, yes. I don’t like troublesome things.”

“I heard it from the Guild Master; that you like confidentiality. Well, I’m grateful that you solved a problem in the academy. We’ve wanted to punish him for a long time, but we just couldn’t get any evidence. This is great.”

“I don’t think the person I used to get evidence would be able to deal with it, so um…… Please make sure he doesn’t receive any negative repercussions?” Shiu reminded him and the principal nodded as if he was reflecting upon his sour face.

“Leon, of course, I would protect you. I didn’t just use you for evidence. Please believe that.”

After affirming that to Leon, who was frowning, the principal faced Class One, who were still flabbergasted, and said, “Class is over. Although it’s still the middle of class, we’ll put you down for attendance, so don’t worry. Your next strategy class may be cancelled, so please check the bulletin board. The details will be explained to you by your homeroom teacher,  umm…who was it? Ah, Matt, right? Matt will explain everything to you. Now then, you’re free until your next class. You may leave.” He declared and quickly ran away from the area.

Reigdole and the others approached Shiu when he relaxed and started walking.

Classmates, who were relatively on good terms with him, also approached him, but Leon caught up with him before the others.

“Hey,” Leon grabbed his shoulders and when he turned back Reigdole was beside him.

“Leon, don’t be so rough. Shiu’s really small.”

What do you mean by really small, he smiled wryly and turned back to face Leon.

“What was that? Explain it!”

“I ~ sa~id, don’t be rough! Shiu’s staggering, isn’t he?”

Well, yeah, I did move because he was forcibly grabbing my shoulders.

Just what kind of protégé am I to Reig?

“You were talking like you’re really important. You hate nobles, don’t you? But, you were acting like a noble right now.”


“We also want to ask him things you know. You could just ask him normally, can’t you?” Alestro’s quiet voice snuck into their conversation.

“Me too. Won’t you tell us? How were you able to get that Cherubil suspended?”

Most of the students had left the colosseum, and Shiu explained things to his friends and Leon.

“I always thought that Cherubil said amusing things, so I automatically recorded his remarks.”

“…… Do you have a note-taking skill?”

“Ah, nope. I don’t have such a high levelled skill. Mm, it’s compound magic. So, it’s like a lower ranked note-taking skill. I can’t use it if the target isn’t in my range. Thus, I stayed close to the two of you.”

“Ah, so that’s why you were standing in the middle the whole time Shiu. You told everyone to get away and stayed in a dangerous place by yourself, so I thought you were going to attack him or something.”

“Hahaha,” Reigdole laughed.

“And? Even if that was what the letter was about, the principal wouldn’t come flying here just because of that.”

Leon, without smiling, spoke over whatever Reigdole was saying and interrupted him while talking fast, “It didn’t seem like you’d called him beforehand.”

Alestro folded his arms and nodded in agreement.

“Ah, that’s also a low levelled communication spell. I delivered the correspondence directly to the principal’s ears.”

Shiu shrugged and continued, “But it’s not really courteous to do so, thus you might get rebuked for it.”


Shiu said to Reigdole who didn’t seem to understand, “People would get confused and worried if they received a one-sided message, won’t they? It’s different from someone who has a communication tool.”

“…… Really? I guess?”

“Yeah…… But, you know, Cherubil’s attitude was really foolish today. I had a bad feeling about him, so I thought I should contact the principal as fast as possible. Sorry for going too far, Leon,” he said and Leon took a few steps back in dismay.

“No, I’m…”

“I’m not the principal, but I used you.”


“He showed signs of bullying students before, so I thought about collecting evidence if it popped up again.”

He also learnt the note-taking magic for that moment.

“I honestly thought he was going to have a go at me.”

“Ah, he thinks of Shiu as his enemy, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah. But Leon stirred him up.”

He glanced at Leon to remind him of this, and Leon seemed aware of his actions because the corners of his eyes started to get red.

“He picks a lot of fights with commoners for no reason. I’ve thought of a lot of ways to defend myself.

“…… Do you also get picked on?”

“Of course. I’m just going to tell you this but some people scorn us just for being the child of a merchant, you know? Don’t think you’re the only one getting bullied,” Reigdole piped in and Leon snorted in reply and turned to look only at Shiu.

“…… You helped me. At any rate, thanks.”

He looked at Shiu meaningfully and then glanced at Reigdole before leaving.

“What’s with him? He’s putting on airs, isn’t he?”

“Now, now. You should have read the mood.”

“Huh? Me? I don’t think you’re saying that to Alestro!”

“…… Me? Being unable to read the mood? Viktor, what do you think?”

“Ah, nope, I wonder?”

Their interaction was so funny that Shiu couldn’t help but laugh.

Reigdole also laughed along with him and Alestro and Viktor smiled.

Antony was also worried about them and Alice and the others were waiting for them outside of the arena. They all went back to the classroom together.

Incidentally, in the future, more students wanted to learn the low level note-taking skill and came up to Shiu one after the one.

However, no one could compound 4 attributes all at once since the skill required, wind, metal, earth and unattributed magic. There were people who didn’t have those attributes, but it was just too difficult even when he simplified it down to 3 attributes.

Therefore, he tried to make a magic tool for it and succeeded, thus he went to the Merchant Guild to patent it.

By the way, Shiu called this tool 《Dictaphone》.




Cherubil Bachem was ordered to relocate at the end of his suspension.

The person himself wanted to retire and he didn’t choose to transfer back to being a knight, but he had to follow orders.

He was assigned to the senior combatant department. He wasn’t a teacher but the teacher’s assistant.

Shiu heard that he played the ‘role of the villain’.

It didn’t come as a surprise to him that Reigdole looked extremely happy when he talked about it.

“That guy, people are probably saying to him, 『Die! You peafowl!』Definitely.”


Alice looked troubled as she listened to him, and Reigdole didn’t hide his feelings towards her for once.

“But you know, he called Shiu a goblin.”

“Yeah! He’s nasty.”

Even Antony agreed.

And Martina, who was standing next to Alice, ended the conversation, “Isn’t it good that he learnt to treat others the way you want to be treated?”

She summarised various things in a sentence with a cold look on her face.

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