Chapter 049: The Sky Isn’t Blue

Even if I’d collapsed, it wasn’t like I’d fainted; I was sitting down so I just fell on my back. Unfortunately, the sky was still dark so it wasn’t refreshing at all.

I was woken up by Alistair hugging me.

“Lei! Why did you do something so reckless?!|

“I hab no chwoice.”

“Bubu.” Alistair glared in the direction of the voice.

“My bad. But I found it funny that only Lei would say she had no choice but to do something in a tough situation,” Kyaro was holding his stomach as he laughed.

“Kyaro, if it wasn’t Lei then the both of them might have d-died. Don’t laugh at something like this!”

“Sorry, my bad.” Kyaro kept a serious face.

“Anyway, let’s return to the barrier,” in accordance with Bart’s instructions and under his watchful eye, everyone carefully walked the 50 meters to go back to the mayor’s mansion.

“Amy!” Ray rushed towards Amy who was being held by their father.

“You’re okay!”

“Nii-sama! Lei protected us.”

“Lei did?” Ray looked at me weirdly, but he seemed to be more worried about Amy’s safety and didn’t say anything.

Noah, who was also outside, flared up at Bart, “Dad… He was far away and I couldn’t see him properly but my dad was there! I’m sure that was my dad! Why did you point your sword at him?! Why did my dad disappear?!” 

Bart didn’t say anything and just stared at him. Alistair gave me to Mill and approached Noah. Noah noticed this and as soon as he said, “Hey, Alistair. Hunters are supposed to protect my dad right?” Alistair slapped him with all he had. Alistair faced Noah, who had fallen down, and yelled with his red face, “You’re an idiot! Hunters do need magic, but there are some who become hunters even though they don’t have magic. Why didn’t anyone take you out of the barrier? That’s because you’re an idiot who didn’t know that his dad had become a Hollow!”

Noah stayed on the ground as he glared at Alistair and argued, “People leave their bodies even if Hollows kill them, right? But my dad’s body wasn’t left behind. I believed he was still alive until that moment Bart slashed him with his sword.”

“Wake up! That’s not your dad! It was a Hollow!” Alistair yelled as if he was crying.

“If you hesitate to turn your sword towards them then someone else will be killed by Hollows! Even hunters die! If Bart hadn’t done what he did then Lei and Amy might have died!”


“Why is Lei outside of the barrier in the first place!? We wouldn’t have made it if we hadn’t been hunting close to this place!” 

Noah and Ray looked down when they heard Alistair.

“Be-because of you guys-!”

“Alistair, calm down,” Mill tapped Alistair’s shoulder.

“We won’t know what happened if we don’t ask them about it. Shouldn’t we let Lei and Amy rest while we ask them about it?”

“… Fine.” Alistair looked down and gripped his hand. 

“Lei said that your dad isn’t there anymore Noah. If she hadn’t told me this, then I would have approached the Hollow thinking it was Evans-san, and I would probably have died,” Amy said in a small voice. 

“It looked like Evans-san, but it wasn’t him.”


“If it had been your dad, then he wouldn’t have disappeared from one slash.” 

Alistair turned his back on Noah who was still on the ground. Pitiful, is the only word to describe Noah right now, but I had to say something. 


“What is it Lei?”

“Thhe person who came for me.”

“Came for you?”

“Kiwdnawpped Lei.”

The adults looked at each other. 

“Woive thhe shame.”

Bart looked towards the prairie as if he could see everything. 

“No good. It’s dangerous to look for them at night,” he shook his head. The two men, who were protecting Ray and Noah, snorted as if they were making fun of him.

“Fools. We, the escorts, couldn’t even tell who the offenders were and you believe a baby?!”

“Shut up! Why do you think Amy survived in that situation? She survived thanks to Lei,” Bart replied coldly. 

“You guys would have died yourselves if you’d gone out there since you ain’t hunters. Respect her. But don’t think that the mayor’s daughter survived just by luck alone.” Bart didn’t say anything else, probably because he was tired, and looked at me gently as I leaned against Mill’s chest.

“Now, Lei. Can you stay awake for a little longer? We have to ask you what happened straight away.”

“Ai,” when he heard my reply, the mayor shook Amy, who he held with great importance.

“Amy’s too tired.”

“You’re making a one-year-old infant stay up but you’re letting your daughter sleep? I want to listen to what she has to say after we get into the safety of the mansion.”

Amy was the one who answered Bart’s sarcasm, “I’m, fine. I’m the one who took Lei out. I’ll tell you everything,” she said firmly even though it seemed like she was going to cry.

“Amy, you’re amazing,” Amy nodded when Bart said this. She got out of the mayor’s arms and stood up firmly.

“Miww down.”

“You’re alright?”


When Mill put me down, I walked up to Amy and put out my hand. We held hands. Amy was someone whom I overcame a dangerous situation with. 

“Let’s go inside?”


Amy was actually just collateral. They wanted to kidnap me and had just taken her along with them because she was there, that was why they wanted to leave her behind. The adults were probably blaming themselves. But it all came down to me because none of this would have happened if ‘Leila wasn’t here with her violet eyes’. 

Then would it be better if I wasn’t here? Is that what father had first said? It would be better if I wasn’t here. 



“The onesh who are wrong are thhe bad guysh.”

It isn’t bad because I was born. The guys who want to use me are the bad ones. I snorted, grabbed Amy’s hand and gallantly walked towards the mansion.

Bart said something to everyone behind us, “It’s pointless for us to argue amongst ourselves. Look at those two. They get along really well even though they faced something dangerous… She’s tottering along.”

“Noth thoththering.”

“Yeah, my bad. You’re walking briskly. Yep, briskly.”

That’s fine. 

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM