Chapter 070: The Young Master’s Roman Holiday

“No, you can’t, it’s impossible,” everyone whispered those three lines in an uproar. Alestro activated his trap card! Grinning he stated,.

“I got father’s oath.”

“…… This is too thoroughly prepared. It’s funny.”

Reigdole fell onto the table. Antony was dumbfounded and Viktor looked up at the ceiling.

Alice, who joined them earlier, looked jealous, and Martina warned Alice, “Alice-sama, you definitely can’t.”

“…… At any rate, I’m glad Emil isn’t here. If he were here, he would say that it would be outrageous for a young master to stay at a commoner’s house.”

Emil, Alestro’s servant, hasn’t been showing up lately. So Viktor was acting in his place.

“Ah, Emil, huh. He’s having a hard time keeping up with class, so he’s taking supplementary classes. He said that he wanted to quit school and stay by my side as a servant, but father told him he couldn’t.”

“…… If he doesn’t like it that much, then it’s fine for your father to let him do what he wants,” Viktor, who rarely spoke, said. Alestro looked at Viktor with a perplexed look on his face while smiling and replied, “He’s doing his best to continue, isn’t he?”

“…… But.”

“Emil’s just running away. That’s no good. So neither his father nor mine would allow it.”

It seemed they had various things going on.

Even so, he was too prepared and Shiu also smiled wryly.

“Please,” Shiu reluctantly accepted after that because he lowered his head this time.

For now, “Don’t lower your head to a commoner ~! Crap, the nobles over there are glaring at us,” what Reigdole had said was the main reason why he’d accepted.



Shiu had Alestro promise him three things.

According to the written oath, if anything happened to Alestro, then Shiu wouldn’t take responsibility for anything.

Follow Shiu’s instructions until he goes back home.

Behave like normal students outside of school.

That was all.

Alestro had a villa in the upper east district where he stayed on weekdays. On the weekends, he went back to his family home in the noble district and would be protected by an escort at that time.

He had said that he would go there in a carriage this time and that he also wanted to stop at the café on his way.

This was a request from Alestro’s father, who had probably secretly attached an escort to him, because he wanted to act like a normal student and the written oath was just a formality.

Basically, Shiu was responsible for Alestro until he returned to his home.

Even if it was written that Shiu wouldn’t take any responsibility, he was taking care of Alestro during that time, so some responsibility arose from that. He was his friend as well.

Therefore, he had gotten Alestro to promise that he would be discreet about his behaviour and wilfulness.

Shiu didn’t think that Alestro was wilful, but Reigdole and Antony kept annoying him in a low voice to promise this, so it turned out like this.

Viktor also joined in and Reigdole and Antony would be coming as observers.

Alice couldn’t because she was a woman.

Christoph, who was with the girls, looked like he wanted to come but his twin sister Cora pointed out, “It’s not nice for you to go have fun while Alice-sama is putting up with this now is it?”

There was a rank among nobles even if they say they are friends and even if they hadn’t agreed on it, they were basically her followers.

I’m glad I wasn’t born a noble, Shiu thought.



On the next morning of Wind Day, Shiu went to the upper east district to pick up Alestro.

He wondered if Emil would be coming too, but he had supplementary lessons so only Viktor came with them.

Reigdole had reminded Alestro to keep the carriage modest, so he’d prepared a carriage with no decorations on it like the one commoners used.

However, people knew that it was expensive just from looking at it.

“I’ll laugh if you tell me that you use that to go incognito, you know? It stands out too much.” Reigdole whispered in front of the carriage.

He had been with Shiu since morning and came with him to pick up Alestro.

He felt like a supervising teacher.

He’d left Feles at home since he’d be riding in the carriage with them.

Feles seemed unhappy since he’d announced that, and needed a lot of time to improve his mood.

He escaped a crisis because old man Stan had bought a new toy for Feles and played with him a lot more.

He thought about training him once he became an adult but thought it would be extremely difficult when he remembered how hard it was to separate from him.

“Then, young masters, please take care. Aquila-sama, sorry for troubling you and thank you. And to you too young masters.” Alestro’s butler, who worried about him, greeted them politely and the carriage began to move.

The man sitting next to the coach was probably the escort.

He gave off that aura and he was quiet. He didn’t seem overbearing and was just relaxed.

It seemed that the Fedrick House employed first rate escorts.

First, they headed towards the Adrid House’s café in the central district, Stella.

This was also the first time that Shiu had come here as a customer, so he was a little excited.

It seemed like Reigdole was going to guide them as he got out of the carriage first.

The escort looked around, nodded once at Alestro and then called out to him.

This felt like a secret service Shiu had seen in movies and it was interesting.

He thought that the escort gave off the feeling of being a guard even though he wasn’t announcing it.

Antony had already arrived inside of the café and he waved at them. He was with his family and said, “I’ll see you later,” before separating from them.

Having a large amount of people with you stood out, so he probably just got them to follow him until now.

“I’ve booked a table, so we won’t disturb the other customers.”


He nodded obediently at Reigdole’s words and Alestro sat down as if it was natural when his escort pulled a seat for him. He’s really a noble, Shiu admired. Everyone else also sat down so Shiu followed.

Then, a young woman who was dressed like a maid rather than a waitress came to take their order.

She seemed to have a lot of experience and her behaviour was normal.

The things Reigdole told her had probably got through to her and she was level-headed.

The people who weren’t acting level-headed were the guests, they kept glancing at the table where Shiu and the others sat.

Alestro was used to this, so he calmly examined the menu.

“What is this?”

The maid waitress politely explained to him what it was and this happened for a while; he was completely interfering with her work.

“…… Alestro-sama. The descriptions are written on the menu, so read that and order, alright?”

“Ah, I see. So it’s like that? Well, which one should I try? The fruits on pancakes look nice. Ah, even so, it’s a luxury to choose, right?”

Reigdole narrowed his eyes as he looked at Alestro. He shrugged his shoulders and replied, “It’s always in front of me before I even notice it. It’s natural for me to accept that without thinking.”

“…… Surprisingly, common people have the luxury of free choice.”

A constricted noble life is definitely not for me, he thought and accidentally grumbled what he thought.

All their eyes focused on him, read the mood, he scolded himself.

In the end, Alestro ordered pancakes with ice cream; Viktor ordered pudding a la mode and Antony ordered a crème brule.

And they each ordered coffee or tea.

Reigdole and Shiu ordered pumpkin pound cake served with whipped cream.

It was a new menu item, so he wanted to confirm what it was. This was also Reigdole’s first time eating it, so he was looking forward to it.

“Oh, it’s moist. Woah, delicious! Even though I hate pumpkins!”

“You ordered it even though you hate it?”

“Because I have to master the new products.”

“I respect that part of you Reig.”

“Hehehe,” he smiled like a young boy. It was cute.

Alestro and the others also complimented that the food was delicious.

However, unlike Reigdole and Antony who had eaten quickly, Alestro took his time to taste the food.

Even so, though it was still morning, the boys quickly made short work of their dessert. It was probably because they were young.

No one said they were bloated.

The escort behind them was making a disgusted face, probably because he didn’t like sweets. It was really a pity.

Shiu secretly handed salt nut cookies to the coachman when he boarded the carriage. He thought that the coachman would be happy to receive something that was crunchy, delicious and popular, but he was very reserved.

He realised later that the man must not have been happy to receive food from children.

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