27: The Beauty and an Understanding Person

Rumours about Julius and Emilinne’s marriage quickly spread throughout Aullène Kingdom.

After hearing the rumours, all the young ladies who really loved Julius were driven to the bottom of despair. But most people thought that this had already been decided and it was all only a matter of time and genuinely congratulated them.

The two had gotten married by an ancient marriage rite, but if you say that they had started living as a couple immediately, then that wasn’t true.

Because even though their marriage had been established, they hadn’t informed the royal family and they haven’t prepared the marriage ceremony.

In the first place, Julius had proposed on impulse. At that time there had been no talks between the Rosenberg House and the Verjus House.

So they had to inform their parents first.

Of course, because both families had friendly relations and they were both originally engaged, their parents wouldn’t disapprove, but Julius was scolded heavily by his father, Earl Rosenberg, for not talking about this in advance. However, Julius had no regrets.

In the end, it was decided that Emilinne would be staying at the Verjus House until the formal ceremony. The relationship between them remained one of distance, the same as when they were engaged.

However, even though the living circumstances hadn’t changed between them, they now understood their feelings and were mentally connected.

The gentle aura around them was natural and was conveyed to those around them, even to those who weren’t happy about their marriage had no choice but to accept that they were married.


“Look, it’s Julius-sama and Emlinne!”

“Julius-sama and his wife?! Where, where are they!?”

“They’re standing by the wall!”

“Ah, they’re both as beautiful as ever!”

The young ladies wearing colourful dresses saw the appearance of a man and a woman standing at the corner of the hall at the ball venue made a big fuss.

The ladies’ shrills reached the people in question and the man lightly touched his head and sighed. However, the woman standing next to him with peach hair smiled and whispered something to him. The man also smiled before long.

The man was Julius and the woman was his wife Emilinne. They were treated as a married couple when they stood together, even if they hadn’t had their ceremony yet.

Julius had his long blonde hair down like usual and his beautiful face was unblemished.

However, the strained tension around him like when one drew a bow was no longer there.

He had a gentle smile as if it represented the state of his heart and a warm aura surrounded him.

Emilinne’s style had changed even more than Julius.

Her hairstyle was the same as before and her peach hair reached her back. She wore a violet dress, but compared to her previous adventurous styles, this dress was a lot more composed.

A necklace, earrings and ring were worn on her neck, ears and ring finger on her left hand respectively. Who had given them to her and the meaning behind it was obvious to anyone who saw them.

However, Emilinne herself had changed greatly more than the clothes or accessories she adorned. Even so, it wasn’t like her appearance or figure had changed drastically. The aura she gave up when she stood was different from before.

The previous Emilinne gave off an extremely cute image. Even now, she hadn’t lost this image but it was mixed in with a gentle and calm image. She was changing from a girl to a woman ── a miraculous charm that only existed in that moment.

She was already attractive, but she stood out even more when you included that charm and the fact that she was standing next to Julius. It was also natural that the gazes of the men in the room were directed at her.

“Hmph……” Julius noticed the gaze of the men on his partner and lost his warm aura. He was left with displeasure.

He was proud that men were interested in Emilinne and felt a sense of superiority, but at the same time he was also feeling jealous.

“Julius-sama? Is something wrong?” Emilinne was conscious of Julius’ feelings and asked while tiling her head.

“No, it’s……”

Julius was hesitant to answer Emilinne. As a man, he was opposed to revealing such an ugly feeling such as being jealous of the men staring at her. He wanted to show her the perfect appearance.

However, Emilinne smiled gently as if she had guessed his feelings and continued to look up at him.

“I won’t make you say it. But I’d like to know everything about you, Julius-sama and I’ll accept you no matter what.” Her words showed restraint, but it also revealed her strong will and hope. So far, she had been by his side this whole time and hadn’t been established an emotional bond with him. So her feelings were resolute. She knew the truth about Julius and came to understand him. She was prepared to accept everything about him and walk through life together.

Julius heard those words and smiled bitterly inside when he saw that she was looking straight at him.

As he’d thought, he was worried about telling her his inner thoughts. A lot of things had happened and they were able to form an emotional connection. Then, he should not only share the good things with her but the embarrassing things too.

“It’s a bit embarrassing to say this, but I was just jealous of the men’s gazes on you.”


Julius said a little red in the face and Emilinne was surprised. She looked around the venue.

Until now she had been next to Julius and gave him all her attention so she didn’t notice this, but certainly as he had said, she noticed for the first time that the men’s eyes were on her.

Emilinne was embarrassed and blood rushed to her head, but that was also charming and more people stared at her. It was a completely vicious circle.

“Why are they all looking at me?”

“That is because you’re beautiful, of course.”

Julius had a habit of complimenting woman was deeply ingrained in him because of Elizabeth’s education. He instinctively said something that sounded like the finishing blow.

If Emilinne had been how she was then those words would probably cause her to turn red and freeze.

However, she had made an emotional connection with him and was now different. She stared at Julius’ straight in the face even if she was read and replied, “Thank you, Julius-sama. But don’t worry. No matter how many people look at me, you looking at me is most important.”

“?! I’m relieved to hear that.”

Conversely, Julius was taken by surprise at the sudden counterattack from the person he loved. Her straightforward words squeezed his heart and resounded.


“Besides?” Emilinne had left him hanging and he asked curiously.

Emilinne drew her face to his ears and whispered so that only he could hear.

“I’ve always been jealous of the girls who stare at you Julius-sama, now it’s your turn to be jealous. Please be jealous a lot.”


She had a mischievous smile that only he could see. Julius was dumbfounded and speechless but he eventually smiled wryly.

“Certainly, my dear wife.”

“Fufu, I’m looking forward to it, my dear husband.”

Julius presented his left hand to Emilinne after he smiled for a while.

“The, then let’s show you off. Would you dance with me for this song?”

“Yes, I’ll dance with you for as many songs as you’d like. I’ll go with you anywhere.”

The two held hands and walked to the centre of the hall.


How one thought of themselves and how others perceived them might not always match.

No, it was said that it was only natural that there would be some degree of difference in how people perceived things.

The smaller the difference, the easier it was to achieve mutual understanding.

However, in contrast to this, mutual understanding would be impossible the bigger the difference, even if they exchanged hundreds of conversations.

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