Chapter 072: Sleepover

Shiu made lunch by himself.

He’d made rice since it was a Japanese style meal, but he was more surprised that the boys had eaten it before.

Alestro mingled with the nobles from Shayṭān, so he’d eaten rice before and he praised that it was more delicious than when he ate it previously.

However, he liked food that old people liked, for example meat and potato stew and pickled dishes.

Viktor and Reigdole were easy to read and he made them tempura and food cooked in soy sauce and cooking sake.

Antony had been to Doran’s eatery before and he really liked the fried shrimp with tartar sauce.

Tartar sauce was extremely popular at Doran’s eatery and people even asked him if he would sell it separately. He was in the middle of thinking about this.

They studied like students in the afternoon.

Each of them taught their specialities while preparing and reviewing.

And it was a good experience for Shiu to listen to them.

Shiu taught Viktor about the basic ideas of conservation techniques.

It was useful for him to have taught Emina, Aqela, and Kiahi’s party. Kiahi and his party were high levelled, so it might be better to say that he was only really teaching Gladius.

Gladius’ MP wasn’t that high.

“So those knights also conserved their MP while fighting?”

“Yes. The Three Eyed Bear was defeated in no time.”

“The Three Eyed Bear? That’s amazing.”

“Even you can defeat it, can’t you Viktor?”

“No, I don’t have a sword anymore.”

“But you can read other’s fighting styles right? That’s what matters.”

“…… So that’s what you meant?”

“Whether your opponent is a person or a beast, it’s important to keep a cool head and read your opponents attacks. Fighting is much more than just swinging a sword around.”

“…… It does imply that huh. I see. So it’s like that.”

“Viktor you have wind attribute magic, right?”


 “Oh, Viktor, it’ll be easier if you can get him to teach you everything,” Reigdole, who was next to them, interrupted them. He was still in the middle of his drills and heard their conversation.

Viktor looked at him as if saying, “What do you mean?”

“He also taught me how to use my magic.”

“Is that so? Then, you understand,” he said as he told them that he had level 3 wind magic and level 1 fire and unattributed magic. If his wind magic was at level 3 then he could perform fantastic attacks.

This meant he could also cast vacuum waves [1]Author uses the name of a yokai that cuts people with wind. However, it was hard to think about it so it might be better to try another way.

“I wonder if a cylinder would be better. Get that ready and squeeze the air into it.”


“Then fire an air gun. It’s a great attack.”

They didn’t know what he meant, so two people went down to the laboratory on the first floor and Shiu explained it to him.

He practiced it several times and Viktor smiled when he understood it.

“I think you can use it to defend, seize or attack.”

“Good point. Oh yeah, if I add fire attribute.”

“Your fire attribute is only level 1. If so, then you might be able to amplify it with wind magic.”

“I can surprise the opponent and draw his attention. This is important even if it lasts for only a second.”

Viktor wanted to be Alestro’s guard in the future.

He might be suited for guard work.

“You can train even if you can’t use swords. If you do that then you can deal with any attack.”

“Yeah. I’ll do my best.”

He returned to the second floor with Viktor who seemed motivated. Reigdole and Antony were explaining wood and light attribute to Alestro.

Alestro had neither of those attributes.

Everyone helped with dinner.

None of them had ever stepped into the kitchen and they were confused at first, but they soon got excited.

It felt like they were experimenting or playing around.

“Now, break the egg. Ah, no, if you do that then you can’t use what’s inside!”

They would hit the egg on the ground when they were told to break it.

“Mix the eggs, ah, magic is not allowed!”

I won’t name them, but someone tried to rotate it with wind magic.

“Finely chopped doesn’t mean mince. Your eyes hurt? It’s obvious that onions would sting your eyes. But it’s delicious, you know! Ah, hey, I said magic is not allowed. You guys, you’re wrong to think you can use magic on such a tender dish when you can’t even control it! This is terrifying.”

They continued while quarreling like that.

“Shiu is like super serious when it comes to cooking, isn’t he?”

“I thought that Shiu never got angry.”

“His eyes look scary. His eyes.”

“I’ve been banned from using wind magic……”

Each of them whispered and they made food (?) according to Shiu’s instructions.

As a result they were able to make many wonderful dishes.

Although most of it was made by Shiu, everyone seemed deeply moved that they were able to cook themselves and ate happily.

The menu for dinner was a Shayṭān style dish for the main. It was made from cheese, potatoes and bread.

Some of Shiu’s originals were also served for dinner and everyone enjoyed them.

They were especially surprised when they saw the consommé.

It was difficult to prepare meat and vegetable stock, and when he said that it could be condensed and cooked together at once, the boys tried to connect that to business. The hearty boys also talked about wanting to eat this and that.

It was a fun time.

Everyone took their plates after they finished eating and Shiu taught them each how to wash their plates.

It took some time, but they were able to wash it without breaking anything.

They also helped cleaned the bath. Shiu cleaned the bath with purification every day so it was fine, but since it was a sleepover he thought he should let them experience this.

They also did this happily.

They were especially loud when the water filled up all at once.

Although Shiu had sound proofed the room with spatial magic, they were being too loud.

 The bath was big so they decided to enter all at once. There was even someone who got  really excited and became dizzy.

Shiu won’t name them, since he had collapsed while naked and it would damage his honour.

Feles also joined them in the bath and everyone lined up in wait when Shiu cast 《DRY》on Feles.

They usually had someone wipe their body for them.

Reigdole wiped his body himself, but he had never used 《DRY》before.

They seemed interested in it and Alestro and Viktor, who had fire magic, asked him to teach this to them.

Shiu realised at this time that unlike what he’d thought, there may only be a very few people who used lifestyle magic.

He got Alestor and Viktor, Reigdole and Antony to sleep in each of the unused rooms.

He stealthily took out some beds from his special storage and set the blankets.

Everyone was delighted to sleep on fluffy, high-quality blankets.

They were surprised when he told them that it was packed with the feathers from Avis Aquatica. It was a luxury item after all.

“Shiu, you use luxury items here and there, huh ~.”

“I only heard that they were luxury goods when I first came to the Royal Capital. It’s normal for people who live in the mountains to harvest and make their own goods. And it’s easy to get your hands on goods if you become an adventurer.”

“They usually sell it for money, you know.”

“Shiu, you don’t seem to have money problems even though you’re a commoner.”

“You think so? It certainly feels like he’s taking it easy.”

Everyone stared at Alestro with eyes that said, “You’re one to talk,” but he didn’t notice this.

“He’s making a living from his patent fees after all.”

“Ah, you’re right.”

“Ooh, I see.”

That wasn’t the only thing he was receiving money for, but he certainly wasn’t having money problems.

He wanted to tell them that he was working properly to earn money, but most of his savings were as Reigdole had stated, so he kept quiet.

They changed into their pajamas and drank warm tea while talking about silly things which gradually made them tired so they each returned to their rooms.

Feles clung to Shiu as he slept.

Shiu also wanted to try bunking with friends. But, they probably couldn’t fall asleep anywhere but in a bed. He thought about secretly slipping in, but stopped since it was childish.

He also wanted to try pillow fighting. I should ask them if we get the chance to do this again.

Or he could try it if they had something like a school trip.

He had fun imagining such pleasant dreams and entered dreamland for real while petting Feles.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM


1 Author uses the name of a yokai that cuts people with wind