Chapter 071: Exploring the Separate Residence

As they left Stella, Shiu glanced at a popular spot in the central district, then the carriage stopped in front of Bariado Tool Shop.

The carriage and escort separated at that point.

The two bowed and Shiu and the others promised that they wouldn’t go outside for the rest of the day before entering the shop.

They had entered from the shop entrance because Alestro had wanted to see it.

Tool shops sold a lot of things for adventurers, so it was probably fun for a boy to see.

As expected, Alestro was looking at the items while his eyes were shining.

Viktor also looked around in interest.

“Sorry to disturb you Emina.”

“It’s fine. Anyway, is it really alright for me to treat him normally?”

“It’s alright. It’s better that way. Apparently, he wants to feel what normal life is like.”

“It’s just like 『Princess Henrietta’s Academy Life』, isn’t it?”

They were talking in quiet voices, but Emina’s last sentence made him puff.

【Roman Holiday】had Shiu’s vote. [1]It’s a really old movie.

In any case, it seemed fun for high class people to explore the lives of commoners.

They seemed satisfied after a while and headed towards the separate residence.

They went to the main house first to give their greetings.

He’d received approval from old man Stan yesterday.

Old man Stan had told him before that he could have friends over, encouraging him that children should have fun because that way they wouldn’t be troubling the neighbours.

In the end, old man Stan asked if it was a sleepover.

“Thanks for having me,” the boys greeted and old man Stan nodded happily.

Then, Feles jumped on Shiu as soon as he’d entered the separate residence.

“Mya~!!” Apparently he was saying he was lonely. Shiu calmed him down by rubbing his head and spoiling him. He got everyone to enter.

The first floor had the large remodelled kitchen and laboratory.

He also made a big bathroom because he wanted to wash Feles.

Everyone looked around excitedly and then they all went to the second floor after they’d calmed down.

All the rooms on the second floor had been renovated and Shiu had two unused rooms.

The separate residence originally had a wooden feel to it, but now it felt more like an old Germany countryside house.

Reigdole had been here before and went into Shiu’s room as if he knew everything.

At the front of the room was a bookshelf, table, chair and work bench.

They were all old furniture in the colour amber. He thought that the metal fixture chest with cat paws on it was charming and lovely even though it had a dull hue to it.

“Wow, awesome.”

“Everything’s made from wood. Are you going for the countryside villa theme?”

“The furniture looks old, but they’re very beautiful.”

Each of the three complimented his room.

The sliding door leading to his bedroom at the back was opened by Reigdole and a narrow room was revealed.

Reigdole always told him, “Don’t you know the meaning of compartmentalising?”

He didn’t want to be told that by someone who gave large rooms to each child, but Shiu liked narrow places.

Well, that was obvious. He had spent his past life living as a Japanese person. Moreover, he had been poor.

When did they call it a rabbit hut in Japan?

Anyway, Shiu liked small rooms.

“…… A room that feels like a hiding place, is it? Everything’s within reach, I like this room.”

“Thanks, Viktor.”

Whatever that means, well it’s fine. Let’s take it as he complimented it.

“I thought your room would be a little more intricate.” For some reason, Alestro sounded disappointed. He seemed to be expecting something.

“You keep things neat and tidy. And, it feels warm in here, why’s that?” Antony looked around the whole room.

Reigdole had returned from opening the window and said something that made people question who lived here, “Because everything’s handmade.”

“Eh, really? That too?”

“Yeah. Look at the bed. Even the sheets and covers are handmade. Even the thing on top, the quilting? It’s amazing how he can make such tiresome things,” Reigdole ran his mouth.

“Oh yeah, you make your own clothes too, Shiu-kin?”

“Yes. I grew up in the mountain after all. I wouldn’t be able to survive if I can’t do everything by myself.”


“Heck, I’ve just thought of this now, but……” Reigdole looked at everyone as if he’d just discovered something big and everyone glanced back at him.

“What is it?”

“…… Doesn’t Shiu make a really good housewife?”

Shiu felt completely exhausted.

But, Alestro, who rarely smiled, and everyone else laughed.

Afterwards, they talked about the girls in the class, then they talked about the girls in the other classes and about their fiancées.

Alestro was only 12 years old, but he already had a fiancée.

“But, I’m the sixth child, so I don’t know what will happen.”

At any rate, he was under the control of his house rather than that of his parents.

Shiu sympathised with him when he thought that Alestro had to marry for such reasons.

“I can probably marry as I please.”

“Me too. I’m the fifth son, so they let me do what I want.”

“I’m so glad I have a large amount of MP. I won’t have trouble finding a job in the future.”

“Right? The future is broad and doesn’t just include being a shop boy.”

The two sons of merchants had the same vision for the future.

Even though Alestro was the sixth child of his House, his parents were Viscounts and there was a high possibility that he would remain a noble by getting his own rank or marrying into someone else’s family.

But, he wanted to enter the Royal Academy because he had nothing to lose and all to gain from it.

“I don’t have much MP and I can’t even be a knight. So my future will remain unclear.”

“Oh right, you train a lot Viktor, so why did you enter the Magic Academy? …… Don’t tell me you followed Alestro?”

Reigdole looked at Viktor after glancing at Alestro.

Viktor certainly had a small amount of MP. But, that was as a magician.

“I injured my dominant hand. I didn’t go to middle school because I was going to go to Knight Academy, and went to the knight training place instead.”

“You’re protecting me, aren’t you?”

“Really?” Everyone looked at Viktor sadly.

“That’s well, inevitable. It’s not Alestro’s fault. It’s just well, I didn’t think this was pointless because I wasn’t able to use my dominant hand.”

Viktor had never studied magic before and his MP wasn’t very high.

“So, you wanted to learn how to use conservation techniques because of that?”

“Yeah. You taught me a few times already and it’s certainly useful for saving MP. It’ll be great if you continue to teach me the techniques.”


“In exchange, I’ll back you up as much as possibly as a good ally.”

Shiu understood why Alestro said that.

Alestro wanted to do something for Viktor, who was being helped out.

It was easy to see that he’d planned to get close to Shiu.

“I feel bad because you won’t accept money for being my tutor.”

“Ah, Shiu. You’re still doing that?”

“Well, you know.”

“It’s good manners between friends, is what you want to say?”

“No, but… It’s a dream of mine to be able to teach and study together with friends.”

He longed for the normal scenes in stories.

This dream didn’t come true in his previous life.

He’d unexpectedly started to go to school in this world, but his dream would have ended again if he’d just stayed in the countryside.

“…… If you say it like that, then I have no strong objections.”

“You guys are great for some reason. I feel refreshed.”

“Me too. I tend to think about the pros and cons of things, but it’s nice to have a dream of getting angry for and even trying new things with your friend.”

They laughed.

Anyway, they didn’t do a hand shake or anything, so that was their interaction between friends.

However, but they did settle on Shiu being paid through the guild if he tutored someone for more than half a day.

It was certainly easier to make this arrangement.

Although, “We’re staying over today, so we’ll act like friends even while studying, okay? We’ll help you out with housework as thanks.” He gratefully accepted it in great interest.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM


1 It’s a really old movie.