Chapter 068: How to Use Slimes

Shiu spent the next afternoon at home.

He’d been thinking of using slimes in experiments to find out its uses for a while now.

He had already decided that he would try different seasonings on the water dragons and smoke it, furthermore he’d already finished storing it.

He’d been told that it was amazing even to eat this much water dragon meat once a year when he treated old man Stan and Emina to a feast.

It had really strong mana, so it felt like they were in taking an excess amount of energy. Dmitr was young, so he was perfectly fine with eating it; he’d even told Shiu that it was delicious, but his stomach ended up getting upset after all.

It might be difficult for the body to process the meat if the person eating it didn’t have much MP; or he wasn’t used to eating high-grade ingredients.

Shiu was raised in the countryside and he ate food that was assumed to be high-class ingredients in the Royal Capital, so his stomach might be used to it.

As a result of appraisal, the slime proved difficult to eat.

A book in the Royal Capital library called, 『Ways to Eat Monsters and Magic Beasts Deliciously』had this written in it, that he couldn’t wait to try.

Incidentally, the author of this book, Orban Rodriguez, was famous for having eaten everything in the world. He wrote many cookbooks in his last years, but most of the recipes were treated as “weird”. Thus, they were placed at the end of the bookshelves as if they were taboo books. The librarian happened to pass by when he was reading the books to copy in his record storage and they asked him curiously, “Are you reading those weird recipes?”

Now then, how should I reuse it?

He had collected them so he wanted to use it for something. He’d taken out the monster core from it, but he wanted the body to be useful for something.

He had thought about using it as a face lotion for woman since it was wobbly, but apparently it didn’t penetrate through the skin since slimes often stored mana and water.

It didn’t stick to the skin, so it wouldn’t get absorbed in.

It was originally transparent.

Storing water and mana.

He thought and was struck with an idea, can’t I make polyethylene with it?

If he could then it was possible that he could use it as a vacuum pack.

Right now he was using 《WRAP》on things, but he might be happy if he could see what was inside. It would make storing food much easier too.

Moreover, the material would be the slime, so it would return to nature eventually.


He suddenly got motivated and repeated his experiments over and over that day.

He would spread the slime every day then add something and stretch something.

He would seclude himself inside his house when he didn’t have school and went as far as shutting himself in for the whole day on Wind and Light Day; and he was so focused on his experiments that old man Stan would peep in on him because he was worried.

He’d accomplished many other things during his experiments, but he finally completed the polyethylene on the evening of Light Day.

He was delighted and Feles also cried out even though he didn’t know why Shiu was happy and Emina appeared.

“This is rare. You rarely raise your voice. And you look dirty.”

Shiu was usually quiet and he dressed neatly even at home because he liked things to be clean. Emina pointed out that he was really dirty because of what he was doing yesterday and today.


“It’s really rare. What’s wrong? Did you finish your experiment?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Here, take this,” he passed her a thin transparent sheet.

“…… What’s this? It’s as transparent as glass, but it’s soft. Huh?! It doesn’t get ripped?”

It was flexible even though it was like a firm cloth. This was why polyethylene was so great.

“It’s also different from the Grande Alane’s shedding membrane?”

“No, no. It’s bad for you to compare this to such a high-grade material.”

“I don’t think that spiders are bad though. Oh yeah, I saw it a long time ago so I can’t be sure. It feels more firm than that.”

“Really? I’ve never touched nor seen the shedding membrane of Grand Alanes.”

‘Then, what is this?’ her face seemed to say, so Shiu told her the secret.

He took a monster from his spatial storage and showed her.

“It’s a slime. I was experimenting to see how I could reuse it―――.”

“Kyaah! Grosss!”

He explained it as he showed it to Emina and she threw away the polyethylene in her hand.

Shiu looked up in surprised and she looked away as if she was embarrassed.

“…… Because, I don’t like slimes.”

It seemed that even Emina had things she disliked. Moreover, she disliked slimes even though they looked so weak.

“I know it doesn’t have any poison or anything. But, it’s kinda disgusting how it just wiggles around.”

“Oh, really? Sorry.”

“…… It’s fine. I’m sorry for throwing it away,” even though she’d said that, she didn’t pick it up. It seemed like she really hated it.

Perhaps, she might hate packs being made from such materials.

Shiu recalled his week of struggles and asked Emina curiously, “…… This isn’t even a slime anymore, it was changed by magic and cleaned, but do you still instinctively feel that it’s dirty?”

“Huh? No, I wonder what it is. I just hate thinking about how wiggly it is.”

He nodded, thought, then answered, “I don’t think it’s filthy.”

Shiu continued questioning her, “The inside and outside is cut off from each other, it’s neither glass nor is it a paper bag. I made it into a material that’s suitable for preservation and storage. In short, I’ll be wrapping food in this.”

“…… Wrapping?”

“Yes. That way it’ll last a lot longer. It also becomes more hygienic. But it’s made from slime. Is this something woman can’t accept?”

“…… Ooh, I wonder, I’m not sure. People who don’t care about that just won’t care. Ah, sorry. But, I don’t want to hear about the materials.”

However, it was a principle in this world to use magic beasts and monsters however you can, so he didn’t think they would avoid it that much.

However, he began to think about various things like, there are things that people just ‘hate’, because of Emina’s remark.



After thinking, Shiu decided to consult with Vaniru.

He made an appointment with Vaniru on Water Day at night through Reigdole.

He was invited to have dinner with them, so he went there while still in his uniform. Uniforms were treated as semi-formal clothes.

Rod greeted him with a smile like usual and the Adrid family was happy to have him for dinner.

This was true for Lady Adrid, but Reigdole’s brother was also bright and a conversationalist. Thanks to that, he was able to smile while conversing with them even though this was their first meeting.

Reigdole was the only one who had a sour look on his face; this was probably because Shiu had answered honestly when he was asked about how Reigdole was doing in school. They also asked about Alice, ――― Shiu only talked about her objectively ―――, but Reigdole’s mother and brother knew that it was his unrequited love and teased him about it.

They changed places after dinner and talked in the drawing room next to Vaniru’s office.

Shiu took out the product he’d made and explained how it worked.

“This is good. We’ve never had such a ground-breaking product like this before.”

Vaniru and Rod were both surprised and they gave it high praise. Shiu was anxious.

“But, it’s made from slimes.”

“What about it? Slimes can be found everywhere. The cost of the materials is incredibly cheap.”

“…… I showed it to a woman and she profoundly refused it. I’m worried about whether it would be a problem if it’s made from slimes.”

“Ah, I see. I’m sure there’s some people who think like that too.”

“However, I think that depends on the individual.”

You don’t have to worry about it that much, Vaniru’s and Rod’s views were the same.

They also talked about what materials were needed to make this. Most of the materials were cheap to buy, just like water.

However, a mineral called ‘variant crystal’ was needed to change the material depending on the magic property and that was a little expensive. However, it would be a lot cheaper to make polyethylene with just magic by mixing together materials that have the property to bind. Since he wanted to eliminate the prerequisite of having to have a magic user.

“You’ll need 10,000 slimes about the size of your pinky finger nail. Mix this with a large amount of water, bamboo starch, a small amount of ground up monster cores, boil in river sand and mix. Reduce the temperature and gradually pour it into a thinly stretched mold. From there all you need to do is roll it from the back. It’s easy since you just have to regulate the temperature as you roll. Even if you fail, you can melt it again.”

“I see. Can’t you make it at once with magic?”

“You can. That way you can cut out the unnecessary materials, it’s fast and easy,” Shiu answered and Vaniru raised an eyebrow.

“Then why?”

“…… We would need a lot of mages. There aren’t many talented people and labour costs would get higher. Then, the expenses would become too high. The method I just told you could easily be made by someone who can’t use magic. I think this method is better for cost-effectiveness. It’s necessary to make the cost of the raw materials as cheap as possible if you use this as a 《vacuum pack》for convenient food storage. Otherwise there’s no point in making this. Therefore, I want to cut out the mage who would cost a lot of money.”

“…… You’re not even aware that you yourself are a mage are you?”

Vaniru smiled wryly and Rod looked at Shiu in surprise.

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