translated by: iseuli

There is no reason for a dragon to listen to a trivial human’s wish.

As the young girl died, her cell phone vibrated.

“Dear customer of Han*ya. We, Natural Makeup, wish you a happy birthday. Here is a 30% off discount coupon you can use once before it expires this month.”

A majority of the girl’s phone messages were spam text messages. Other than these few messages, nobody ever called her name. People gathered around the girl.

“Deputy Han, what’s wrong?”

“Deputy Han! Get a hold of yourself!”

Kalgilm suddenly had an impulse to call the girl’s name. It was quite annoying to bother with her, but he called her name.



God existed when the world was created.

The holy god of creation created the world, and then disappeared. Afterwards, the living creatures of this world fought against one another for power and greed. After the end of a long war, the single world was divided into many different worlds. The place the girl reincarnated into was one amongst these many worlds.

Those of the dragon race refer to this world as the Pointed Shining World. The elves who dwell in the swamps refer to this world as the Shining World. As for humans, he didn’t know how they referred to this world.

The strongest living race of this world are the dragons. The dragon race is a coveted ally of various holy and demonic races around the world for the sake of battle. Dragons were created by the World Tree so that they would not be biased towards any one race.

There are exactly 777 dragons that exist in this world, and as long as dragons are not murdered the number would not be decreased or increased. When the lifespan of a dragon is near its end, a fruit will appear on the World Tree.

The fruit will grow into the shape of a dragon egg, and then fall. Dragons instinctively know when a dragon egg will fall from the World Tree.

Dragons will then gather together to welcome the new dragon to the world. The moment the egg falls, it will break, and a dragon will appear. The new hatchling will be protected by the other dragons until it’s brought into its territory.

Rarely, there will be dragons who do not immediately hatch from the egg even after it has fallen from the World Tree. According to NeAffronti’s words, Kalgilm was one of the dragons who did not immediately hatch upon falling into this world.

“Kalgilm remained in his egg for over 800 years. Usually, dragon eggs would fall from the world tree in around 200 years. The World Tree let the dragons know a dragon egg would fall, but the egg didn’t fall. But once Kalgilm’s egg fell and his shell had cracked, he didn’t crawl out and continued to sleep.”

Kalgilm had been a lazy dragon since he had been in his egg.

Kalgilm had been so slow, that by the time he came out of his egg, only NeAffronti remained. The rest of the dragons waited for over 600 years, but soon they grew tired of waiting.

Since NeAffronti had been the one to greet Kalgilm, one can consider NeAffronti, Kalgilm’s mother.

“Bouncy, you shouldn’t take after your master. How can someone be lazy to such a degree. If you don’t go to see the world within the next 100 years, I will make you go even if it means that I have to destroy your whole lair.”

NeAffronti glared at Kalgilm who was sleeping in his human form even though he just woke up from his hibernation not too long ago.

Kalgilm was sleeping like a homeless man in the midst of the huge lair ground. Elkiesel looked irritated because Kalgilmn was using his lap for a pillow.

Elkiesel looked very hopeless. He was wondering about his life choices, he had been born a proud dark elf, and now he was nothing but a lap pillow for a lazy dragon.

He already slept for 200 years, how could he want to sleep more? This too was a skill.

Dragons existed in the fantasy novels of her past life as well. The dragons inside these novels went on adventures and long journeys. However, the life, death, and habits of the dragons of this world were vastly different.

She began to wonder whether going on adventures would matter while observing NeAffronti’s high-handed attitude.

“Adventure. Must?”

“Do you mean if adventuring is necessary?”


NeAffronti crossed his arms and thought for a moment. He explained gently for Bouncy.

“Bouncy, female humans experience something called menstruation. They will bleed for a period of time every single month. Nobody hurt them with a knife but they will start to bleed.”

She was a female in her past life, so she was very familiar with this. However, she pretended it was her first time hearing about this phenomena.

“Menstruation. Blood. Ouch? Hurt?”

“Of course it hurts. They’re bleeding after all.”

“Stab. Stab. Bang. It not.”

“Nobody stabbed or bombed them, but does it still hurt? Yes. It hurts. Your stomach will hurt a great deal during menstruation, and your back will be in immense pain as well. Sometimes you will break into a cold sweat and feel very dizzy.”

Yes, the bowels will become hyperactive and one would need to visit the bathroom often, and the pain is enough to make one breathless.

Her menstruation wasn’t so terrible in her past life. Her muscles and stomach hurt a lot on the first day, but then she was okay on the following days. A girl in her middle school had to call 119 [1]police in Korea because she fainted due to excessive blood loss through menstruation..

NeAffronti’s words seemed like he experienced periods before though?

“NeA. NeA. Mensturation. Blood?”

“Do you mean if I ever menstruated before?”


“I’ve went on an adventure in a human female form. That is how I know that it hurts. Menstruation was a really troublesome thing. I bled all day long so I needed to be sure to wear something to secure the blood. If I was careless at night, my whole bedding would become bloody as well.


It’s possible to leak blood even with an overnight pad, and it was another great factor of stress. Feeling the pool of blood all night long is truly cumbersome. She would complain about wanting to be born a male while washing her blankets and undergarments.

Elkiesel listened to NeAffronti like he was talking about something from another world. His clueless face resembled her older brother from her past life. It seems her older brother slept through sexual development lessons and thought females bled blue blood during their period.

“Oppa, your little sister isn’t an alien. How can someone’s blood be blue?”

She teased her older brother the entire day.

“If I never went on an adventure as a female then I would never understand what females really go through on their periods. I would only understand the words written in books. I wouldn’t understand the depth of the pain.”

“Dra. Dragon. NeA, is. Dragon.”

“Bo-Bouncy actually said the whole word of dragon. You’ve always kept it to Dra. Aah, you’re really a genius. Bouncy. Bouncy you are the prettiest slime in this whole world.”

NeAffronti hugged her and sent his affection to her with his whole body. Hearing his continuous praise sent her self esteem soaring.

“Yes. Dragons are great. NeA is also great. However, there is nothing that is born great except for God. One must experience, think, and learn everything first hand. One doesn’t become great simply by being alive for a thousand years.

Being older doesn’t mean they’re more intelligent.

She worked in all sorts of odd jobs in her past life. The job with the highest pay was the convenience store that was near a neighborhood of homeless people. They offered 1.5 times the pay for even a new part-time worker, otherwise she would have quit the job in a heartbeat.

An old man three times her age would come in smelling of rotten garbage, throw coins at her and demand alcohol. An older woman twice her age would attach herself to all the customers and beg for money.

Another time, it had been Valentine’s Day, and a drunk homeless person threw up on the display. She had to clean up the whole place. When she asked them not to smoke inside the store, they would curse her out. She cried many times.

There were too many people who were like crazy dogs no matter what their age was. It’s most likely the case that only one in ten thousand would someone would actually mature in intelligence according to their age. A majority of the people aged according to their tempers. Someone born a jerk would mostly age to be a jerk. Whether it’s a thousand years or ten thousand, most likely, they would still be a jerk.

It seemed strange to say that dragons were no different from humans. However, if one were to consider dragons similar to animals, it wouldn’t be too difficult to understand.

“There was a time when dragons didn’t go on adventures. Dragons born from the World Tree didn’t have any family, children, or lovers. So, they couldn’t understand any of the other inhabitants in the world. Everything in this world looked like toys to dragons.”

Dragons are like fruit.

An example of a fruit is an apple.

An apple won’t be able to understand a human.

I put his words into my own form of logic.

“Thus, very very long ago, about 1400 thousand years ago, the dragons of the time destroyed the world. The dragons that were meant to protect this world, destroyed it. However, without the world, dragons were also not a necessity to the world. The dragons too, were a member of this world.”

NeAffronti paused his words for a moment. He seemed to be able to see the dragons and world from long long ago.

“Dragons disappeared one by one like the rest of the world until a single dragon was left. Before the dragon became dust, it sacrificed its own body and blood for the creation of the new world.”


“Yes, this entire world is the legacy of the last dragon of that world. The mountains, seas, and clouds. Everything of the world is the last dragon’s legacy. You are also a small portion of the legacy.

NeAffronti smiled and poked the squishy cheeks.

“The newly born dragons are not only reborn as dragons, but they are born with the form of every living organism of this world as well.”

NeAffronti pointed to his own chest.

“Thus, this is also my body.”

It was difficult to grasp the idea of having two bodies. A dragon’s dragon form was the dragon, however the human form of the dragon was also the dragon’s real form.

She tried to remember the sensations of when she was human and the sensations she felt as a slime. If she were to try and pick up something on the ground, she would spread her hand, and bend down to reach the item on the floor.

As a slime, she moved her entire body to bounce and roll around. She used her mouth to pick up whatever that was on the floor. The sensation of moving this body was so different, when she awakened she had a very difficult time trying to adapt.

“NeA. Human. Body. Tired?”

“Yes, it’s tiring. We feel and see the world in a different way. However, NeA is very happy.”

NeAffronti used both his arms to hug her tightly.

“I cannot hug you like this when I’m in my dragon form. You’re so squishy so it feels nice to hug you like this. Your weight is also just right for hugging.”

She couldn’t feel the weight or sensation of her own body so she just took his words as it was. As she took the role as a cushion, Kalgilm called her name.


1 police in Korea