Chapter 044: Waiting Properly

Of course, I’m not familiar with everyone who works in father’s mansion, and he probably won’t send them to search for me. But I did think that it would have been fine for him to at least send Sebas.

The messenger quickly approached me and stared into my eyes.

“Her eyes are a beautiful violet.”

“They are.”

The mayor and messenger nodded, then the messenger turned to face the mayor. The mayor slowly sat down on the other side of the sofa and looked at me in interest. I feel like I’ve seen his dark blonde hair and green eyes somewhere before. Oh yeah, when I first arrived in Lentforce, I saw the blonde siblings.

“I’m certain that this is the missing Leila-sama.”

“Then, you must take her back home at once.”

The messenger tried to take me from Bart’s arms after he’d spoken to the mayor. I clung to Bart.

“Wait,” Bart continued to hold me as he stopped the messenger with his hand.

“What’s with you?” The messenger made a face that showed he’d only just noticed Bart. “So you’re the hunters who have been taking care of Leila-sama? Thanks. Marquis Albans will probably thank you again, but take this for now,” then he signalled at a corner of the room. The servant at the corner of the room approached with a small bag. Kyaro received the bag instead of Bart and looked inside.

“10 gold coins?” Kyaro scoffed. One gold is about 100,000 Gil; approximately 1 million yen.

“They think we’re cheap.”

“Wh-.” One of the messengers got angry, but the other stopped him.

“We spent all of it during the search, so we don’t have much on hand now. I’m sure you’ll be thanked again, so would you accept this for now?”

“Thanked, huh.”

Kyaro threw the bag of gold into the air, the coins clinked together before he caught it. As if the sounds were a signal, Bart continued to hold me as he took one step forward. Mill, Kyaro, Clyde and Alistair lined up next to him in that order.

“If you want to give your thanks, then state your name first,” Mill was the one who’d said this.

“Then show us proof that you’re a messenger sent by Lei’s pops.”

“You should properly ask us how we found Lei, why she’s with us, and how she’s doing.”

They took turns to speak and then finally, Alistair stepped forward. The messenger widened his eyes in surprise when he saw Alistair’s eye colours.

“Summery-blue. Why?”

But Alistair ignored him and said, “And you don’t even know if Lei wants to return or not.”

“Stupid. What would a baby know?” The messenger muttered, but the two messengers straightened up, put their heels together and looked at us.

“I am Thomas Remington.”

“Harold Remington.”

They stated their names before one of them took an envelope from his pocket. He then took four sheets of paper out from the envelope and showed it to Bart.

“Remingthon,” I muttered. Remington. Hannah had said that name.

“This person, as the formal messenger has full authority to retrieve my daughter, Leila Albans. Dean Albans.”

Bart slowly read the letter, and it was signed by someone that seemed to be father.

“I heard from the mayor that the excellent hunters of this town had rescued someone that looked like Leila-sama at the border. It looks like you’ve treated her well. We’ve decided not to ask you about the circumstances behind how you got her.” This behaviour was appropriate for a messenger.

“Remington should be a part of the Four Marquises. So why are you two acting as messengers?” Bart asked quietly.

“Even if we’re a part of the Four Marquises, there are only a handful of people who have the powers to support the barrier. Our last name may be Remington, but we are but nobles. We usually guard VIPs, but we’ve been chosen as the messengers this time because it was concluded that having a noble title would probably be better for this search.”

There aren’t any flaws in his words, but something’s been bothering me. What is it?

“Mayor,” Bart called the mayor.

“To be honest, I’ve never seen the signature of the Four Marquises before, so I can’t guarantee that these messengers are real. However, I also can’t say that they are fake. But, don’t you think that the child should be brought home?” The mayor said, and he shrugged his shoulders as if he was disinterested. The messenger held out his hands to me when he heard this.

“Now Leila-sama, your father is waiting for you in Kingdom. Let’s go back.”

“Kingwom,” I muttered, and the messenger raised an eyebrow.

“Ooh, she’s a smart one. That’s right. He’s waiting for you in the capital, Gardestar. Now come,” he said as he extended his hands towards me. Sebas was the one who would always pick me up with outstretched hands like this at the mansion.

Bart probably had no choice as he loosened his hands on me.


I smacked his hands away, and the messenger withdrew his hands in surprise.

“Leila-sama, what’re you doing?”


“No?” The messenger looked puzzled.

His body was clad in magic power even though it wasn’t as radiant as Hannah and Sebas, who hugged me, nor was it as radiant as father’s or brother’s. Bart and Mill are the same.

But I understood something when I first arrived in this town. Few people had magic in Frontier. Therefore, it was rare for someone to have enough magic to fill magic stones, and it was even rarer to find those who could feel the presence of Hollows. That’s why hunters were so valuable.

And there was a big difference between Kingdom and Frontier.

The messenger, who had reached out to me, barely had any magic. It was strange for him to have no magic even though he was at the end of the noble ladder.

“No mawgic, noth nobwe,” when I muttered this, Bart held onto me again and stepped back.

“What is this baby saying?” The messenger was confused.

“Won’th go with.”

That’s what I meant. The messenger was greatly perplexed as he looked at the mayor.

“As this person said earlier.”

The mayor looked at Alistair.

“Sorry messengers. We can’t force her to go with you if she doesn’t want to.”

“But we came all this way!”

“I guess it’s hopeless. I’ll have to come back with something that this baby can understand.”

That’s right. I want you to bring Sebas if you can’t bring father. My body has been slanted since Bart started holding me. Kyaro and Clyde stepped forward.

“Don’t tell me you want to forcefully take her?” The messenger relaxed when he heard what Bart said. I said to the messenger, “Teww Otousyama. Lei ish fine and waithing for him.”

“You don’t recognise us as messengers. That’s it, right? You might never be able to return if you miss this chance.”

Maybe. These messengers might actually be messengers. This might be a chance. But-.

“Otousyama wiww definithewy come picw up Lei.”

If these messengers are real and they report this properly, then father will definitely come and pick me up.

“Lei wiww waith here.”

The messenger bit his lips and said, “I can’t force her to come with me if she says that. We came here for no reason.” Only the mayor looked down. The messenger snatched the bag of gold from Kyaro’s hands and stomped out of the parlour.

“They did confirm that Lei’s alright, so they didn’t come here for no reason,” only Alistair’s mutter resounded throughout the room.

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