Chapter 025: What Needs to Be Done (Otou-sama’s POV)

“Master, the guard is here.”

“Enter,” after I said this, Jude opened the door and the guard entered the room.

“Sorry to bother you.”

The person who had entered was around the same age as Grace Remington.

“I am Harold Molesey, the captain of the 2nd Guard Unit.”

“Dean Albans and my son Luke Albans.”

Luke and Harold lightly bowed their heads at each other. The 2nd Guard Unit was in charge of the Royal Capital. So this man also didn’t have the magic of the Four Marquises.

“I want to talk about Ojou-sama and about how the Special Forces weren’t able to catch up with her.”

“We did catch up with them, you must have heard that we caught the criminal who was leading them, right? Don’t say anything else about that.” I snapped. At the very end, the guards failed to catch Leila because of their oversight. They didn’t have any right to speak of it as if it were someone else’s problem.

“Well then, the culprit who kidnapped Leila-sama is without a doubt, the maid Hannah. But judging from how her things are still here and the testimonies from her colleagues, she had no intention of leaving the mansion. She was only supposed to hand Leila-sama to the criminals.”

“I see.”

“Also, it seems like the gardener is also a traitor. He also disappeared the night when Leila-sama was taken. His things are completely gone.”

Hannah should be the only new hire. If there were others, then they were the ones who replaced others when I got married to Claire.


“And the common factor is the butler named Sebas.”

“Why do you think that?”

“He was in charge of the personnel, went missing after the day of the incident, all his possessions are gone, and-.”


“I think that he ran away with Hannah’s family.”

“I see.”

Luke seemed like he wanted to say something and I stopped him with my hand. Don’t talk back. Luke was surprised and nodded.

“Are you certain that he ran away with her family?”

“Well, the maid’s mother works at Marquis Remington’s mansion. Sebas should also be a former servant at the Remington mansion. He immediately went to see her the day after the incident, so they certainly know each other.”

“Hannah was hired based on Sebas’s recommendation. It’s not weird even if he did know her parents.”

“But both Hannah’s family and Sebas disappeared on that night, so it’s impossible to insist that he is innocent.”

Something’s bothering me.

“What about Remington.”

“He has nothing to do with this incident. We were allowed to talk to the servants, but further investigation was denied.”

Even I would refuse. But why did Hannah kidnap Lei? She’d disappeared, but they would’ve caught her if they found her.

“The motive?”

“Her colleagues say that Hannah has money problems. Apparently her brother is suffering from a nasty disease.”

“And how does that connect to the kidnapping?”

“Perhaps, they offered to give her brother medicine in exchange for her help.”

“Sebas did that?”


“Then what is Sebas’s motive?”


Molesey wiped sweat that wasn’t even coming out from his forehead. Even if the circumstances were there, they didn’t have a reason. That’s probably what it is. Molesey averted his gaze as if he couldn’t say.

“We think it’s because he was unsatisfied with the way your child was being treated.”

I stopped Luke again. I know. It’s about what happened before.

“I see. So which criminal organisation is connected to this?”

“That’s, mm, we’re not sure yet.”

“I see.”

 I put my hands on my desk and placed my chin on it.

“And the investigation from now on?”

“Hah, we are tracking down Sebas and Hannah’s family.”

“And the perpetrator and organisation behind this?”

“All we know is that they got Leila-sama out of the border.”

“So that’s finished?”

“At least the 2nd Unit will be searching in the Royal Capital.”

They decided to put the liability on Sebas because he’s disappeared and end the investigation. There’s nothing they could do since he’s gone. The kidnapping case will never be solved like this. I see.

“Do you know where Sebas was headed?”

“Three people fitting their description is travelling to the east, so we’re focusing our investigation there.”

“Is your unit doing the investigating?”

“No, the 3rd Unit.”

“I see. Alright, thank you for your cooperation.”

“You’re welcome. Then, I’ll be off.”

Molesey left the room while wiping his sweat.

“Otou-sama! Sebas doesn’t have any complaints towards you! He thinks about our family more than anyone!” Luke said as soon as Molesey left the room.

“I know. I know.”

Sebas cares about Luke and Lei more than anyone. Perhaps, even me. He must have a reason.

“Let’s go to Lei’s room.”

I left the room together with Luke and we headed towards Lei’s room. I stopped myself from opening the door. Whenever I opened the door a little, a mischief Lei would come crawling out from within.



When I opened the door, the room was still left as it was; it was like Lei had gone outside to play. I looked at Luke and nodded, then we searched the room.

“When Lei hadn’t started walking yet, she would often roll around in this room. I would sit on the desk and she would roll beside me.”

“Yeah, the three of us would lie down and read picture books together. When we laid down, Sebas would look at us happily…… Luke!”


We probably looked foolish doing this, but we got down onto the floor, and looked around the room.

“Otou-sama! Under Lei’s bed!”


Something white was stuck under the bed. I grabbed it with shaking hands and saw that it was, indeed, Sebas’s scribbling. His writing was methodical and beautiful even though he was scribbling.

 “Otou-sama! What is it?”

“Oh…… As I thought-.”

I read it out loud for Luke, “Hannah’s brother doesn’t have a nasty disease. She was tricked by someone. At this rate, her family will be blamed and executed and nothing will be solved. Lei-sama will be most sad when she returns and learns of this. I will do what needs to be done.”

Luke shut his eyes and gripped his hands. I thought for a while, what needs to be done.



“Sebas feared that Hannah’s family would be executed so he took them away. He threw everything away. For Lei. So that Lei wouldn’t be sad.”

“I know!”

“The culprit is someone else. What is their purpose? Why are the guards not cooperating with us? I don’t care if I have to throw everything away to get Lei back. But, what is the most suitable solution?”

What must I do?

“If the best thing for me to do is to throw everything away right now and search for Lei, then I will. But, that’s not it, right Otou-sama?”


“Then, I will also think about what I must do as Sebas is doing. Lei will return. I will think about what I should do when she does return.”

“Yes, that’s right. Luke!”

I hugged Luke tightly while still holding Sebas’s letter.

We’ll find Lei. In the meantime I have to do what I can. Isn’t that right, Sebas?

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