Chapter 029: Magic is-

“This magic stone? If it’s only this big, then I can fill it in no time.”

“No, noth fashth. Shwow and thhin, channew.”

Alistair didn’t understand me even though I wanted him to practice channelling his magic into this magic stone. He probably supplied it thoughtlessly with magic because he has a lot of magic power.

“Thhin, reduce, shwowwy. Practhice.”

“I really can’t understand what Lei is saying anymore.”

Alistair scratched his head. Well, of course. I didn’t know how to get Alistair to understand. I grasped the magic stone and was at a loss. Then suddenly, Mill took the magic stone from me.


Alistair gaped at Mill and Mill said, “That thing. The point is she’s telling you to channel your magic, thinly and slowly,” as he tosses the magic stone and caught it.

“Mill, you understand what Lei’s saying?”

“Hmm? I don’t.”

So you don’t? Everyone slumped.

“But ya know Alistair, I kinda know what you’re doing. Lei’s saying that you shouldn’t fill it up all at once just because you can, isn’t she?”


That’s right!

“So, just fill it slowly with magic even if it’s this little, right?”



“See look.”

Mill cupped his hands and gently placed the magic stone on his palms. Huh?

“Miww, magic.”


Mill’s magic moved. It flowed thinly and quietly into the magic stone. The magic stone slowly changed to purple.

“Like this?”


Mill, wow. But you said you don’t have magic!

“Well, I didn’t realise it was magic until I saw Alistair practice. Haha.”

It’s not funny! Bart, Kyaro and Clyde, who had been watching this, came towards us.

“Huh, you have magic?”

“This is news to me!”

“No, even I didn’t know,” Mill said blankly.

Bart tilted his head in contemplation and suddenly said as if he’d just realised, “Perhaps, it’s the Hollows’-.”

“Yeah, it’s that!”


“Oh, that?”

“The hunt?”

It’s not fair that only you four know! I stomped.

“Why’re you stomping?”

I glared at Bart.

“Oh, ohh, ah. Are you annoyed?”

Fine. Bart looked at Alistair and I and said, “You know, when we hunt, we open our senses so we can quickly feel for the Hollows presence, right?”

Alistair opened his eyes wide and laughed, “Haha.”

“Yes! It’s like melting yourself little by little and spreading it out in the air like stretching a thread.”


“So it’s that?!”

My voice and Alistair’s overlapped. Alistair must have been delighted because he picked me up and twirled me around. My eyes are rolling, they’re spinning.

“Chibi’s eyes are rolling, you know?”

“…… Ith’sh Lei.”

I sat down.

“Thwead. Thin wiwe a thwead.”

“I got it! Ah, but the magic stone’s already filled……”

“I’ll bring all the empty ones here!” The four began running off in different directions after Alistair said that. They gathered all the magic stones together just like before. They even brought the barrier magic stone.

“Ewerywon, do.”


Alistair took the magic stone out of the barrier box. What is he doing?

“Awishthair,” I called out to him in worry.

And he laughed and replied, “It’s fine. I’m used to filling this up. In short, I should make my magic as thin as a thread like when we’re hunting so that the stone doesn’t suck all my magic, right?”

I watched excitedly as they all tried to channel their magic into the magic stones. I was ready to knock the magic stone out of their hands if they channelled too much magic.

“Whoa,” Bart raised his voice, so I turned around.


“I’m getting repelled by the stone.”

“Don’th need more magic.”

“I see. It’s full.”

“Ai. Chu did greath.”

“Haha, I did?”

Bart collapsed onto the prairie.



This time it was Clyde.

“Hm, it stopped halfway.”

I looked at him and saw that his magic was considerably thinner.

“No magic, dangeroush.”

“Hm, this is my limit. I’ll be careful.”


Clyde also collapsed.



This time it was Kyaro.

“I just filled it up. My magic’s probably almost gone.”

“Ai. Shthop there.”


Now, just Alistair and Mill.

“Mm, ermm.”


“It’s okay. I did it. I got it. Mm. How is it?”

He still has a lot of magic.


“Did I pass?”


Alistair also fell onto the prairie with a thud. Huh, what about Mill?

“Miww? Do?”


He was his usual blank self, but he wasn’t holding a magic stone, his magic was-.

“Coming outh a withthwe.”

“Yup. We need one person to stay on the lookout at a time like this.”

I was surprised and looked around. I see, just because it’s noon doesn’t mean that Hollows won’t come out. And yet, everyone’s magic is thin.

“It’s fine, that’s why we’re in a party,” Mill said in a laid-back voice.

“It’s my turn to keep watch. That’s what it means.”

“I’m still alright.”

“It’s me and Alistair’s turn to keep watch. Don’t worry about it.”

“…… Ai.”

Then, I’ll also be on the lookout. I won’t keep my magic inside, I’ll spread it out.

I sat next to Alistair.

“Sit here.”

Alistair put me between his legs. Outside, spread my magic out……

“It’s time for your nap, Chibi.”

“…… Ith’sh…… Lei.”


“…… Niini.”

The spring sun was warm.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM