28: Emilinne’s Struggles

Even though he was a man, people thought that Julius was a woman disguised as a man.

After many twists and turns, Emilinne Rosenberg knew that he was a man. She was now his wife and was dissatisfied about one thing.

Of course, she had gained great happiness when their feelings reached each other. She was satisfied with that aspect.

However, he was still seen as a woman disguised as a man by those around them and that was what she was dissatisfied about.

Julius thought that it was enough if only she understood him and told her this, but she wanted the people around him to know that he was man. She wanted to relieve his worry.

This is the account of her “wasteful” efforts in solving this misunderstanding.


First, Emilinne tried spreading a rumour. It was a simple rumour that Julius was actually a man.

She thought that Julius wouldn’t face any hardships if the situation changed with just this. It might be easier for her to make the next move if this rumour spread a little, so she gave it a go.

The result was a complete failure.

The majority of people who she, a Viscount’s daughter, could spread the rumours to were noble ladies, who had a similar social standing as her…

This meant that it was only passed onto the young ladies in Julius’ Protection Squad.

Rumours about Julius Rosenberg actually being a man was equal to blasphemy for the Protection Squad, so they made sure to prevent the spread of it and looked for the perpetrator.

If the purpose of this rumour was to look down upon Julius, then they would face the wrath of the young ladies in the Protection Squad.

However, the source of the rumour was Julius’ wife, Emilinne so the young ladies were bewildered.

The conclusion they reached after heavy discussions was that Emilinne was doing her best for Julius who must act like a man to succeed the Rosenberg House.

Naturally, the rumour didn’t spread and it ended with them sympathising Emilinne who was doing her best for Julius at the expense of herself.


Emilinne failed to spread the rumour to a large amount of people, so she decided to focus on those closest to her first.

She felt like those closest to her would believe in her words.

Emilinne’s targets were Julius’ best friend Maxián and her own best friend, Lillyshia.

First, she had to solve their misunderstandings and then gradually spread that to others. It was a sound plan so it took a long of time, but she had failed to spread the rumour in one go so it couldn’t be helped. This was the means she chose.

“Thank you for coming both of you.” Emilinne, who had invited both Maxián and Lillyshia over, said when they had both received their cups.

“I don’t mind, but why did you gather us? And is Julius not here?”

“Yes, with the people present you would have thought that Julius-sama also be here.”

“Julius-sama was also invited, but he’s busy with his duties, so he’ll be a little late. He said that he wanted us to start first.”

Of course, she had calculated this. Emilinne was working to dispel the misunderstanding about Julius in secret, so she wanted to talk to the two alone. Therefore she set the tea party at a time when he couldn’t come start away.

It could have been set at a time when he couldn’t come at all, but she still wanted him to participate so she set a time when he’d only be a little late. Thanks to that, she wasted time to adjust this tea party.

“By the way, I have something I want to talk to you two about……” Emilinne began, but then she noticed something and was bewildered.

The reason for this was because she thought that Maxián must know that Julius is a man.

Julius trusted Maxián who treated him as a man.

If he knew about this from the beginning, then she didn’t have to take such measures to inform them.

“Maxián-sama, do you think that Julius-sama is a woman?”


There wasn’t any need for her to rouse him since she wanted to spread that Julius was a man. She asked because she wanted to see if he knew this, if he didn’t then she would just have to correct him.

That question was fatal for Maxián and he spat his drink in surprise.

“*COUGH COUGH*…… Pardon me. Lady Emilinne, what are you saying all of a sudden?” He asked Emilinne. Maxián wiped the tea off his face with a handkerchief while coughing violently.

Emilinne was confused at his reaction. He didn’t have to act that surprised no matter what gender she thought Julius was.

“If Maxián-sama thinks of Julius as a woman then there’s something I must tell you.”

“…… Hah. I have surely thought of it, but I’ve already given up. So you don’t have to be that worried about it.”

The reason why she had asked that kind of question was probably to warn Maxián about his feelings for Julius. This was what he had concluded and informed her that he had already cut off his feelings.

However, he actually still had a lot of lingering feelings for Julius.

“Is that so? Then that’s good.”

“Emilinne, do you want to declare that Julius-sama is a man?”

Emilinne nodded in consent because she had thought that Maxián meant that he had thought of Julius as a woman in the past but it was different now. Lillyshia, who was watching their interaction, asked Emilinne a question.

That question also expressed her concern for Emilinne, since she had married a woman.

“Yes, of course!”

“Is that so? Then I’ll treat him as such.”

Emilinne was delighted that her allies had increased. She didn’t notice the true meaning behind Lillyshia’s words, which was that nothing would change.


Emilinne had told the people closest to her, but still, no one recognised Julius as a man.

At first, she had thought that it would take a long time to use this sound method, but she slowly found it odd that no one reacted to it at all.

She didn’t know the reason for this, but she had to admit that this method had failed.

Emilinne gave up and decided to move to the third plan.

The third plan was her final resort.

All her previous methods were means to spread the rumour orally, but that those methods didn’t work. The third method was to spread it by writing.

The third method was to write a sentence about Julius being a man and spreading that throughout the kingdom.

However, she didn’t think that it would be very convincing if she only wrote, ‘Julius Rosenberg is a man’.

Then what could she write to convince people that Julius was a man?

Emilinne was troubled and then she suddenly came up with something.

If she wrote about his refined body, which she saw earlier, in detail, then that would probably be proof that he was a man.

Fortunately, if Emilinne closed her eyes then she could firmly recall the memory engraved in her mind.

She put her idea into practice as soon as she thought of it. Emilinne took out writing equipment and immediately started depicting Julius’ body onto paper.

Emilinne wrote all night long and eventually lost to sleepiness. She fell asleep on the documents.



“…… Aah.”

Sunlight shone on her face and Emilinne woke up.

“Oh no, I can’t sleep in a place like this.”

She noticed that she had fallen asleep while written and then a knock sounded at the door.

“Yes, come in.”

Emilinne, who was half-asleep, gave the person permission to enter without confirming who it was. She clearly thought that it was a maid. However, she was surprised.

“Excuse me, Lady Emilinne.”


Emilinne panicked. She wasn’t wearing her nightgown like before but she had been completely unprepared to meet him.

Furthermore, she didn’t notice this but since she had slept on the table she had turned her arms into pillows, and those arms were now red with marks.

She dropped the bundle of papers that were on the desk and several sheets scattered onto the floor.

“What’s this?”

“Y-you can’t!”

Julius looked at the paper he’d picked up, he stopped when he read what they described. Emilinne tried to stop him in a panic but it was already too late.

“…… What is this?”

He was smiling but his eyes weren’t. She trembled, this was the first time she’d seen such a chilling expression on his face.

Julius heard about the events from Emilinne’s idea. He put a hand to his forehead and sighed.

“I’m happy with your feelings, but you’re overdoing it. This is just like a pornographic novel, isn’t it?”

“Uoah, I’m sorry.”

If you describe the opposite sex’s body then it would be like that. Emilinne, herself, thought it was a good idea and wrote everything in a trance. When she read over the sentences she wrote, she blushed in embarrassment.

She felt down because Julius had severely scolded her.

“As I’ve said before, I’m satisfied that you came to understand me. So you don’t have to rush it.”

Julius smiled gently while stroking Emilinne’s head. He was happy that Emilinne had tried so hard for him, so he couldn’t really be angry at her.

“Yes, Julius-sama.”

She also noticed that she had gotten so impatient that she lost sight of her surroundings. She nodded her head and decided that she would try again when the situation calmed down a bit more.



“Returning to the topic, you portrayed me in great detail.”


“I didn’t think you stared at me that much.”

“I, I didn’t!?”

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