Translated by iseuli

NeAffronti and Kalgilm both called Bouncy, as if their own. However, Elkiesel thought it seemed funny. The one who had not left Bouncy’s side even once had been Elkiesel.

Elkiesel had a lot of complaints to his lazy and irresponsible master. When he submitted his loyalty to this Dragon, he erased his past self, and lived on as the Dragon Lair’s Guardian. Though, everything had been his own decision, he felt very differently in his heart.

During Kalgilm’s first hibernation, he had nobody to talk to and nearly went insane. During this time, he wanted to make Kalgilm into a roasted kabab and serve the Dragon to the Demon Lords.

Bouncy had not been with him during Kalgilm’s second hibernation period, and if NeAffronti had not frequently visited him, his sanity would have taken a devastating toll.

The life span of Elves were longer than Humans, however it was not as long as a Dragon’s. The longest Elves would ever live out their lives was about one thousand years. His lengthened lifespan had become his life’s blessing and curse. His childhood friends had advanced in age until they turned into grandparents, and died.

Elkiesel watched Elves younger than himself grow old and die. Elkiesel felt like living such a long life was suffocating and lonely.

Normally, when Familiars become lonely, Dragon Masters will notice ahead of time and go out on adventures and travel around the world for the purpose of their mental health maintenance. Kalgilm was oblivious of such emotions of his familiar, and left Elkiesel to fend for himself in the dark lonely lair. If the small and cute Bouncy did not come into Elkiesel’s life, he could have completely lost himself and killed himself in the darkness.

Bouncy was a cheerful and interesting slime. It was funny that a slime could talk, but her personality was the most interesting.

After Bouncy finished cleaning off Kalgilm’s body, she bounced to Elkiesel with her mouth opened wide. At first, Elkiesel wondered why Bouncy was behaving this way.

“Food. Nom nom.”

“You already ate just a moment ago?”

“Worked. Pay.”


It was a mystery how Bouncy learned of these concepts because Elkiesel never taught her at all.

“Overdue. Delay pay. Bad.”

“What’s overdue pay?”

“Nom nom. None.”

“It’s bad that I don’t pay you food for all the work that you do.”?”

Bouncy bounced in circles around Elkiesel and repeated these words like she was singing.

Flower. Nom nom. Nom nom. Give.”

“Okay. I will give you nom nom.”

When people live together, they come to adjust to one another. Many episodes had happened between Bouncy and Elkiesel during the past 200 years. There had been happy days and days that they had fought with one another. One time, Elkiesel’s temper had flared and didn’t give Bouncy her treat for the work she did.

“Flower. Grass?”

“I don’t have any.”


“Just because.”

“No. Bad.”

“You won’t die from a day without food.”

Bouncy started to go on strike because she didn’t receive food. The slime squished her body to fit into a small crack which Elkiesel wouldn’t be able to reach into. She didn’t come out until Elkiesel fell to his knees and begged her to come out.

“I brought your favorite Azalea flower. Please come out, Bouncy.”


“I have a thousand flowers. You still don’t want to come out?”

“Roses. Ten thousand.”

“Okay, okay. I lost, so please come out. You will really die at this rate.”

Elkiesel needed to make a flower bed of roses by the crack that Bouncy had fit herself into before she came out. Elkiesel prepared flowers that Bouncy could eat after she finished work. He gathered an armful of flowers into a basket and Bouncy swam around the basket as she slowly enjoyed her treat.

Elkiesel hoped, that even after Kalgilm awakens, these peaceful days would not disappear. However, after seeing all these various familiars on stand by in front of his lair, it seems his small wish would not pan out.

“Harp, Bouncy and I will walk around the area and return in a short while. Don’t be too noisy and please help me with the guests.

“Have a nice walk.”

Elkiesel left the noisy familiars and walked to the back vicinity of the lair.

Elkiesel let Bouncy sit on his shoulder. Bouncy who was usually the size of a soccer ball, shrunk to sit more comfortably. The flower crown that had been set on her head, slipped off and hung on Elkiesel’s shoulder. She bit lightly onto the flower crown and set it onto his hand.

“El. Head. El.”

“You want me to wear it?”


Elkiesel followed Bouncy’s wish and placed it onto his head.

“El. Like. El.”

Usually, Dragons have a Familiar to constantly survey and inspect those in their territories. There are also mediators to maintain peace between the different races. Then, there are messengers to quickly transfer letters and information. There is also security for the lair gate to help protect the lair. Finally, the Lair Guardian is the top rank amongst all Familiars.

However, Kalgilm only kept two Familiars. He kept one slime for the sake of solely scrubbing his back, and Elkiesel was the only familiar left to finish all the work. He didn’t worry about the lair now because Kalgilm was awake and decided to go outside the inspect the lair vicinity.

He walked slowly so that Bouncy would be able to leisurely look around to her heart’s content. All Bouncy had seen of the world was of the lair entrance. He had given all kinds of flowers and vegetation to eat, however he had never taken her outside for her to see with her own eyes. Elkiesel pointed toward various things that he thought Bouncy would be seeing for the first time in her life.

Elkiesel was in the middle of explaining about various vegetation around the area, when they came across a plant called a lamju. It sprouted in the midst of various harmless looking plants, other than the thorns all over its body, it didn’t look harmful at all. However, this plant was very dangerous for Bouncy who was a slime so he took his time to thoroughly explain the details of this plant for her.

“Bouncy, do not go near that red thorny bush. Outwardly, it looks harmless, however it is a carnivorous plant which feeds on animals and monsters.”

“Will eat. Bouncy?”

Bouncy trembled a bit. Elkiesel thought that Bouncy was really adorable and scared her a bit more.

“It might eat you as well. That thorny bush is called a Lamju, the thorns will vibrate at high speed and has the ability to instantaneously break through bone and flesh. It would be able to kill a slime in its sleep. Bouncy would end up disappearing from this world.”

“Demonic Monster?”

“No. It’s just a plant.”

It was a unique plant which evolved even without the help of demonic energies. Elkiesel was very knowledgeable of these types of plants. He made sure to teach Bouncy so she avoided all contact with this plant.

“Now that master is awake, I’m sure you will want to see the outside world. I hope to always be with you, but I’m sure that is not possible. So, you should be mindful of where you go. If you feel like a Lamju will attack you, call me. The both of us are connected through our master’s powers. If you call for me, I can come for you any time.”

“El. Kind.”

Elkiesel stood a bit taller upon Bouncy’s compliment.

‘As expected, I’m the best for Bouncy.’

“El. El.”

Bouncy suddenly started to hit Elkiesel’s neck. She fell back down onto the ground, and pulled Elkiesel’s pants to the northwest direction.


“El. Shiny. El.”

Elkiesel walked toward the direction which Bouncy pointed. He quickly understood Bouncy’s intentions all this time.

A human corpse laid just below a giant oak tree. The human wore a silver dress and was adorned in luxurious jewelry and accessories. The jewels sparkled blindingly which caught Bouncy’s attention.

The human girl looked to be about 17 or 18 years old.

Her hair was red and her eyes were blue, she appeared to have just died because her eyes were clear and serene. Her dress was embroidered with patterns of lily’s all over with a golden thread, and fancy intricate lacings adorned the shoulder and skirt.

Elkiesel had seen a human kingdom a long time ago. Humans were not wise, considerate or benevolent. They had a tendency to constantly prove somehow that they were the best.

If they were a Duke or a King, this applied to them more so. This human’s jewels shined so brightly even in the eyes of an elf’s.

From the way this human dressed, she looked like a noble or of royal lineage. However, there was one strange aspect. This girl was not wearing any shapewear which would normally support and frame her body. According to Elkiesel’s memories, noble women always wore shapewear under their dresses. A broken spear was pierced through her chest, and her blood and flesh around the spear was dried and was black in color.

‘This is not a land which humans can dwell. How did she get here? She doesn’t look like the type to be wandering around alone in a place like this. Nobles usually adorned their capes and clothes with the family crest. What country was she from?’

Elkiesel drew closer to inspect her clothes for some clues as to where she was originally from.

The red haired female had a single 2 karat diamond earring. One of her earrings were missing, perhaps it fell while she was escaping.

The female didn’t wear any shoes, There was a mysterious plant tangled around her feet. Elkiesel pluck out the seed which planted itself onto the girl’s sole.

‘Is it a sunflower seed?’

Sunflowers grew all around Kalgilm’s territory. However, Elkiesel had never seen a sunflower seed before. It had been Bouncy who wanted to come here, but after discovering the corpse, she hid herself in Elkiesel’s chest.


“Bouncy, this is a human. It is another intelligent race that walks on two legs. She’s dead, so there is no reason to fear her. She will not be able to harm you.”

After Elkiesel saw the chopped up orc’s body before, he was so shocked he could not manage to swallow down any of his food for a period of time.


Bouncy looked tired like always.

Elkiesel examined the corpse. She didn’t have any strange aspects.

‘Her clothes are too worn out. It seems she went through all sorts of hardships. The silver Dragon’s territory is very cold so corpses cannot rot. However, it was different here. Even so, she appeared to have died just moments before. Does she have a demonic accessory which maintains her current condition from getting worse?’

Elkiesel found the girl’s artifact which kept her body from rotting. She had a ring with the shape of a whirlwind. Still, Elkiesel took off her ring. When he felt demonic energy coming from her, he quickly slipped the ring off her hand.


Bouncy who was in Elkiesel’s embrace yelled. A Dark knight cloaked in darkness with a sword dashed out to Elkiesel.

“For a Dark Knight to have been lingering in Master’s territory.”

Elkiesel jumped up onto the giant oak tree and placed Bouncy onto the highest branch.

“Wait for me here, El will return after a hunt. If you’re scared, close your eyes and count to one hundred. I’ll end everything before then.”