25: Speaking Out

“Lillyshia, you took the trouble to come here?” Emilinne asked to the person who had entered. She was wrapped in sheets on the bed.

The person who had knocked on the door was Lillyshia, so Emilinne was under the impression that she was that one who had entered. It was normal to think something like that, but the person who had entered the room wasn’t Lillyshia.

Emilinne was completely shocked when she heard the voice of the person who had entered.

“…… Please forgive me for being rude, Lady Emilinne.”

“Huh? ──?!” Ju-Ju-Julius-sama!? Why?!” Emilinne panicked when she heard the voice of the person she hadn’t expected.

She energetically sat up on the bed and turned towards Julius, but she realised what she looked like and turned bright red.

She was only wearing a pink nightgown, but because she had a short build the lines of her body could be clearly seen. It was problematic to show this appearance to a man. Or rather, it wasn’t even an appropriate appearance to show to those outside of the family, even if they were of the same sex.

Even though she was in this condition, she still invited Lillyshia, her best friend, to her room. She had thought that Lillyshia would forgive her even if she did it while smiling wryly; however, Julius, her unexpected visitor, was here instead.

Emilinne quickly hid her body by pulling the sheet to her neck.

“Ju-Julius-sama. I’m begging you, please turn around for a bit!”

“Oh, yes. I understand.”

Emilinne begged, even her eyes had turned red and she was teary eyed. Julius nodded his head as if he had just lost a mental battle and turned around.

Julius heard the sound of rustling clothes behind him. He wanted to turn back and look, but he managed to suppress his impulses.

“I, it’s fine now.” Emilinne nervously informed him. He turned around and saw that Emilinne had changed into a dressing gown.

He was still doubtful about whether she should wear something like that in front of a man, but it was still better than the nightgown she had on.

They were reluctant to continue such conversations by the bedside, so Emilinne suggested that they move to a table in the room.

“W-well…… Why are you here, Julius-sama? And where did Lillyshia go? I’m sure I heard her voice before.”

“Lillyshia helped me meet you. Without her help, this wouldn’t be possible, isn’t that right?”

“Oah, I’m sorry……”

Emilinne had secluded herself in her room and Julius didn’t intend to blame here. However, it was also a fact that he was unhappy with not being able to meet her. Those feelings might have transmitted to her because she looked very apologetic.

Julius saw that expression and concluded that she didn’t hate him, he was secretly relieved.

“Then Lady Emilinne, is it alright for me to ask why you have secluded yourself in your room?”


Emilinne couldn’t respond properly to Julius’ question and looked downwards.

“I thought that you hate me because I got you involved in something dangerous.”

“Huh? Hate…… Me hate you, Julius-sama? No way?! That’s not it! I did something inexcusable to you, Julius-sama ──!”


Emilinne quickly tried to justify her actions when Julius said that he thought she hated him. But because she had rushed, her words came out as a slur and it was too late to take them back when she’d realised. Her words had already reached Julius’ ears.

However, he didn’t understand what she meant.

“You did something inexcusable…… to me? What the heck are you talking about? Rather, shouldn’t I be grateful that you saved my life?”

“That’s, definitely not! I only did the obvious thing.”

She said she did something inexcusable, which meant that she did something bad to Julius, but he had no idea what it could be.

On the contrary, Emilinne shook her head when he said that he should be grateful to her for saving his life.

“But, why do you think you did something 『inexcusable』? I don’t think you did anything bad to me though……”


Emilinne couldn’t come up with an answer when Julius asked her about it curious and hung her head.

Julius was suspicious about her actions, but he waited patiently and didn’t press for answers.

The silence continued for a while and then Emilinne opened her mouth as if she’d prepared herself.

“Mm…… I saw it that day when I treated you.”

“? You saw it? What did you see?”

“Y-your body, Julius-sama.”

What about it? If you were going to treat me, then you would see it, Julius was about to say but then he suddenly remembered something.

One thing came to mind when he heard the words, “I saw your body.”

“Do you mean……?”

“Yes, I realised that Julius-sama is a man.”

“I see. That’s an inexcusable thing?”

If that was all, then Julius didn’t have a problem with that.

Because he didn’t hide that he was a man, on the contrary he was actively announcing it.

However, no one believed him except for those who originally knew his gender. His announcements bore no fruit.

Julius had always hoped that Emilinne would see him as a man, so he was rather thankful for this.

However, Emilinne shook her head at Julius’ guess and answered, “I was surprised to find out that Julius-sama was a man, but it couldn’t be helped in that situation since I needed to see your body to give you treatment.”

“Well, as I’ve said earlier, if you didn’t treat me there then I probably wouldn’t be alive right now. I’m extremely grateful for that, but I feel apologetic to you at the same time.”

“Yes. But I thought that Julius-sama was a woman this whole time, and now that I think about it, I’ve done some really rude things towards you since you are a man.”

Emilinne was feeling really apologetic and Julius understood why she felt this way.

Julius had positively claimed that he was a man many times before. But because those who heard this were already under the assumption that he was a woman dressed as a man, they didn’t take him seriously. His fiancée, Emilinne, was the same.

But Emilinne now knew that Julius was a man and her assumptions were destroyed. As a result, she noticed how much he had suffered whenever his claims were pushed aside…… No, she’d realised this.

“I finally understand why Julius-sama always said those things. But, I always thought you were a woman so I pushed those claims aside……”

She was overwhelmed with emotions as she repented and tears began spilling out of Emilinne’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Julius-sama. I wasn’t aware of your feelings and always did horrible things to you. I might not be forgiven but I wanted to apologise at least.”

Words began to pour out of her lips as she said everything that she was holding in, “But I thought maybe. Maybe you just didn’t say it out loud and were extremely hurt inside and I’ve already been hated since long ago. I got scared when I thought of it…… And then I couldn’t leave my room. Ahaha, it’s really silly, isn’t it? I got anxious by myself and secluded myself in my room and even caused trouble for Julius-sama and Lillyshia. This foolish me has no qualifications to stand next to Julius-sama……”

Emilinne’s feelings ran high and she stood up, but then her voice became sadder as she continued in self-mockery.

Julius listened quietly and suddenly stood up from his seat.

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