Chapter 067: Making Clothes

The month changed into the first day of Thaw.

Shiu would normally go to the guild to take on a request after school finished, but today he was working in his house.

He had so much to do, and he decided to leave his guild work on hold for now after consulting with Chloe.

Either way, Shiu was still a minor, and he was promoted to rank 10 as a special case, so he couldn’t raise his rank easily. That’s why she told him that it was fine to take it easy.

He was also a student, so it wasn’t necessary for him to do requests if he wasn’t troubled over his living costs.

Recently, there had been rumours going around that a trainee guild member could become an official member if they steadily worked on rank 10 requests; and he heard that children have been taking a lot of requests at the nearest West Central District.

The person in charge of processing taught them how to greet and do their jobs before sending them on their way.

The people working in processing had decreased, so they both wished to nurture the children.

So now, Shiu was currently making a down-vest.

Because it was now Thaw, the weather wasn’t severely cold.

Even so, the cold days continued, so he decided to make something that was warm and easy to wear.

He actually had a fur vest, but Reigdole said he looked like a hunter while looking disappointed, and the adventurers laughed at him and said, “Where’s this bumpkin adventurer from?” So he decided to use it only for winter mountain climbing and so he let it rot in his spatial storage instead of the dresser.

He had free choice in the material for his new vest. He had collected a lot of things from his previous trip to Royer Mountain.

Shiu chose cotton because he liked the feel of it. Luckily, he had found some Baumwolle in the alpine of the mountain and harvested the desirable amount. It was fun to spin yarn from it while he was reading at night. However, it was finished in no time because he had level 5 production magic, and his favourite pastime at night soon disappeared.

Anyway, he continued to do his side job by dying the yarn and making cloth from it; finally he could start making clothes with it.

He packed the insides with feathers from a water bird, Avis Aquatica, which lived at Lake Cordis.

He had collected them because the mana in their body had gone crazy and many of them had died; probably because of the water dragons. Luckily for Shiu, not much time had passed since they had died, so they hadn’t rotted yet.

Incidentally, according to a book, the body was soft and delicious. He had placed it in his spatial storage after portioning it.

The same book had stated that Avis Aquatica wings were a high-class product, so he thought he would use it in his down-vest.

Even if he had called it a down-vest, it was designed according to the fashion in the Royal Capital.

There were a lot of fake down[1]feathers clothes in his old world, so even old people had it, thus Shiu had clothes made from down as well. They were unexpectedly easy to wear, and it made one look as if they were still young. Clothes made out of denim were also firm, so he liked to wear them.

However, if he were to wear those designs then he would be called, 『eccentric』before getting called a hunter or bumpkin.

This wasn’t limited to Steigbahn; the clothes of this world were designed like the clothes in the mediaeval times. There were parts of the clothes that looked like it belonged in a fantasy world, but they mostly belonged to adventurers; and Shiu thought that these clothes had been spread by reincarnators.

Therefore, he was making a little old-style mediaeval vest.

He also didn’t forget to quilt the feathers in so that they wouldn’t fall out. He did this on the inside so that people wouldn’t be able to tell that it had been quilted from the outside. He also put cotton on the inside because he liked how it felt on his skin.

Stand-up collars were main stream here, so he made his vest have a stand-up collar. He also attached a hood to it.

He made it his favourite colour, khaki green. I wonder if it could also be called grass green. It looked calm since it was winter.

He also made pockets on the outside and inside of the vest.

“It turned out surprisingly good?”

The elites would probably think that this was a strange vest if they saw it, but it was probably within the ‘normal’ commoner range.

Commoners usually wore a shirt and slacks, and a stand-up collar jacket that looked like a robed coat. A lot of people who only wore vests inside.

Women wore blouses rather than shirts and skirts. Young women liked to wear dresses.

They also wore tunics; Shiu had received many tunics from Emina.

They rarely tailored new clothes and most people just bought second-hand clothes. In the countryside, they mostly bought cheap cloth and made their own clothes.

Shiu grew up in the countryside so he sewed a lot and was good at it.

Therefore, he has always made his own clothes instead of buying second-hand clothes.

He also made several robes.

He had several robes without hoods because it was against school regulations, but he made some with hoods from the extra Grande Alane cloth. He used this at home because it wasn’t made by a specific tailor.

Since he was already at it, he hemmed it and added a motif embroidery of Feles. Emina liked it quite a lot, but Reigdole, who had come over, said in shock, “…… I’m not a girl.” Apparently cat embroideries were distasteful. Even though he had put it on the front close to the hem, so it would only be noticed by people who were observant.

He also made scarves for Feles which he thought would match him.

I wonder what I should do today, he thought and suddenly came up with an idea, should I make clothes for cats?

“He has long hair, so he shouldn’t get cold. I don’t have to use down for his clothes.”

Shiu’s down-vest only looked like a vest to the eye. It was thick, so it should look padded and warm on the inside.

I should try making one for Feles too, he thought and measured Feles’ size.

“Ah, you got bigger again? If I don’t think a little more before I make it then you’ll only be able to wear it for this season.”

I’ll probably fix it later anyway, he thought and made it only a little bit bigger.

He also attached a hood to it.

He also put pockets even though Feles probably wouldn’t be putting anything into them.

This made Feles happy since he was getting the same thing as Shiu.


Cats normally hated to wear clothes, but Feles was brimming with curiosity and usually did as Shiu told him to.

“We match.”


Feles was so happy that his tail started wagging vigorously.

They both looked questioningly at each other as he put Feles paws through the sleeves and Feles cried out in satisfaction after he finished getting dressed.

“Mya myaa!”

Feles wanted to go out and show someone, so Shiu got changed out of his home clothes and into his outing clothes; he also put on his down-vest before going outside.

First, Emina complimented them, “It’s not old-fashion, it looks rather warm and lovely.”

She also squealed happily, “Feles, you’re super cute~! No way, you also attached a hood? Kyaa~.” Of course, Feles was happy about this and primly looked up with pride. It was interesting to see that he was breathing heavily and wagging his tail from left to right even though he looked primed.

Then, they met Aqela in front of Wurst restaurant, she also thought Feles was cute.

“It’s so nice that you got such wonderful clothes made for you,” she had said, so she should probably like Shiu’s clothes as well. Probably.

And since it was evening, he decided to go to Doran’s eatery after a long time of not visiting.

Doran seemed busy, but when Shiu went to the back and told him that Feles was here, he came out and ended up complementing Feles a lot.

But, he tilted his head questioningly at Shiu’s outfit.

He also took this opportunity to have dinner and Doran made it for him. Of course, he made sure to pay for his food.

He passed Chloe and Zafiro on his way home. Apparently, they were going to Doran’s eatery to eat.

“Ooh, matching clothes? So cute! I’m so happy that Feles met such a good owner.”

“Oh, there’s a hat. Eeh, there’s even pockets,” they complimented Feles.

They didn’t really say anything specific about the design.

Shiu wanted to believe that it was fine.

A human and animal walked steadily on and they met the tamer Licola. He was on his way back from work and was with his colleagues.

“Ooh, it’s Feles! Ah, Shiu. Long time no see, huh.”

The person in front rushed towards Feles, he appeared to be a tamer from the beast mount shop.

“Oh, looks like he’s wearing something really cute!”

“Hey, Shiu. Weren’t you hated for this? Feles is really picky.”

One of the colleagues asked so he replied, “He wore it willingly. He was happy that we’re wearing matching clothes.”

“For real? Of course they would get attached if you raise them with affection from a Stone Egg.”

“No, but you know, Feles is like a dog.”

“Yeah, he is. He obeys, or rather he loves Shiu.”

“He’s not like a cat at all.”

They continued saying.

He’d heard that taming Feles was harsh just because cat types were wilful.

“You’re secretly popular among the commoners, aren’t you Feles. You’re so cute and lovable, other people are going to get jealous of Shiu.”

“Oh, yes! Shiu, you have to be careful, alright? There’s a lot of people who snatch other people’s beast mounts.”

Licola stressed this again and he answered obediently, “I will.”

He remained on alert and of course warned Feles about this over and over again.

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1 feathers