Chapter 011: Hannah and I

The fathers seem to be deepening their friendship, but a baby had baby things to do: pluck grass, dig dirt and chase after bugs.

“Whoaa! Were we like this when we were 1?”

“I don’t remember. But I feel like Lei’s different from other babies.”

I looked at brother and his friend while still holding the grass and suddenly laughed. You don’t get it. You don’t get it at all do you, boys?

“Niini, dith ish inporthanth. Nd, I can theww ish grash from thouching.”

Brother’s friend widened his eyes in surprise as he listened to me.

“Inporthanth? Huh? Important? Dirt is important, and you can tell it’s grass from touching it. Is that what you’re saying?”

Yes. I nodded earnestly. It was important to touch and verify everything when you are small. By no means was I extremely interested in dirt, grass and bugs since I’ve been reincarnated and turned into a kid again.

Brother’s friend crouched down and looked at me in the eyes.

“Hey, I’m Gilbert. Lei, Gilbert.”


“Close! But, alright you can call me Gill. Gill.”



Gilbert rubbed my head. I’m wobbling, I’m shaking, you know!

“Hey Gill, I never said you could call her Lei.”

“Stingy, you’re so selfish.”

“Of course. She’s my cute little sister.”

I freaked out and called brother’s name.

“Niini, Niini.”

“What is it, Lei?”

Brother picked me up. These people always pick me up when they have the chance to. Don’t be too sure of yourself!

“Nu, waww.”

“Only for a little. Like really, just a little.”

Argh. Thus, in addition to brother, Gill also came over to play whenever they had a day off from the academy.

This happened when I was a year and three months old. It was already spring. One night, I woke up because I heard the door open quietly. Oh, that’s unusual. Father doesn’t come here much at night anymore.

Hannah came in quietly while I was still in a daze.


“Shh, Leila-sama. Let’s use our quiet voices since it’s night time.”


Hannah quickly changed my clothes. She put a warm, winter hat on my head and also put a poncho on me. It was my favourite one with two big pockets.

“Hannah, nightie-night? Whay chu cwrng cwothes?”

“So you don’t get cold. It’s still cold at night,” she said as she picked me up with her jacket and patted me on the back. Hannah seemed relieved and closed her eyes.

“Leila-sama, you can go nightie-night.”

I felt like I shouldn’t fall asleep, but I was so drowsy at midnight and fell asleep.



Hannah went out into the hallway without making a sound and peeked from left to right; then she quickly rushed outside through the servant’s entrance. The Marquis had hired people to guard the gate and back entrance when Leila turned one. But, there were many ways to sneak out of this massive mansion. Hannah had investigated this beforehand.

No one noticed them. Hannah walked across the Marquis’ big backyard with Leila in her arms. Then she poked her head out from a gap between the hedges and looked from left to right. Soon after, a carriage came towards them even though it was late at night. A man jumped off from the carriage as it moved and rushed towards them.

“The baby?”

“I have her.”

“Ok, get on.”

“No, I was only told to hand her over here.”

“You’re causing a fuss over trivial things. You’ll get caught too if you get noisy here. Hurry up and get on.”

Then, the man forcibly shoved Hannah into the carriage which had come up next to them.

Hannah cowered in fright, and the man got on. The carriage continued to move towards the entertainment district as if it had never stopped. It was close to midnight, but the area was still crowded with people drinking and those going to brothels.

The wagon stopped where it wouldn’t stand out. The man got out of the wagon and dragged Hannah, who still didn’t know what was going on, with him. They entered a specific tavern through the backdoor.

“Th-the promise-.”

“Shut up.”

Hannah said frantically, and the man replied coldly. Then the man asked the man at the tavern, “Did you prepare the thick coat for the woman? What about the Rug Dragon?”

“Yuh, two. One has a basket. But you taking this chick with you? Huh? What the hell, you have a baby too? Riding for a long time will be rough on the kid.”

“My parents are sick. I want them to see my wife and kid while they’re still healthy. Is the dragon properly trained?”

“Of course. But they’re not comfortable. Even if you’re in a rush, carry your baby carefully.”

“I know.”

Hannah, who had no idea what was going on, was forced to wear a thick coat and put onto a speed type dragon. When she came to, she was swaying with Leila in the darkness outside of the Royal Capital. Luckily, Leila was sound asleep even though she was swaying.

“Even though I was only told to give Ojou-sama to an outsider……” Hannah’s mutter disappeared into the dark night.

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Editor: HSM