Chapter 050: Dad’s Magic Stone (Bart’s POV)

Amy was calmer than I thought she would be and explained the kidnapping in place of Ray, who was protecting Noah without saying anything, and Noah, who still couldn’t understand what had happened to his dad.

No matter how much Ray protected him; Ray, Noah and the servants, who had easily given them permission, all held some responsibility for this. I hope that they will reflect on this. However, it is important to see what Hollows are from a safe place. If they can reflect on this, then I won’t blame them for anything. 

Amy, who had gone outside with Lei, cried and apologised, but she was just as guilty as Noah and Ray. If Lei had been kidnapped and they were dragged along, then they would have probably become victims. 

Amy was tired from crying and had fallen asleep, Lei had told us the most important thing about the culprits and that Amy was nearly thrown away because the kidnappers hadn’t meant to drag her along before quickly falling asleep. 

“Right now, Noah and Ray should get some rest. But, you need to understand that your reckless actions have gotten others involved as well.”


“… Fine.”

Ray obediently listened to me, while Noah replied in a dissatisfied way. I managed to stop Alistair from getting up. I sighed and took out a rough magic stone from the pouch on my waist. 

“Bart, what’s that?”

“Oh, the magic stone from the Hollow that attacked Lei and Amy.”

Hollow dropped magic stones of various sizes. It is said that the difference in size indicated how long a Hollow has lived, or in other words, how much life it had absorbed. Everyone had their eyes glued on the magic stone and the mayor took it into his hands, “I rarely see magic stones this big. Isn’t this the same size as the magic used for the barrier box at my house?”

It was certainly big and what I wanted to show. 



“This is the magic stone from the Hollow that took your pop’s life.”


Noah looked at the magic stone which the mayor had gently placed on the table with eyes that showed he didn’t understand what was going on.

“It wasn’t just Evans. I don’t know how many lives it absorbed for the magic stone to be this large. But, perhaps, Evans was the last life it claimed, or maybe it absorbed smaller life forms after Evans. That’s why it took on the form of Evans. That’s how it is.”

Noah looked at Alistair as if confirming this, and Alistair nodded while stating, “I certainly saw your dad becoming this magic stone.” Noah stared at the magic stone.

“This is for you,” I said and the mayor was surprised, “Idiot. The money you can get from this can last you for a few years.” Well, but my crew are calm, you know? We understand each other even if we don’t say things out loud. It’s because of this that the ladies give us cold shoulders and say, “Isn’t it nice that you understand each other so well?” No, that doesn’t matter.

“Well, it’ll last for about 2 years?”

Noah gulped and I told him quietly, “This is definitely Evan’s memento. But, don’t keep it for more than one or two days.”

“Why? Why is my dad’s life in there?”

“What do you think Evans regretted the most when he died?”

“… I don’t know.”

“I’m sure he regretted that he couldn’t support your mum and you.”


Noah’s mother worked hard even though her husband had passed away. Noah as well. But, their life surely won’t be easy in the future.

“Sell it. Do you think that Evans would want the life of you and the other kids to be threatened just because you think he might be alive?”


“That’s right. Evans was a good guy.”

“He was.”

Noah finally picked up the magic stone.

“He’s not here anymore?”

He held the magic stone with both hands are tears ran down his face.

“Hide it, bring it home and have a proper talk with your mum. Tell her about what you did and how I told you to sell that.”

“Ok,” I looked at Noah who had meekly agreed and Mill stood up, “I’ll take you home.”

“Me too.”

Alistair stood up while looking sideways. He had been angry, but I could tell that Noah was an important friend to him.

Noah looked calm, but Mill pointed at the magic stone and he obediently let Mill send him home. He quietly lowered his head, put the magic stone into his pocket and followed after Mill and Alistair. Ray also left to go back to his room.

“Now then.”

I looked at the mayor. Now it’s just us.

“Sorry. I honestly didn’t think that the kidnappers would be at the mansion, much less coming from outside while the Hollows are out.”

The mayor gracefully lowered his head.

“It was the right choice to hunt near here, we were still worried about her even though we left her with you,” Kyaro said in satisfaction.

“We were blaming you before mayor, but they would have certainly came at us in greater number if we had taken her out with us. I don’t regret leaving her here, but I feel bad that Amy got involved in this,” I also lowered my head.

“Well, that was also because of Ray and Noah, so don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah, there’s no point in apologising. Lei said that the people who took her are the messengers.”

“She did, but can you believe her?’

“Yes,” Clyde said strongly. Kyaro nodded and continued, “Can you stop looking down on Lei just because she’s an infant? Anyway mayor, I heard a lot of time had passed since Lei and Amy were kidnapped. Our Rug Dragons wouldn’t remain calm, so we rushed back because we thought something had happened to Lei, but it took us a while.”

Kyaro planned in his head as he thought about what had happened in order.

“Apparently. I was informed and was arranging the Hunters, but I think they were surrounded by Hollows in 10 minutes. Honestly, I’d already given up.”

The mayor rubbed his arms as he recalled the fear he felt when Lei and Amy were surrounded by Hollows. 

“It wouldn’t help even if I think about how the two survived under those circumstances. Did you give her Alistair’s barrier box?”

“Nope,” I denied it straight away.

“But when I went to save them, the Hollows were definitely being repelled from Lei and Amy. Honestly, I’m not sure about this, but Lei must have made her own barrier.”

Kyaro and Clyde closed their eyes and folded their arms. The two who were there. They had probably expected this.

“Ha, haha, a person made a barrier? No way…” The mayor shook his head as if he couldn’t believe this. But the hands that were rubbing his arms started to shake.

“Everyone would want her if she has that power. A mere mayor can’t stop them.”

Even a mere hunter can’t stop them. I whispered in my mind. 

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