Chapter 027: Happiness

Alistair shook his head.

“Magic is something certain people have, and they can make money by filling magic stones at a magic shop. There’s no need to practice.”

We were resting in a place with a good view, so Bart and Mill were staying vigilant while listening to our conversation with interest.

I can’t believe that it isn’t considered important in town even though father had warned brother about his magic so many times. Do people in town not collapse when they used up their magic?

“No magwic, cowwashpe.”

“A lot of people collapse.”

Bart and Mill nodded. So they do. I was struck with emptiness.

“But I’ll get better if I just rest like yesterday.”


“No? What do you mean?” Bart said

“Wife shhorthened.”

“Your life shortens? I’ve never heard that before.”

“No, wait.”

Bart reacted to Mill’s words.

“People with high magic power have short life spans. I thought this was normal, but is it because they used their magic too much?”

I didn’t know that, but it’s possible.

“Wife shhorthened. Withhouth washthe, effecthivewy, channew magic intho magic shthone. Otousyama shaid.”

Phew. I remembered this and tried to connect my words, but it was difficult for a one-year-old infant.


Alistair looked away.

“Otousyama? Did your dad say this Lei?”

“Ai. Niini, practhice. Awoth,” I did my best to appeal to Bart.

“If even the nobles are practising, then Alistair should do it too. Are you alright with dying early?” Bart asked Alistair since he understood what I was saying.

“I’m-!” Alistair raised his voice and was startled.

“I’ll work hard because I want to live. But, I don’t know if I want to live for a long time,” he said and turned away.

“Mum said that nobles aren’t happy. If I listened to people who are unhappy and did what they say, then I wouldn’t be happy now would I?”

Nobles aren’t happy. Really? Well, it’s true that father didn’t seem happy at first. But it doesn’t seem like he thinks it’s okay to throw away your life away since he teaches brother how to circulate his magic so diligently. Isn’t he enjoying life?

“Lei happy.”

“You! Didn’t you get kidnapped because you’re a noble?!”

Alistair bent down and grabbed my shoulders. It hurts a little.

“If you weren’t a noble! Then you would be with your dad and mum, and maybe your brother too. And everyone could have lived a normal life!” Alistair said as he looked pained.

I see. So Alistair thinks that he could be happy if he weren’t a noble?

I lived happily in my last life, but I didn’t expect to live happily in this life. I should live because I was born, and since I’m alive, I want to live happily. So I’m living as I want even though I’m just a baby. I don’t have any complains or regrets.

But, that’s right. A 10-year-old who has been alone and is desperately trying to live, wouldn’t know if they’re happy or not. I called Alistair’s name, “Awishthair.”



Then, I held out my hands.


“Hold you? Fine.”

Alistair heaved and held me firmly.

“What? Are you lonely?”


I’m not lonely. No, it’s not like I’m not lonely, but that’s not it. When times are hard, or when they’re feeling lonely, brother and father also hug me like this and calm down, don’t they?


I pointed to the sky.

“They’re flying.”


“There are two. I wonder if they’re flying back to the forest.”


Then, we looked around. Now then, has he calmed down?

“Awishthair, down.”

Alistair hesitated a little and put me down. I stared into Alistair’s eyes.

“Awishthair, Magic practhice.”


Alistair opened his eyes as if he’d given up and then he started laughing as if saying, ‘fine’.

“Bart, Mill.”

“It’s fine. We still have time,” Bart, who had been watching over us, said in relief.

“Barth, Miww, do?”

“Us? We don’t have magic, ya know?”

“We don’t have a drop of noble blood in us. Haha.”

They laughed, but it was strange.

To begin with, I haven’t really met anyone without magic. Hannah, Sebas, and all the people who work in the mansion were all clad in a thin magic layer. The people who kidnapped me were wrapped in a clear layer.

If I had to say it, maybe, I feel like I didn’t see magic around the rascals, who we met when Hannah and I had strayed. But that’s all. Bart, Mill, Kyaro and Clyde all have magic. They didn’t have as much as Alistair or brother, but they have more than Hannah did. Do they not know this?

Well, whatever. First is Alistair.

I can’t instruct him on how to grasp the magic in his body like father does when he teaches brother, so I can only do it my own way.

First, I sat down while facing him.

“Gib me hand.”

“Like this?”

I held Alistair’s outstretched hand. His hand was big, so I could only hold onto one finger.

“Like this, right?”


Alistair laughed as he held my hands. This is good. I tried to feel my magic and sent it to Alistair. Opposite of when it was sucked by the magic stone, I pushed it.


“What is it? What is it?”

Alistair spoke in surprise, and the two, who were watching us in amusement, began to make a fuss. I nearly laughed as well. Calm down, stay calm.

“Thath’sh magic.”

“I always draw it out, but it’s back.”

“Magic noth drawn. Inshide chu.”

“Inside me.” Alistair said.

“One more time,” he closed his eyes. I sent my magic.


“From hanh tho shhouwder. From shhouwder tho opposhithe hand. From hanh tho shhouwder. From shhouwder to shthomach. From shthomach tho feeth.”

“Mm, mm.”

Bart and Mill weren’t guarding, they held their breath as they watched us.

“No good. It disappears halfway.”


“Ok. Mm, mm.”

Alistair opened his eyes while groaning.

“Ah, not again. It disappeared somewhere in my stomach.”

“Thath’sh why practhice.”

“I see. So you can’t get it straight away?”


Huh? So why can I do it straight away? I’m sure it’s because I’m an adult inside.

“Alright, it’s just like being a Hunter! If you can’t do it then practice. Right?”


It seems like a fire was lit in him because he couldn’t do it. I’m glad he’s feeling motivated.

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Editor: HSM