What did father say to brother? I recalled what father had said, “Listen, Luke, your power is large enough, but if you continue to channel your large power as it is, then your life will be shortened. You have to be able to effectively channel your magic into the magic stone without waste.”

Alistair’s magic began to move and was rapidly being sucked by the magic stone. The stone became slightly reddish, but it continued to pull in his magic.

I took my eyes off Alistair and watched the men around me. None of them seemed to think there was anything wrong with him. This is bad.

I got closer to Alistair.

“What is it, Chibi? It’s dangerous,” Mill said in a carefree manner, but I had to do this. I swung my hand and slapped Alistair’s hand. The magic stone fell on the ground.

“Wh-what are you doing?! This isn’t a game!” Mill pulled me back. You can pull me and get angry at me.

But, look.

“Alistair. Hey, what’s wrong?” Alistair fell forward as Bart called out to him. Bart quickly went to help him.

“Alistair! He fainted! What’s wrong?”

“Magwic, none.”


Nothing can be done even if you say ‘what?’ I repeated myself, “Awishthair, magwic. No mwore.”

He had a little left, but if he continued to channel his magic into the stone then it would be all gone. If that happens then his life would be shortened. The thing that father repeated to brother so many times until he got tired of hearing it was probably about this.

“But nothing like this has happened until now…… Did he use too much?!”

He probably did.

“Oh well, it seems like we relied on the barrier a little too much. Mill, take Alistair to the tent. We’ll take turns guarding the camp in twos. It’s gonna be a dangerous night,” Bart quickly instructed. Then, he picked up the fallen stone.

*WHIRR*. I looked up.

*WHIRR*. Although a bit late, everyone looked in the same direction.

“It’s already here. Tsk! They only come out in large numbers at a time like this! There’s a lot of them, but it’s our win as long as they don’t touch our bodies!”

Bart looked at me in surprise.

“You, chibi, you probably don’t understand what I’m saying, but we don’t have the power to protect you and Alistair. Go into the tent, be quiet and cover yourselves with a blanket,” he said as he took the sword from his hip and started running towards the Hollows. The three remaining men followed after him. They were probably taking the fight away from Alistair and I.

I couldn’t see it clearly, but there were about 10 Hollows. 10 Hollows against 4 people. I don’t know how strong they are, but I knew one thing clearly. If they die, then Alistair and I will die too.

I picked up the magic stone that was at my feet. It completely covered both my hands. I sat down beside the box. I put the stone down and picked the box up. There didn’t seem to be a switch on it. When I opened the box, I saw a hole big enough to fit the magic stone. There wasn’t any switch inside either.

“Puth thhe shthone in. Cwoshe thhe wid. Thurn thhe wey.”

I did that one at a time and then the air around me changed with a ding, and then it immediately disappeared. The barrier was activated with a simple procedure, but there just wasn’t enough magic.

“I haf to put magwic in.”

If you don’t put enough magic inside the stone, then the barrier probably won’t activate.

*WHIRR*. The sound got closer. I looked up and saw four people. They were all fine, but they were gradually coming towards me.

Can I do it? I know how magic circulation works and I also know how to use it. I’ve only done this once before and it was on a small stone. But, if I don’t do this then I’ll die anyway. So-.

I put the small box down at my feet with the lid open and held the magic stone with both hands. I can tell that my magic and the stone were vibrating.

I don’t want to die. Control it. I breathed in and out, then began channelling my magic into the magic stone. I desperately tried to suppress my magic that was trying to rush into the magic stone. Effectively, without waste. Make the stream thinner and constant.

If I knew this was going to happen, then I should have trained my magic circulation in secret at night like the babies in reincarnation stories. Even if that meant Sebas and father would scold me for it. I started freaking out when I thought about how angry they would be if they found out.

The magic stone got a lot darker. It’s probably alright if I stop soon.

I smiled for the first time in a long time feeling accomplished and then frowned. This isn’t good. I don’t know how to stop. When I was lighting the light magic stone, I felt it repel my magic when it got full.

If it comes to it then I’ll just throw it away. If it comes to it? I’m talking about when I become sluggish. In other words, right now. I’m so sluggish that I can barely hold onto the stone.

*WHIRR*. I heard the sound nearby. I sluggishly lifted my face and a few Hollows were swaying my way.

“Chibi! Why are you still outside?! Go into the tent!” I heard Bart’s voice. Then, I felt the stone repel my magic.

Quickly, hurry up! *WHIRR*. The Hollows split into two groups; one headed towards me while the other headed towards the tent. Quickly!

I put the stone gently into the box with my hands trembling, closed the lid and turned the key. *DING*. The quality of the change around me couldn’t be compared to before. The Hollows within my reach flew back as if they were being pushed by the barrier. The Hollows near the tent also flew back.

I don’t know how long it will last, but at least we won’t die right now.

“Woah, what the hell! The Hollows flew over there! Don’t tell me-.”

I showed the small box to Bart. He’ll probably understand with this.

“The barrier?!”

I nodded.

“Go back to your tents. The barrier’s back up!”


“Don’t think about it! Go back to your tents!”

That was all I remembered. Apparently I collapsed with the small box in my hands when the men came back into the barrier. My fever just went down, isn’t this too hard on my body? That was the first thing I thought when I woke up.

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Editor: HSM