Chapter 054: Because It’s Important

A chair was prepared once again in front of the Prince who had stood up. He sat down onto the chair and began talking, “Then I’ll talk about the situation.” I wonder if we won’t get chairs. 

“Chair pweashe.” 

The room went silent. Mill said casually, “Lei, do you want me to hold you?” But I refused, “Nu, eberywon shith. Chair.”

The room fell silent again. The mayor pinched between his brows and sighed deeply, “Your Highness Hubert. I’m sorry, but can we move to the conference room?”

“… Okay.” He’s probably irritated. The Prince replied with no objections after a moment of silence. The mayor quickly gave instructions to his servants, and another room was prepared.

It was a small conference room with two tables that were big enough to seat six people and in the front was a table with several chairs. That’s probably for the side who will do the talking. 

The servants quickly searched for something and brought a chair which looked like something that Amy had used when she was smaller. The Prince and his two attendants raised an eyebrow and looked at the chair, but I can’t concentrate on this important discussion if I were sitting on someone’s lap. I was thankful that they were considerate. 

The chair was placed next to Alistair, and we both sat down on our chairs. Then the Prince asked sarcastically, “The chairs have been prepared, can I start talking now?” We nodded solemnly.

“Now then, do you know about the barrier box that produces a barrier big enough to cover a town?”

“I’ve heard of it. But that’s like a legend, right?” Bart answered. The Prince acts like a prince and is a bit arrogant, but the mayor and Bart only spoke a bit more politely. It doesn’t feel like they’re talking to a VIP. 

Looking closely, Bart and the Prince almost look around the same age. In a manner of speaking, the difference is that if the Prince were a civil official, then Bart would be a naval officer. Interesting. My legs sway while I was sitting on the little chair. My legs are swinging. 



I was surprised by Alistair’s quiet rebuke. Oh no, dammit. I was dragged along by my small infant body and mind. 

“It’s not a legend. It exists in the capital, and we’ve confirmed that many towns have one upon closer inspection. Trentforce is a special town because it exists within the barrier, and the kingdom understands that you have small barrier boxes here in case of emergencies.”

The mayor nodded. Apparently, this isn’t a secret. 

“But making barrier boxes large enough to cover a town requires a special technique and the magic stones required for them to work are massive. To begin with, we don’t even know if those stones would be filled even if we got every magic user in town to channel their magic into it. That’s why even if they do exist, they are called legends.”

So that’s how it is. I made a surprised look. At any rate, my small stomach is hungry. Is it nearly snack time? I might have looked restless. 



The mayor called a servant and gave him some kind of instructions after he heard Alistair’s rebuke. The servant nodded and left the room. The Prince’s eyes might have turned a little colder. I made it so I wouldn’t meet his gaze. 

“But my older brother Albert was born with a lot of magic power. I don’t have as much as my brother, but I also have a remarkable amount of magic power because of my Wester lineage,” he said a bit proudly.

“Also, magic users gather in the fief capital. We’ve managed to secure 60%, no 80% of the magic needed for the stone.”

“So it’s not a legend.”

“It’s almost feasible.”

The room got noisy. It could probably be called a dream if they could activate the barrier box, which is called a legend. Then, a knock sounded at the door.

“Come in.” A servant came in, pushing a wagon when he heard the mayor’s voice. On the wagon there was tea, meat sandwiches and sweets.

My legs swayed and hit the table with a bang. 



I was crying just a while ago, and now I’ve regressed to being an infant. I focused, put my hands next to each other on the table and also behaved. When I got tea and a plate of snacks, I properly said, “Thhanwsh.”



“Sorry. Couldn’t help it.”

Don’t I properly say thanks every day? I grabbed the sandwich and chewed it in my mouth. For some reason, everyone was focused on me.

“Well, whatever. It doesn’t matter what you say to babies.” Everyone relaxed at what the Prince had said. Everyone started eating and drinking when the Prince held his cup. I also chewed as I thought. Oh my gawd, weren’t women the first to eat in high-class places in my previous life? Was that in a story? I’m the only woman here, so it should be fine for me to start eating first. *CHEW CHEW*

“It would take forever if we wait for the baby to finish, so I’ll keep going,” The Prince, who was drinking his tea, said. *CHEW CHEW*

“Tsk. Don’t act up.”

The Prince looked at me and frowned a little before combing his bangs back. Well, he is a bit handsome, so it’s not like his gesture wasn’t cool. But nobles shouldn’t click their tongues. *CHEW CHEW*

“And the last 20% is Alistair Lisburn.”

“I’m just Alistair.”

“Your summery-blue eyes prove that you have magic.”

Alistair glared at the Prince. But the Prince continued calmly, “You can probably choose to return to Kingdom. But as long as you live in Wester, you should do your best for the people.”

Alistair was at a loss for words. He didn’t want to leave Lentforce. But, if he was told that he had to do it because he lived here, then-.

“And I don’t think she would be of any use as she is now, but I was told to bring the violet kid along if she was here. I don’t think she would be of any use.”

But it’s important? Don’t say I won’t be of use two times! But well, I wouldn’t be useful. I received the sweets next. *CHEW CHEW*

“Lei’s still only a year old!” Alistair stood up and said. 

“I didn’t say that I would use her straight away if she comes with you, Alistair. And there’s an advantage to taking her.”

Advantage. I stopped eating sweets.

“A baby with violet eyes and a child with summery-blue eyes in Wester. We’ve sent a messenger off to ask for the dispatch of the Four Marquises because we have summoned these children to the capital.”  

The sweets dropped out of my hands. Father might already know about me. He might come to pick me up if I go to the fief capital. I might be able to go back to where father is. 

Translator: Blushy
Editor: HSM