Chapter 013: The Dragon and I

Even if I thought of different things to escape from reality, the dragon continued to run in rhythm, and I got further away from father and brother.


“What is it?”

“Why dwagon forrow.”

“Oh, that’s-,”

I decided to ask Hannah a lot of questions when she calmed down. In fact, the dragon we were riding didn’t have a rein or anything. But it was properly following the dragon in front of us. There are more important things to talk about than this, you say? Kids should ask about what they’re interested in first.

“Rug Dragons live in groups. If there’s more than two, then one of them would be the leader, and the others will follow the leader.”


So they had such a trait. So it’s useless to try to make dragons rampage and divert the course by drawing their attention. But then, a girl and baby didn’t have enough power to make that happen anyway.

“Fowwo fwom fah ushe dwagon?”

“From far away? Although we use dragons, we usually use a dragon carriage named Dab Dragon. They have four legs and travel at a more relaxing pace. Rug Dragons are the fastest dragons, and they’re used by people who like speed and those who need to rush somewhere,” Hannah responded honestly like always.

This meant that the people at the mansion wouldn’t be able to catch up with us if they didn’t give chase straight away. This is terrible. While we’re resting, I could only stall for time by going to the toilet for a long time or by throwing a tantrum.

But if I went with my plan and he confiscated our food or rushed us, then it would be pointless.

I immediately realised why we’d stopped in front of town; it was so he could quickly change the dragons. I was really excited to see the town outside of the mansion for the first time. It was early in the morning, but there were local farmers everywhere, selling spring vegetables and fruits that had made it past the winter.

“Fresh fruits from Frontier!” I couldn’t help but look towards the voice that had said that.

“It takes 10 days to get to Frontier! No way ’s fresh!”

“Damn right!”

Laughter spread throughout the area. There were stalls for those who went to work early in the morning. It smells good. I spontaneously said, “Dere, wanth.”

“Leila-sama, you can’t. Stall food is dirty.”

It’s not dirty. The man won’t buy it for me anyway. We would stand out if we ate in town and it would take time to eat. So the man quickly changed dragons and rushed us. I was tired from being hugged and shaken, but Hannah, who wasn’t used to travelling, was also tired.

That day, we also had unsavoury bread and water for lunch, and he prevented my plan to extend the break by immediately putting us onto the dragon. I was dozing off in the afternoon sun, and Hannah began muttering to herself while in a daze, “I wonder if Matthew got the medicine. Why did he take me too? Why did I do this to Leila-sama……? But Matthew’s medicine…… And if I go against Remington, then mum’s work……”

I listened to Hannah even though I was dozing off. Matthew. Mum. Hannah never talked about her family in front of me. But she was used to taking care of kids, could understand what I say and took me seriously.

“Matthew…… Mum.”

I clung gently to Hannah who was holding me, and she hugged me closer without thinking as she swayed. I hope we can both get some sleep since we’ve been wobbling on this dragon for more than half a day already. The dragon was still running when I woke up after sleeping. Hannah looked as if she was asleep.

I recalled what I had heard last night. It seems like someone is threatening Hannah about her mum’s work and her brother’s medicine. Is Remington a surname?

I recently learnt that my surname is Albans. Leila Albans. Brother is Luke Albans. Father is Dean Albans. Our family has the magic power to support the barrier.

I have too little information. I had no choice but to do what I could, but a baby’s body couldn’t do much. It was dusk before long, and the dragons stopped along the road where I could see the town from beyond.

“We will nap and eat here. Then, I’ll change dragons in the next town.”

We had been shaking the whole day, but the man had also been riding the dragon for an entire day. He was indeed tired. Hannah and I ate our food obediently, and when we went to go to the toilet, the dragons got in our way.

“Gwo wee-wee?” I can’t be embarrassed about this. I complained to the dragon, but it still got in my way.

“Seems like you’ve been recognised as one of its group. I’ve heard that this occasionally happens. It’s probably telling you that it’s dangerous so don’t go far,” the man chuckled.

It’s not funny. What’re you going to do if I leak?

“I’ll go over there, so finish your business.”

I was desperate and could only do just this. I was in a bad mood because I had the unusual experience of finishing my business while being watched by a dragon. Even though they let Hannah go off to do her thing! But, the man took out a blanket out of his bag without care, so we also laid down and slept a little.

“Wake up,” Hannah and I were woken up by the man. My body felt heavy, but it was still better than sleeping inside of the basket.

“The small one’s lively. Good,” he said as he put us into the basket once again and headed to the next town.

The second town was bigger and livelier than the first. I thought people would be sleeping, but it didn’t seem to be midnight yet. The man once again headed to a tavern and knocked on the backdoor four times.

“You’re finally here? You’re late!”

“It’s the girls. I gotta let them rest a little.”

“F-fine. But the Kingdom guards are starting to move soon. You don’t have time to rest from here on.”

The men were discussing something while looking at us. The man who brought us here looked at us and said, “I’m done here. This guy’s gonna take you next.”


I let go of the hand that was holding Hannah’s. It was a full day for a baby to be trapped on a swaying dragon. I’ve reached my limit. I can’t even go toilet freely.

I turned around and started walking briskly. Let’s head to a place with lots of people. They’ll probably help me if I tell them I’m lost.

But I was caught straight away. It seems like I wasn’t walking briskly.

“Weren’t you a good girl?”

“How do I put this? She doesn’t try to run, cry or make a fuss.”

I tried to flap around, but it was pointless. If running away was useless, then I want them to improve their treatment of me.

“Den, dat wanth.”


“Yummy wanth.”

I’m bored of just bread and water.

“You, how dare you act selfishly while being kidnapped.”

“Maeth! Sweeth!”

“Ha, Haha,” the man finally laughed.

“Got it. I’ll give it to you. You put these guys on the dragon already,” he said to the man who was replacing him and disappeared into the bustling streets. He gave us a drink that was wrapped in leaves while we were sitting in the basket and put something in my poncho pocket.

“Be happy,” he said and disappeared into the busy streets without looking back. What are you saying now? You kidnapped me! The dragons began to move.

“Hannah, opwen.”

Inside the wrap was minced meat wrapped in fried flour seasoned with salty-sweet spice. I gave half to Hannah and ate it. The dragon continued to run. Where the heck are we going?

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Editor: HSM