Chapter 028: Magic Stone

Today’s training finished there. But, Alistair would sometimes become conscious of his magic, and Bart warned him, “Stop doing that while moving! You should know when to concentrate and when not to as a Hunter!” What about Mill? I looked at Mill who was casually riding on his dragon.

“Miww pay aththenthion.”

“Me? If you become like me, then you’ll be able to tell, so it’s fine.”

Apparently, he knows when to pay attention and when not to. Really? We rode on the dragons until night and camped by a small river that day. After dinner, Alistair drew some water into a bucket and carried it to the tent.

“Lei, wipe your body with this and change into your new clothes.”


But the water in spring is cold.

“Like this and-.”

Alistair put a small magic stone into a box, locked it and threw it in the bucket. A few seconds later steam started rising from the bucket.


“Is this your first time seeing this? Now the water’s just perfect.”

He let me stand in the bucket and quickly wiped my body as to not let any wind get into the tent. He also washed my hair, so it felt nice. My new clothes were stiff and felt terrible, but at least they were clean.

“I’ll clean the clothes you were wearing and sell them except for your jacket. It’s better if people don’t know your identity.”


I remained silent because it was impossible for me to explain that selling it will leave traces. It might be better for them to leave traces of me. I only saw the magic stones used for light at the mansion, but it seemed like they had many uses.

When I was preparing to go to bed, we sensed the Hollow’s presence with a WHIRR. Alistair and I looked in the same direction at the same time while in the tent.

“So you do get it. Hunters have to be attuned to this sound.”

Oh really?

“We’re going to use the barrier to hunt them. The inside of the barrier should be okay, so stay inside the tent Lei. Got it?” He said and ran out of the tent with a small sword. I secretly chased after him and left the tent. Stay in the tent? I’m glad I didn’t agree with it.

This is a rare opportunity. I’ll see Hollows when I get the chance so I can live in this world where they exist.

Two people stayed in the barrier while the other three stayed close to the barrier as they fought and hunted Hollows. From the looks of it, the Hollows did come from the mountains. From a distance, it just looked like there was a fluctuation in the air, but the WHIRR sound felt as if it was approaching me until a specific range.

Alistair felt the presence of the Hollows faster than anyone and reacted very fast. But 10-year-old’s didn’t have any stamia, so his movements gradually grew sluggish.

“Alistair, go back.”


“Go back.”

Bart calmly made a decision and removed Alistair from the front lines. Alistair looked frustrated, but he stayed alert while keeping his eyes on the hunt. And the Hollows who came one after another decreased.

“There’s no end to them. Let’s stop here for today. Mill, you’re the first lookout.”

“Aite. Next is Kyaro?”

“Alright. Then Clyde and Bart.”

They still had a person on the lookout even though they had the barrier. Bart turned towards the tent and looked at me. His expression seemed to say ‘Oh boy’.

“Oi, Chibi.”

“Ith’sh Lei.”

“Alistair, she went out of the tent.”


I tried to make a face that said, ‘You’re even saying that?’



I was caught straight away.

“Well, it might be less scary for her if she sees them instead of staying inside the tent. Also-.”


Bart looked at me, who was going to be scolded, and mediated between us. Bart was the one who told on me in the first place!

“Isn’t it better if she stays where we can see her? She’ll still be in the barrier.”


I think it’s better that way. I looked at Alistair seriously. I puffed my cheeks, and my golden hair which had just been wash was silky.

“Ugh, Lei. That’s unfair.”

The cuteness of a baby isn’t unfair. Thus, I received the right to watch everyone hunt Hollows in a place where they could see me.

“Awe dere magic shthonesh you don’th need?” I asked Bart the next day at lunch.

“Magic stones we don’t need? There’s none we don’t need, but we have a lot,” he said as he took out magic stones for the barrier box, portable stove and portable lamp. He also brought out magic stones that weren’t in use from a bag on the dragon.

“We got all these magic stones from the Hollows we hunted after we left Kaylie. They’re freshly harvested.”

The magic stones were different sizes, but I could tell that they were tightly stuffed with magic because they were dark purple. There were two stones which looked about as big as the one used in the barrier box.

“They rarely drop the big ones. They’re probably shells from Hollows who have taken a lot of lives. This might be painful for you, but it’s a great harvest for us. This sells for a ridiculous amount.”

So he’s saying that this was from the Hollow who attacked us.

“And, this magic stone is so small that it can only be used as light.”

It was about the tip of an adult’s pinky, but because it had been removed from the lamp, the colour was thinner from use. It was much smaller than the magic stones we used for light at home.

“Although some adjustments have been made, the magic tools are made according to the size of the magic stone, so they’re quite expensive. Even if you become a hunter, it takes a lot of effort to gather camping equipment.”

I see, so it’s custom-made? Perhaps, all the lights at the Marquis House are custom-made. It’s a bit scary, so let’s stop thinking about it.

“What’s more, all the magic tool artisans have magic, so they’re in Kingdom.”

“How did chu mawe?”

How did they get it made if the artisans stay in Kingdom?

“The magic stones are sold to Kingdom, and magic tools are made to match those stones. Then, it’s returned to Frontier again.”

“Price geth expenshive.”

“That’s right~. I wish there were more magic tool artisans in Frontier.”

“Wan comes, thhen get.”

“You can’t even kidnap them. Most of the artisans live in the Royal Capital, and they have heavy restrictions placed on them so they can’t leave.”

“No widnap,” When I, who had been kidnapped, said that, Bart gently patted my head.

“You’re right. Kidnapping isn’t good. Wouldn’t it be best if they come here voluntarily?”

While he explained things to me, I received the smallest and thinnest stone. I’m going to use this for Alistair’s training!

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