03: Fiancée

 “Julius-sama, it’s been a while.”

A young lady approached Julius while he was chatting with Maxián and lightly pinched the hem of her lovely dress to curtsy.

Her name was Emilinne Verjus, Viscount Verjus’s daughter and Julius’s fiancée.

Emilinne was two years younger than Julius and was still an innocent girl. She was more cute than beautiful. Her peach coloured hair reached her back and it was adorned with a small embroidered red rose.

She was wearing a simple sleeveless violet dress, which really suited her slender figure.

The pink diamond necklace that matched her hair and adorned her bare neck was a present from Julius.

Julius immediately smiled when he noticed Emilinne, but he immediately smooth over his expression and bowed elegantly. He then took her hand and gently placed a kiss on it.

Emilinne blushed slightly at his actions.

“It has been a while indeed, Lady Emilinne. I waited impatiently when I couldn’t see your beautiful face.”

“I, I’ll be embarrassed if you say such things.”

Unlike his conversation with Maxián, Julius had changed completely and delivered a theatrical statement. Half of his speech and conduct was almost like a conditioned response and the other half was drilled into him by his mother. Incidentally, he intended to show gentlemanly behaviour.

It was fine for Julius to say such things, even though it was disgusting for pother people to say such things because it would come off pompous. The surrounding ladies, who were listening attentively, also let out heated sighs.

Emilinne, who had received the direct attack, was also no match for it but she still somehow managed to answer him back even while her ears were flushed red.

However, it could be said that Emilinne had only reached this level due to her long association with Julius as his fiancée. If this had been any other girl, they would have surely fainted from bliss.

His appearance, aura and voice had that much of an impact.

“There’s finally a ball. Milady, would you dance with me for a song?”

“Yes, it would be my pleasure.”

Emilinne smiled and nodded at Julius, who had invited her while presenting his left hand.

Julius escorted her to the middle of the dance floor and they began dancing.


The House of Earl Rosenberg and Viscount Verjus were in neighbouring territories and they have had deep relations since old times.

It was natural to bind marriages between these two families and when she turned 14, Emilinne heard about her engagement plans to Julius, she felt as if she had received a blessing from heaven.

She was also an ardent fan of Julius.

Emilinne nodded unhesitatingly and the talks settled smoothly afterwards, she became engaged with Julius.

The awareness that the other person was a woman didn’t become a hindrance before her enthusiasm.

Yes, a woman.

The only people who knew that Julius was a man was only his family and the servants who worked with his family when he was born. Other people believed that he was a woman disguising herself as a man.

Emily was obviously no exception and she also believed that Julius was a woman. Despite that, she accepted the engagement.

Nobles prioritised continuing their family line above all.

In this case, having a child was impossible between two woman and such a marriage normally wouldn’t be desired by someone from a noble house.

It showed how crazy she was about him because she dared accept the marriage.

Coincidentally, it wouldn’t be strange to arrive at the idea that Earl Rosenberg’s side wouldn’t want this kind of marriage, but Emilinne became obsessed with the idea that this marriage was [a camouflage to hide that Julius was a woman].

It would become difficult to keep falsifying his gender if he got married, but it was a different story if the spouse cooperated with that concealment. It was the perfect cover.

Julius would lead a public married life and adopt a child of a distant relative to become his successor…… Emilinne accepted the engagement with Julius while resolving to live such an unfortunate life.

She was satisfied as long as she could help Julius, whom she admired.

However, it was wrong to say that Emilinne was homosexual.

She adored [Julius] to the very end, she didn’t like woman.

“You’re skilled at dancing like always, Lady Emilinne.”

“That’s because Julius-sama is leading.”

“It’s an honour.”

Julius whispered to Emilinne, who danced while gently placing her right hand onto Julius’s outstretched left hand.

Emilinne answered with a smile while desperately trying to control her flushed face caused by the hand on her waist.

Their dancing was flawless. The surrounding spectators had stopped dancing before anyone was aware of it. They watched the pair with heated eyes while sighing.

“Is this pace alright, Lady Emilinne?”

“Yes, it’s fine. I’ll keep up with you no matter what, Julius-sama.”

It wasn’t surprisingly for Julius to be skilled at dancing, since he was strictly trained by Elizabeth, but Emilinne was also on an equal level.

This was proof of Emilinne exerting great effort in order to be able to stand next to Julius.

Julius’s was really popular amongst the people around him, but the people intensely focusing their attention on his fiancée, Emilinne, was by no means small.

There were many young ladies who adored Julius, but their feelings were roughly divided into two: those who held serious romantic feelings for Julius and those who admired him as an idol.

Those who felt the latter was more overwhelming than those who felt the former. Most people understood that there were various obstacles in pursuing a romantic relationship with Julius.

The people who adored Julius could be divided further into: those who dream to stand beside him and those who appreciate him from a distance.

Those who regarded Emilinne with hostility were the young ladies who held serious romantic feelings for Julius and those who dream of standing beside him.

It was widely known that Julius cared deeply about Emilinne so the young ladies never harmed her directly. If they did something like that, they would surely be hated by Julius.

But if Emilinne showed an unsightly appearance, they would take that opportunity to raise a fuse and say that she wasn’t suitable to be Julius’s fiancée.

Emilinne also understood that and she endeavoured to conduct herself as the perfect lady suitable to stand by Julius’s side. She exerted effort in every field and never left herself open for an attack.

However, not all those around her were her enemies.

Julius’s family and their close friends approved of Emilinne as Julius’s fiancée. There were also a lot of young ladies, who adored Julius, watching over them warmly.

Above all, Julius, himself, was actually in love with Emilinne.

“Do you know how happy I feel to be dancing with you like this? If my wish could be granted then I want this to last forever.”

“Me too. If it’s possible, I want to stay like this for all eternity. Please let me stay beside you for now, even if I cannot in the future.”

…… As long as Emilinne thought of Julius as a woman, his feelings would never be transmitted.

No matter how many times he conveyed his feelings to her, Emilinne would never take him seriously since she believed that their engagement was a camouflage.

“Please don’t say something so dreadful. My heart would break if you aren’t by my side.”

“You don’t need to say something so unnecessary, Julius-sama. Since that won’t happen.”

“Then, we’ll always be together, won’t we? Since the moment that I won’t need you anymore will never come.”

“How happy I would be, if those words were true.”

Contrary to their conversation that was on separate wavelengths, their moves were in perfect harmony.

They were the only ones dancing gracefully at the centre of the spectators, who had stopped dancing. They were like the leading dancers of this ball.

Even the young ladies who were displeased with Emilinne couldn’t help but recognise that.

“Then I will strive to make you believe that I’m telling the truth.”

“Yes, please make me believe in you.”

The young lovers continued to dance while receiving looks of admiration from their surroundings.

Although their feelings were the same, their hearts have yet to truly connect……

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