Chapter 032: To the Northern Fief (Otou-sama’s POV)

When I contacted Earl Neville, he happily agreed. This was the house where Claire was raised. They are simple folk and love people. That was how it was at that fief. However, he couldn’t decide whether or not to give permission on the task I wanted Luke to do.

Furthermore, I couldn’t receive permission easily from the supervision department to visit Earl Neville’s fief. The supervision department is responsible for the management of the barrier. That is to say, they always monitor the magic stones to ensure that it still has enough magic power, and manage when it needs to be refilled.

“Marquis Albans, the memory of you going out last time without permission, and returning just barely before the 10 days were over, is still fresh in my mind. And you want to leave the Royal Capital again for 10 days? I can’t let you do that.”

That was the supervision department’s view.

“Is this really something you should be saying to me? I made it back here in 10 days despite my daughter being kidnapped.”

“All I can say is that I’m sorry about that. What we want to say is that you should keep in mind about protecting the people as part of the Four Marquises.”

“That’s why I submitted a report stating that I would return in 10 days.”

“Furthermore, you want to take the Lisburn heir with you. We would be at a loss if something were to happen to both heirs.”

“I see. So you wouldn’t worry so much if we had reserved heirs. I’m tired of listening to you!”

My sarcasm got through to him, and he fell silent. This blasted stubborn old man.

“Receiving permission is only a formality. You don’t have any reason to hold me back as long as I don’t violate the pact of the Four Marquises. If you overly manage us like this, then I might just thoughtlessly stay for more than 10 days.”

“You can’t be serious!?”


The first people to be troubled, if something were to happen to the Four Marquises, is the supervision department.

“I’ll be back in 10 days. I already submitted the report for this. You’re the one who is stopping me with meaningless reasons. Now, what will you do?”

The supervision department gave in.

On the first day of the summer holiday, Gill Lisburn, who is three years older than Luke, will also be going to the north. I’m finally leaving to go to Earl Neville’s mansion in the north.

“It’s not a good idea for people to see him pandering at the Albans House. He’ll be treated as a problem child in the Royal Capital,” I said.

And Stan muttered, “Who cares, it’ll probably be a difficult experience for Gill. I don’t want him to regret not going to Frontier like I do. They probably won’t be rebuked since they’re not 18 yet. I’m so ashamed of myself for not thinking about my little brother, even though we’ve never met, until this happened to Lei.”

“And you probably want to do something since Gill also adores Lei.”

“I’m sure it’ll be dangerous. Sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

It took 3 days to get to Earl Neville’s mansion and 2 days from there to Frontier. I’ll be stopping for the night and then taking the 3-day journey back to the Royal Capital. It’ll be an exhausting trip.

“Then, I’ll be off.”

“Good luck!”

Stan and the servants saw us off as we headed towards the north.

“Two sets forwards, and three sets back! Spread out.”

Of course, the guards were with us. Nice way of putting it was, the supervision department is monitoring us.

“Remington, you have bad luck.”

“Call me, Graces. And it’s my job.”

The dragon carriage was too slow, so we were using Rug Dragons to get to the north. Gill was on a dragon and Luke was in the basket. We were exhausted, but we reached Earl Neville’s place in 3 days, just as planned.

“Dean! It’s been a while. I haven’t seen Luke since the wedding, do you still remember me?”

“I do. You had gentle brown hair and eyes. You said『Let’s get along』as you smiled like mother.”

“Claire had already given up on having children, so she was delighted to have a little boy.”

“I really loved her.”

The Earl greeted as he hugged Luke tightly and spoke. This was Luke’s grandfather even though they weren’t connected by blood.

“I asked you something so shameless even though we’ve just lost Claire and I couldn’t even protect Leila.”

“I won’t say it’s fine. I should have at least gone to see Leila. Fate did such an evil thing after you’ve finally healed from losing Claire.”

I lowered my head.

“I don’t know him, but I’m hiring an excellent hunter through a merchant. I want you to show the two Marquis heirs how people fight with Hollows while protecting them. Dean, that’s a challenging request.”

“I am sorry. They can’t go out of Kingdom once they become adults. I want them to experience what it is that they’re protecting their people from.”

“But still, it’s dangerous. Are you really giving the Hunter that?”

“If I didn’t offer a reward, then there wouldn’t be any hunters. Right?”

“That’s true.”

That, in other words, it wasn’t publicly forbidden to take barrier boxes out of Kingdom. But, people would question whether it would be fine for them to just protect themselves inside the barrier.

However, it was expensive. No matter how much he earned, it was too much for a Hunter to afford, or so I’ve heard. The barrier boxes required large magic stones which were difficult to obtain. One of the reasons for this was because there weren’t many artisans who could make these boxes. And there were few around who could fill the magic stones used in the barrier boxes.

But, my magic stone business has a lot of magic tool masters. It was easy to get them to make something even if it were expensive. That was my bait.

“I’ll leave the children in your care. I want to head to the border after we’ve rested for the night.”

“You’ve already made plans, and you have guards with you.”

“They’re just observing. Seems like I’m a problematic child,” I said mockingly, and Earl Neville placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Listen, Dean. You’ve never caused any problems and continued your duty by maintaining the barrier. The ones who are in the wrong are the ones who kidnapped Lei and the ones who aren’t doing anything about it. You’re not giving up on Leila, and you’re doing your best for my grandchildren.”

“……, I am.”

I was moved to tears and lowered my head. Can I not succeed if my tears don’t fall? This is Claire’s father, the woman who taught me how to be human.

“Now then, Luke and the other guests should rest now. Of course, the guards are welcomed too.”

“Thank you.”

It’ll be another exhausting day tomorrow.

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