Chapter 039: Lei’s Request

When I woke up the next morning, I was sleeping on Alistair’s bed. He wasn’t there but the warmth he’d left still lingered next to me.


This isn’t the sound of me getting up, it’s the sound of me getting down from the bed. I had a low bed at the mansion so I could get down easily, but Alistair’s bed was for an adult, and it was a bit high for me.

But, infants have their own way of doing things. If I carefully stretch my legs off the bed, then I’ll be able to get down somehow without falling. And the door was opened a little, probably for when I woke up, so I left the room.

I heard everyone talking in the dining room. Looks like I can climb down stairs if I put my hands on the wall. Now then.


“Ah, Lei? Mornin’.”

Alistair ran up the stairs, held my hand and slowly guided me down the stairs. I tried my best to not do anything dangerous. Everyone greeted me, as I was handed my breakfast. I chewed on the thin slice of bread that I’d received right away.

“Lei, you’re coming with Alistair and I to the magic stone shop,” Bart said seriously.


“So, I want you to promise me something.”


I wonder what he wants me to promise.

“Don’t let anyone find out that you can channel magic into magic stones.”

Why? Even though it can bring in more money.

“Having magic means you’re of use. People can probably tell straight away that you’re related to the Four Marquises in Kingdom because of your hair and eyes. And arseholes will come looking for you just because they think they can take advantage of your hair and eyes. I’m asking you to do this so you don’t add more value to yourself. I’m trying to say that if you don’t want to get kidnapped again, then do what I say. Okay?”


Kyaro burst into laughter near us.

“There ain’t any babies who could understand that. Lei act more like a baby.”


Everyone probably dealt with it like this because they knew I’m a little weird for a baby. Thanks.

But there’s something I would like to ask when we go to town. Alistair said when we’d first met that I would have to marry someone or follow them. That was the only thing he’d told me at that time. But I think there’s still something I can do since I’ve seen how town is like.

“Lei hash a requeshth.”

“What is it?” Bart looked at me in surprise. He probably thinks that I don’t have anything I want to do.

“Lei wanth tho conthacth Otousyama.”

“Conthacth? Oh, contact?”

Bart made a face that said he never even thought about that.

“Contact, mm. Letters aren’t reliable. There is a messenger, but they’ll have to travel to Kaylie. Then they could probably give the letter to a Kingdom merchant, but it’ll cost. But Lei, you don’t know your surname or address, right?”

A one-year-old baby doesn’t know their surname. So that’s probably why he won’t ask me it. I shouldn’t announce it heedlessly. But I already trusted these young men.

“I wnow my shurname.”

Bart widened his eyes in surprise.

“No way. I don’t want to ask, but just say it once.”

“Lei Awbansh.”

I heard someone gulp. Kingdom’s Four Marquises is famous after all.

“D-don’t tell me your pop’s name is…”

“Dween Awbansh.”

This time, everyone went silent.

“I can’t believe we have two kids from the Four Marquis’ lines. Just how high is their fertility rate? This house-…” Kyaro muttered while everyone was silent. Alistair bit his lips and looked down. Ah, so Alistair was also born into the Four Marquis Houses after all.

“Giww Lishburn,” Alistair lifted his face in surprise when I said this.

“Giww ish wiwe Awishthair. Shame cowour.”

“You said Gill first. Is he someone you know?”

I nodded.

“Niini’s fwiend. Otousyama’s fwiend.”

But, Mill cracked up laughing while everyone was being serious.

“Ha, so funny. I’ve never heard ‘fertility rate’ before. Fertility rate. Hahaha.”


He’s so useless. But everyone’s calmed down thanks to him.

“Well, Alistair has his reasons for not wanting to go back to Kingdom. Lei wants to go back. You can’t achieve your goals together. Anyway, there’s nothing we can do. There’s nothing we can do now, so I’ll talk with the mayor about this later. Is that fine?”

“Ai. Pwease.”

Would it have been better if I’d told them this sooner? Like when I’d first met them? But I didn’t have room to tell them then. I wasn’t sure if I could trust them or not anyway.

“It’s fine, Lei.”

Bart stood up and patted my head. They probably got what I wanted to say.

“I do think about what could have happened if we went to Kaylie at that time. But if we had taken you there as hunters, then we would’ve been framed for kidnapping, and you probably wouldn’t be able to get back to Kingdom. The border guards do whatever they want in Kaylie.”

Is Kingdom and Frontier that divided?

“Now, I’m sure the mayor will contact us. Until then, live a proper life in Lentforce.”


It’s time to go to the magic stone shop.

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