Chapter 073: A Successful Student Life?

The sleepover which turned out surprisingly fun ended successfully.

The carriage came to pick everyone up the next afternoon. Since the driver told Shiu that he would be dropped off at home afterwards, Shiu ended up riding with them.

It was his first time entering the noble block, but he usually saw it with 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》and《OVERVIEW》, so there was nothing that surprised him.

After everyone was home, they told him that they would turn around to drop him off, but instead he refused and walked with Reigdole.

It was the noble block, but they were wearing their magic academy uniforms so no one criticised them.

He didn’t have any problems, but the guards stared at him a few times because the way he walked was weird.

They left the noble block and the upper east district and Reigdole relaxed once they returned to the central district.



On Fire day, he received a pass to freely go in and out of the noble block from Alestro as a thank you present.

“Father requested it so that you could come whenever you want,” he’d said.

On the back was Marquis Fedrick House’s name and emblem and the head butler’s and Alestro’s names were written at the front.

It seemed that this would be proof of Shiu’s status. He wondered why he got this as a thank you gift, but he didn’t intend to use it.

Alestro told Reigdole and the others that he would back them up if something happened, as if it was someone else’s business. In fact, they had received nothing.

But then, Reigdole could enter the noble district even though he was a child because wealthy merchant children had that right.




His school life was going well.

The teacher of the attribute class told him to take the exams often and skip grades, but there were still interesting things in the classes, so unfortunately he stayed.

It seemed unlikely for a teacher to do this, and he wondered why they were when they weren’t interfering much and found out from the Merchant Guild that they took several patents.

So, the school ordered MP MEASURING INSTRUMENTS in large quantities.

They made this decision because it was said that this magic tool was best used on new magicians.

The number of individuals who own this magic tool has also been increasing gradually.

And it seemed like people were asking if they could be taught about basic attributes when they found out about the producer’s abilities.

He was exempt from intermediate level magic theory and even from advanced.

It wasn’t necessary to take those classes if he could simplify or conserve magic formulas, so it ended without him having to take the exam.

Advanced culture classes included dance and others like it, and it was the class that Shiu was most worried over. He passed the etiquette class, but dancing and poetry were things he wasn’t good at.

He had no sense, so he couldn’t make a poem that would charm a lady; it was really horrible.

Alestro was also in the advanced class for this and he was a greater dancer than Shiu had imagined despite his usual calm demeanour.

Even though Algeo always had a frown on his face, he was also good at dancing and his poems mesmerised scary type girls.

He really is a noble.

The only commoner in this class was Shiu, so some people, including those from the upper grades, made a little fun of him. This couldn’t be helped since he was extremely bad at it, so he resigned himself to it.

In the end, Shiu was the only one who ended up taking something like a supplementary class for it.

He asked the departments if he could take classes in the higher grade for other subjects too, since they were the graduate and special departments.

The magic theory teacher, Urara, gave him high praises, so he was interviewed by each of the teachers in charge of the subjects. It seemed that they researched all magic, developed new techniques or devised new magic strategies.

The graduate and special departments were divided into several subjects, so it seemed that he could participate in those that interested him.

He found time to visit each of them.

As a result, he decided to join seven classes in the graduate department where analysis were done because his friends had said that development was better done alone.

These classes used the ancient language to research magic techniques so he should be able to study the ancient language in them.

There were other classes that only studied the ancient language, but it didn’t seem like they reached the level that Shiu wanted to be at.

In addition, the tactics teacher, Einar, strongly recommended that he skipped all the classes until advanced.

He didn’t want to take tactics since it was directly linked to war, but he thought it would be better to know it just in case something happened.

He took the classes as a result of thinking it through.



And since he showed up more in the advanced classes, his chances of meeting the senior students increased.

They were tough on commoners and he received a lot of negative comments.

They also couldn’t stomach the fact that Shiu was extremely calm during all this.

He had ignored them because they didn’t really pose any problems, but things escalated and some of them seemed to have started to physically harass him.

Seemed to, because another person had pointed this out to him.

It didn’t matter much to Shiu because he evaded them with 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》.

Until the student council blocked his path that is.

How can I say this…?

They had really sparkling appearances.

“I’m Edvard Granberg. I’m in my fifth year, class one. The student president.”

Someone who looked like a servant behind Granberg explained that he was the second child of Marquis Granberg. Edvard himself was probably a strange person since nobles usually had their servants introduce them.

The servant told Shiu who the other girl was.

“This is Hildegard Cassandra-sama. The eldest child of Duke Cassandra. She is in her fourth year, class one. She is currently the Vice President.”

“…… Hah,” was the only thing Shiu could answer with.

The servants were glaring at him.

By the way, almost everyone in Steigbahn looked Caucasian and had white skin, brown hair and light brown eyes and Shiu, without exception, had brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Reigdole and Antony had different shades of colours, but they were also the same.

However, the hue became vivid in nobles.

Alice had brown hair with hints of gold, and Alestro had green eyes.

Incidentally, Viktor, Cora and Christoph had rare black hair. However, it wasn’t jet black like Japanese hair, it was closer to dark brown.

Now then.

A glistening man and woman were standing before him.

Edvard had golden brown hair and very beautiful blue eyes. He had long hair and it was silky.

Hildegard was completely blonde and had beautiful amber eyes.

The followers behind them were also flashy, but these two were especially noticeable.

They were also good looking and their aura/atmosphere was amazing.

And Shiu just realised that everyone had long hair.

Do nobles keep long hair? I recall that a lot of noble children in my classes have long hair, they didn’t have short hair like Viktor.

He thought absentmindedly and someone cleared their throat.

It was the servants.

“Your name,” they pointed out in a small voice and Shiu finally noticed that he hadn’t given them his name.

“…… Shiu Aquila. I don’t have a surname and I have no family. Uh, do I say my job in this case? I’m a magician. 1 year, class one. Ah, hello.”

It became an extremely rude self-introduction that would get him a scolding from his culture teacher, Yvonne.

Also they had business with him, but he was troubled because the servant’s explanations were hard to understand. Edvard, who grew impatient, spoke simply and Shiu could finally understand what they wanted.

“I heard that you’re being bullied by the seniors. We can’t overlook this as the student council, so we want you to tesify.”


“We’ll be holding a student council trial tomorrow at noon, so please attend.”

“Oh, I can’t.”

“What did you say?!” The servant shouted out in surprise.

“Well, I do have my reasons too. I didn’t even realise I was being bullied, so I can’t testify.”

“But, people around you have been saying this.”

“Then, you can just get them to do it, right? Tomorrow afternoon, or rather, my schedule is busy on weekdays. But thank you for your concern. If that’s all,” he said and bowed, ――― really lightly confirming to the customs of this world, ――― and left.

He finally realised that he was being bullied.

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