06: Protection Squad

The ball was roused because of the sudden collaboration of the people who adored him.

On the other side of the gorgeous ball, there were people secretly working behind the scenes.

“Ah! Tonight was the best ball ever!”

“Yes, it really was! Julius-sama’s dancing was really wonderful.”

“Argh, if a painter was here then his honourable appearance could be preserved……”

“It can’t be helped. Let’s just endure by craving it into our hearts.”

“You’re right.”

Needless to point out, this was Julius’s Protection Squad.

This group, which composed of young ladies who adored Julius, had been gazing at Julius ever since they noticed him at the ball.

Incidentally, the reason why everyone stopped dancing as soon as Julius and Emilinne started dancing was because half of the young ladies were in the Protection Squad and they preferred to watch Julius rather than dance.

If their partners stop dancing, then of course the males would also stop dancing. If half of the dancers stop dancing then the other half would also find it challenging to continue.

The spectators surrounded Julius in a ring and the stage was complete.

By doing so, they created a stage to admire Julius on. This was done without any prior arrangements, it was their soul link.

However, rather than say that they consciously made the ring, it might be more accurate to say that they all happened to move according to their desires and that was the result.

“Ah, if it was me dancing with him over there……”

“Wait! That’s taboo, you can’t say any more than that.”

“That’s right. Did you forget about our rules?”

The Protection Squad was a group of young ladies who adored Julius, but that was all they had in common.

They all had their own opinions: their feelings towards Julius, how they felt about Emilinne and how to treat Dudrick.

However, it would become a hindrance to the leadership of the group if the young ladies acted upon their views.

Therefore they respected each other’s opinions while following the commandments.

Which were:

  1. The Protection Squad will appreciate Julius-sama’s honourable appearance.
  2. The Protection Squad will not cause any trouble for Julius-sama.
  3. The Protection Squad eliminate those who wish to cause Julius-sama harm by all means.
  4. The Protection Squad must not harm Lady Emilinne.
  5. The Protection Squad must not get ahead of themselves.
  6. The Protection Squad must cooperate with each other as much as possible to achieve the above rules.

These were the six commandments of Julius’s Protection Squad. Those who broke these commandments were expelled from the group.

They couldn’t touch the Protection Squad’s information network once expelled so they wouldn’t be able to get information on Julius straight away. That was lethal to someone who adored Julius.

Also, it was recognised that the being expelled itself was considered dishonourable, so the young ladies strictly followed the commandments.

There were a lot of young ladies in the Protection Squad who regarded Emilinne, who was chosen as Julius’s fiancée, with hostility, but they refrain from acting upon those emotions and kept it hidden inside.

It was their freedom to feel how they felt about Julius, but acting upon those feelings or putting those feelings into words was a violation of the commandments.

“Oh yes, that was close.”

“Yes. We must take maximum joy in seeing Julius-sama’s appearance.”


The young ladies reaffirmed the commandments and renewed their unity.

In addition, the Protection Squad’s 6th commandment, [must cooperate with each other as much as possible], had a hidden deep meaning.

Factions were always created when people gathered to a certain extent. The nobles in Aullène were by no means united, there were many factions.

Of course, the factions fought amongst themselves and their relationships were probably bad. They kept getting in the other’s way and they won’t cooperate with each other unless there was a national crisis.

However, even those conflicting factions said that they would cooperate with the young ladies when it was about Julius, so you could see how unusual it is.


Julius, who didn’t know that he was being watched like that by a group of young ladies who called themselves his Protection Squad, parted ways with Dudrick and returned to where Maxián and Lillyshia were.

“Well done, you two.”

“Good job, Julius-sama, Emilinne.”

Maxián and Lillyshia noticed that Julius and Emilinne had returned thanked them for dancing.

“Thank you, Maxián-sama. I’m sorry for leaving you Lillyshia.”

“Thanks, Maxián. Oh Lady Lillyshia, you came as well.” Julius noticed that Lillyshia was there for the first time and spoke to her.

Lillyshia lightly bowed her head to greet Julius and informed him while looking troubled, “Yes, Julius-sama. I was with Emilinne, but she left me. Oh, I’m not blaming you, Emilinne. You don’t see anything else when it comes to Julius-sama. It’s been like that for a long time now.”


“That’s right.”

“Even you, Maxián-sama!?”

Emilinne, who had her restlessness pointed out to by Lillyshia and Maxián, blushed and panicked. Of course, the two weren’t seriously blaming her, they were just merely teasing her about how crazy she was over Julius. However, Emilinne remembered that Julius was also there and that he had heard what was being said, so she hastily justified her actions.

She didn’t want him to see her as a restless woman.

“It’s not true, Julius-sama! I don’t have such a restless personality……”

“Oh, what Maxián and Lillyshia said is not true? I was so happy……”

“Excuse me?”

Emilinne, who was desperately trying to justify her actions, was bewildered at Julius’s unexpected answer.

“I want Emilinne to only look at me, but will you turn your attention to others as well?”

“O-of course not! I only have eyes for Julius-sama……!”

She panicked again, forgot that she was trying to justify herself and dug her own grave when Julius replied in a lament way.

Emilinne finally noticed that Julius was laughing and pouted.

“Please don’t make fun of me!”

“Haha, I’m sorry. You look so cute when you panic.”

Emilinne was sulking but her mood immediately improved when he apologised.

Then, the bell that signalled the end of the ball resounded throughout the hall.

“The ball is about to end soon.”

“Yes, it’s such a shame.”

“My heart feels like it would burst open when I think about how I won’t be able to see you for a while, Lady Emilinne.”

“Oh, Julius-sama……”

Emilinne looked embarrassed and happy at the same time when Julius said something so theatrical as if he was joking around.

Then, Emilinne remembered something and informed Julius, “Oh yes, Julius-sama! I was planning to have a tea party with Lillyshia. Won’t you join us?”

“Of course, I would come.”

“You’re welcome to come as well, Maxián-sama.”

“I would be glad to.”

The four, who had promised to meet again at the tea party, exited the venue and headed home.

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