Chapter 026: Green Prairie

I thought that the days I spent riding the dragons would be dreary, but it wasn’t. The view of the green prairie and forests looked fascinating. Especially since I had spent all my time in my room at the mansion and the garden.

But why did these men come to the border town when it took three days to get here from Lentforce?

I understood that they were going home from the border town and met me after they’d stopped for the night as they ran along Walsall Mountain Range.

“We went to sell magic stones,” Mill told me. Mill and I didn’t tell each other what we wanted to, but I gained a lot of information from him because he was talkative. Hollows don’t come out during the day, so I thought it would be boring.

“It’s nice to have someone to talk to.”


He lined up his Rug Dragon with mine and talked about whatever he could think of. Apparently, it was better if I give some kind of reply. So, what happened to Alistair who had picked me up?

He was following Bart who was at the front. While looking in Bart’s direction, he rode without saying anything and learned about things he should be careful of while on the move and to look for landmarks on the mountains. Kyaro and Clyde were also keeping their ranks while staying vigilant of our back and sides; they weren’t letting their guard down at all.

“Miww, Awishthair, oway?” I wanted to ask Mill if it was alright for him not to act like Alistair.

“Oh, Alistair? He’s a good guy. His mum, Nora, passed away and he’s been on his own since last year, but he works hard and supports himself.”

I wasn’t asking about something so heavy.

“Miww, guard oway?” I wonder if he’ll get it with this.

“Guard? The others are doing it, so I don’t have to.”

He understood me, but he’s a bit disappointing.

“We usually only go to the north and south of Lentforce, so it’s exciting to go this far.”

“I shee.”

But this excitement put your life in danger yesterday, you know?

“We finally got a barrier box, so we got reckless and camped along the mountain range. That was really dangerous. Haha.”

“Ith’sh noth funny.”

Alistair glanced at us as Mill chuckled happily.

“But we usually stay in inns. At least, that’s what we did until we got to the border town, Kaylie.”

“Reawwy? Howwow don’th appear in thown?”

Don’t they appear anywhere at night?

“The entrances and windows in town are lined with Rhodolite which the Hollows hate. Hollows show up in town, but they don’t really go into houses.”

“I shee.”

I nodded with a serious look on my face and Mill grinned in satisfaction. Isn’t it lunch soon? Bart’s dragon started slowing down.

“Oi, Isn’t it a bit too early for lunch? What’s wrong?” When the dragons stopped completely, Mill got off his dragon and said.

“I told you this morning, didn’t I? We’re going to split into two groups here, and Kyaro and Clyde are going to go to town. The four of us will wait outside of town. You even said that we can take it easy today because we’re getting food from town.”

“Oh yeah, I did.”

Mill scratched his head as if he’d forgotten this. In the meantime, Alistair quickly opened my basket, removed the band and carried me off the dragon.

“We were running for a long time, are you alright?”


Then, he carefully patted my body from head to toe.


“Nothing, I was just seeing if you can move properly.”

“Chu can’th theww thhath by paththing me.”


I walked briskly and waved my hands. Bart nodded when he saw me do this.

“You can totter. Looks like you’re ok.”

I glared at Bart.


“I’m noth thoththering.”

“Yeah, yeah. Briskly. You’re walking briskly.”


That’s fine. Alistair pressed his lips together and trembled. What is he holding back?

“You can waugh.”

“Ku, haha. Chibi, you’re not childish at all. It’s so funny.”

“Ith’sh Lei.”

“J-just like that. Le-lei. Haha.”

Good grief! I folded my arms, but it was only me putting my arms across my chest.


Yes, yes, go ahead and laugh.

“A-anyway, you, Lei, we’ll need to buy you some clothes.”


When the laughter subsided, Kyaro spoke. I wondered if I would have nothing else to wear for another week. I had a fever and got really sweaty, so my clothes were filthy.

“What should I buy?”

“Thhath Wyaro.”

I sighed. Was this something you asked a one-year-old?

“Kyaro, Lei’s probably just over a year old right?”

Alistair turned around to look at me as if he was looking for confirmation. I nodded. He confirmed this with me as if it was the most natural thing to do, but babies usually don’t know how old they are.

“I want you to buy clothes that are a bit bigger. She has a coat, so buy two of everything else. If possible, buy used clothes.”

“Oh, alright. Also, does she need a rattle?”

A rattle! You’re asking this now?!

“Nah, Lei probably doesn’t need one. She’ll probably want a book instead…… Book?”

I made a face that said, “Books are good,” but it seemed that Alistair was joking and he looked mixed.

“Well, real nobles might just be like Lei. Our common senses are different. I’m sure of it,” he grumbled, but that’s probably a misunderstanding.

“Buy some food that are easy to eat. I have a feeling that she’s a glutton.”



Bart spoke over Alistair, “It’s fine. Don’t let people know that we have a baby with us. Make it seem like we’re buying a gift for a relative.”

“I said alright. I’m not Mill,” Kyaro replied, then he and Clyde rode their dragons and ran towards the town in the distance.

“Now then, we should rest a bit.”

Bart stretched. But, this isn’t the time to be stretching. Well, I guess he can stretch.


“What is it, Lei?” Although he replied, he walked off, picked up something and came back.

“Lei, here.”


Alistair had pulled out some thick grass stalks, teared it to the length of his palm and blew on it, “Puff.”


“Puff, puff.”

“Thhere’sh a shound.”

“It’s interesting, right?”

Then, he gave me the stalk. I blew on it. *PUFF* There’s no sound.

“Try harder.”


I breathed in.


It sang!

“See!? It’s interesting, right?”


No, no, whatever. I carefully put the stalk into my poncho pocket.

“What’s wrong? I can make it for you again, so you don’t need to put it away.”

I’m happy for his kindness, but it’s not that.

“Awishthair. Magic practhice.”

“Magic? Practice?”


Alistair has to train his magic. He has the same power as brother, and he has to use it then he needs to cherish his life. This is non-negotiable.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM