11: War

The Kingdom of Lakshurusu officially declared war on Aullène Kingdom 10 days after Earl Rosenberg told Julius about the potential of war.

“Did it finally start?”


Around the time when the declaration of war was delivered by fast horse, they had received information that an army of around 6000 was approaching from the northern border.

The leading troops were led by the second son, Lord Hedwig von Lakshurusu. He was over 40 years old but he was exceptional with the sword and he had a prestigious position. He was also well known in Aullène Kingdom.

There were 2000 border guards in contrast to the 6000 man army and although they had sent reinforcements, the difference in their power was evident now. Therefore, in order to buy time for the special army to be formed, they would confine themselves in the fortress and take on a defensive position.

At the same time, a draft order would be issued for the special army from within the kingdom.

The citizens, who hadn’t been informed of war in advanced, caused an uproar at the sudden notice.

On the other hand, the nobles had already known a little about the war from rumours so only a few were shaken up.

“Look at this sword! Isn’t the design wonderful? If I carry this onto the battlefield, then all eyes will be on me.”

“Hmph, would a delicate sword, that looks like it would break, be useful? It doesn’t compare to the heavy spear that I brought.”

“That’s not true, how would you swing such a heavy spear? My armour would be the main focus on the battlefield compared to that.”

Julius and the others turned towards where the noisy voice was coming from and they saw a noble man bragging about his gaudy armour a short distance away.

His eyes were glistening and he looked at the other people’s appearances while bragging. His desire to dominate was oozing out of him.

This war was a once in a lifetime opportunity for relatively low-ranking families, such as Viscount Houses or Baron Houses. Or for second or third sons.

Those who cannot succeed their House can gain prestige by building up battle achievements. By doing so, they could be welcomed at another House as a son-in-law, if that House didn’t have a successor. Someday, they might have the opportunity to succeed the house and be recognised.

Therefore, they lavishly spend a lot of money on expensive equipment to actively participate in the war.

Although, they were more focused on being in the limelight. The equipment they brought were more focused on appearance rather than practicality.

Gaining glory was more important to them than the consequences of war. Their choice in the appearance of their equipment could also be said to be wrong.

However, it was clear to Julius and Maxián, who both had no experience in war, the equipment they were boasting about was useless.

It was meaningless to gain prestige if you died as a result, but those who were caught up in the immediate future didn’t notice this.

The two continued their conversation while staring indifferently at the people who were boasting.

“Who’s participating in the war from Marquis Evryac House? You’re not going to tell me no one’s participating, right?”

“My father will. In our case, my father was given the commander role of one of the special armies. We didn’t have a choice. My brother and I don’t need to participate because my father is.”

“I see. So Marquis Evryac is one of the commanders? Well, it’s not odd since he’s a Marquis.”

Conversely, high ranking nobles didn’t need to gain prestige, so they were hesitant to participate in the war.

Of course, there were a few in those Houses that wanted prestige, but no matter how much they hesitated, there was still the problem of their prestige, so there were only a few Houses that didn’t participate. However, it was certain that they weren’t like lower nobles who participated in war to be number one.

Also, high ranking nobles such as Dukes and Marquises will be asked to participate as commanders, so there were also cases where the people who participate are already decided.

In this dispatch, the Dukes would be the commander in chief. The detached force would be commanded by Maxián’s father, Marquis Evryac.

That was why Julius concluded that Maxián and his older brother wouldn’t need to participate.

“So the head of the Rosenberg House will be participating after all?”

“…… No, I plan to participate.”

“……………… What?”

Maxián asked Julius the same question in return but when he heard Julius’s answer, he was so surprised that he froze.

He had expected Earl Rosenberg, himself, to participate because of his age and that Julius, the next generation head, would be running the House in Earl Rosenberg’s absence.

The truth turned out to be the opposite and the person who he had feelings for would be participating instead.

He, who had feelings for Julius, couldn’t think that Julius going into such a dangerous place was a good thing.

“Why on earth would you go?! It’s not necessary for you to participate in the upcoming war, is there?”

“My reason doesn’t differ from those people who are boasting about their equipment over there. I want prestige by amassing battle achievements, so I asked to participate.”


Julius, who wanted to seem more important so that he could marry Lady Emilinne, looked into the distance in an embarrassed way. He didn’t notice that his best friend, who was right beside him, was turning ghastly pale.

“You can’t! It’s dangerous! Because you’re a ──.”

──girl aren’t you! Maxián swallowed the words that were about to spill out of his mouth.

Those were taboo words that should never come out if one wanted to associate with the person named Julius. If he said those words out loud, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to stay by Julius’s side.

How did Julius interpret the sentence that had been cut off half way? Julius looked at his irritated friend, smiled bitterly and pacified him.

“Are you worried about me? I appreciate it, but it’s fine. Even if it’s like this, I have confidence in my sword skills.”

“I know you’re strong. But even so, I can’t feel relief. Hey, can you not force yourself to participate in this war? Surely, Lady Emilinne wouldn’t want you to.”

“I’m sorry Maxián. It’s already been decided.”

Julius softly smiled in order to reassure Maxián, who was arguing vehemently. His expression was soft, but his voice was steady. Maxián could tell that he wouldn’t waver in his decision.

His face slightly redden upon seeing Julius’s smiling face and he made a secretly came to a decision.


The information about Julius Rosenberg’s participation in war quickly travelled through the Protection Squad’s information network. It became well-known to all the young ladies in this kingdom in the blink of an eye.

The reactions of those who knew this fact was largely divided into two.

“Julius-sama, fight elegantly on the battlefield!”

“He will definitely gain a lot of battle achievements!”

“Oh, would it be impossible to glance at his figure on the battlefield?”

On one hand, those who thought about Julius’s gallant figure on the battlefield.

It was impossible for those young ladies to see Julius’s fighting figure with their own eyes because there was no reason for young noble ladies to go out onto the battlefield.

“Ah, I’m worried! Julius-sama’s life is in danger! He could receive a serious injury. If not that then what would I do if he received a scar on his beautiful face?!”

“That’s right! That would be a big loss to the kingdom!”

“Everyone let’s join hands and plead to the Royal Family to not let Julius-sama participate in this war!”

On the other hand, there were those who were anxious about Julius heading out to such a dangerous place.

There was no guarantee of safety when one went out into the battlefield, so of course there were people who were worried about him. However, if they acted on their feelings and protested then they would be going too far.

Incidentally, interfering with Julius’s participation in war was a violation of this commandment: do not cause any trouble for Julius-sama. The young ladies, who opposed his participation, would be seized.

The two groups, who were thinking the obvious, talked without running out of things to say. This was proof of how popular Julius was.


Meanwhile at the same time, the Prince had heard that Julius would be participating in the war and selfishly wanted to participate as well so he was seized by the surrounding people.

“If Julius Rosenberg goes to war, then I will too!”

“Please stop, Your Highness! Such a thing wouldn’t be approved!”

Of course the person in line for the throne wouldn’t be allowed to participate in war. But he, who was burning with rivalry for Julius, continued to rage without giving up.

“Gah, let me go! Even females are allowed to go out onto the battlefield, why not me!?”

“Because you are the Crown Prince!”

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